Bead Roller Art Work | Trial Run

Bead Roller Art Work | Trial Run

I got a new toy and you know I cant leave it alone…I have to run it though its paces so we are going to try something

Dereck Turner

10 thoughts on “Bead Roller Art Work | Trial Run

  1. jdmcommute says:

    Sweet! Smooth firewall panels, inner fender wells, door panels, seats etc. the possibilities are endless lol!

  2. Brian Stalter says:

    Wow, that is awesome!  Especially for a first run…

  3. 1down4up says:

    cool toy

  4. Richard Mogel says:

    Now bead roll a piece of aluminum and carbon fiber over the design. It should help stiffen up thinner parts

  5. msturtev78 says:

    Not too shabby for a first timer! Who makes that bead roller? Keep up the great work man, I look forward to your videos. They keep getting better and better.

  6. Part-Time Fabrication says:

    Looks Great Man! Keep it up.

  7. Paulo Ort says:

    Pratice is perfection do Brasil good videos The fab forum .

  8. GIwillo says:

    nice work! i guess a sharper die with a skateboard-wheel as a bottom roll would do a great job there

  9. Al Cyr says:

    Not only are you creative, you've got some mad skill, meant as a compliment

  10. Chris Bonsall says:

    Hey Brother, can you tell me the most common gauged sheet metal used for bead rolling a sign? Having difficulty find this information from anyone? My Baleigh Bead Rolling Machine i'm going to buy say nothing over 16 gauge. I want to make signs, but don't know what would be not to flimsy and a good quality of aluminum or steel. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks and I look forward to your responds 🙂

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