Bagato Hangu beautiful pictures

Bagato Hangu beautiful pictures

Lower post Bagato Sarki Road Bagato Mazegar Charbala Sam Bagato View from top Upper checkpost Bagato Bagato Side Road View from top Sarki side road Laka hill view from Bagato Charbala Dam view from upper post Road from Bagato to hill Road Under Construction

Dereck Turner

5 thoughts on “Bagato Hangu beautiful pictures

  1. Sajid Ullah says:

    Remarkable photography by Photographer Saqib Ullah Khan! Captured aesthetic view, credit indeed goes to Saqib

  2. Abu Baker says:

    goog photography

  3. Hello Buddy says:

    Thanks yara

  4. Huzaif Hassan says:

    So beautiful hangu

  5. Aman Bangash says:

    dera la ywa video da baZAR han waka

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