Ballerinas, How to Sketch Dancers in Watercolor – Painting

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will do some ballerinas´ sketches in watercolor. We begin by sketching a ¨mood line¨
that is the line of motion or the main line of the pose. Then we do other basic lines for the
legs, head and arms… and then we do the shapes of the body. It is good to do a sketch in pencil
so that then with the watercolor we go safely. Although I am doing this pretty
quickly. This is a five minutes sketch or less. And here of course the video
is sped up. And we begin with the watercolor. The first thing we do is with
a gray color we block in all the areas in shadow. Like this…
we leave alone the lights and block in the shadows. Good! Now we take some color
and we place it on the middle tones. That is where there is not much
shadow and no much light. I reinforce the core shadows. Right by the border with the light. This helps with the illusion
of volume and we do a background. Good! We do a mood line again to begin
with the next sketch… and having that we build the basics shapes. These, not at all will be well finished paintings
…they will be just sketches, studies, which I hope will have personality
and movement. Again, we place a gray on the areas
of shade. I´m using a cold gray meaning slightly blueish. Then we paint the skin color
on the middle tones. And her suite will be blue.
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link below the video. Good! And we reinforce some shadows. Then we do a light wash to the background
and we can add color to this. With the paper wet so as to get
this effect. Good! And here some violet
and blue. ¡Excelente! Let´s move on
to the last one… We begin once more with
the mood line… this girl will be jumping very high in the air! And quickly we give shape
to all the parts of the body. I´ll erase this arm because it is
too long. And I draw it of the same size of the other one. We sketch the hand, the ankle
with better shape. Now we pick up the watercolor
and with a fine brush, we do what you already know… we block all the shadows with gray. And then we reinforce some of them. Like the core shadows that go
by the lights, and some others that should be darker. Good! And we place a slight color
to the middle tones. We paint a cast shadow down here
so that it looks like she is jumping. And in this case we give a blue tint
to the dress. I give a paper wet before I paint
the background, so as to give the waterly effect. Nice! And we can keep playing
with it, while the paper is wet. In this last sketch I want the dress
to be blurred on our right side. I want it to melt with the color
of the background. I think that will look very nice!
So I got the paper wet again but only on the right side. So now I apply more paint
and I pull it toward the area that is damp. In these damp areas you can
smudge it very nicely and where it is dry you can render
the detail. This is the beauty of painting
with watercolor. I love it! At the end you can always add
some reddish to the knees, the shoulders, the cheeks, etcetera. And it´s ready! If you enjoyed it please
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

Dereck Turner

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