Backup iPhone To iCloud iOS 11

Backup iPhone To iCloud iOS 11

Hey guys, David and David here from Payette
Forward and in this video we’re going to show you how to back up an iPhone to iCloud when
you’re running iOS 11. It’s September 20th, iOS 11 came out yesterday
somebody iPhone or an iOS love and I want to back it up to iCloud. Yes. So let’s go to the Settings app on your iPhone
and then tap on your name at the top of the list and now tap iCloud and scroll down to
iCloud backup and then make sure iCloud backup is turned on. Yeah, but turn on that little switch right
next to it, you’ll know what I wanted screen and tap backup now backup now, um iCloud backup
automatically occurs whenever your iPhone is asleep. It’s connected to Wi-Fi and it’s plugged into
power. So your iPhone will back up to iCloud every
night when you’re asleep in the middle of the night, right? So this is about 1 minute remaining after
this is finished. It’ll say most recent backup the time that
was done, which is what four o’clock on today. Today so today and here’s the thing with I
caught back up. It’s an incremental backup. So if you’ve never turned if you haven’t turned
on iCloud backup before it’s the first time you’re backing it up. It’s going to take a long time. Make sure that you’re connected to a good
Wi-Fi network. Um, we used to have people come in to the
Apple Store all the time and they would try to back up their phones in the store and they’d
have 20 Gigabytes photos. Unfortunately if they needed a new phone they
have to go back home to back up their iPhones because there were no way that they were going
to be able to stand around the store for eight hours and became their sanity. So if this is the first time you’ve ever turned
on iCloud backup expect it to take a long time or just leave your iPhone on overnight. It’ll do the trick all by itself remember
plugged in connection to Wi-Fi and the screen is off. It’ll automatically happen one last thing. We want to show you real quick last successful
backup for 9:00 p.m. That’s what you’ll see once the backup is
complete. So that’s how you back up your iPhone to iCloud
when your iPhone is running iOS 11. Thank you guys for watching this video. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
for more great videos.

Dereck Turner

12 thoughts on “Backup iPhone To iCloud iOS 11

  1. Chris Chris says:

    if i back up my iphone will save all photos to icloud?

  2. ICE Saber says:

    Mine says not storage

  3. Dennis Rose says:

    Nice and helpful. I have been backing up to icloud. This morning I noticed an important contact with all its text history just gone, contact disappeared completely. It’s still on my ipad. How would I restore contacts from icloud?

  4. I.T Troubleshooting says:

    i wanna upload using mobile data

  5. SMB Alabdulla says:

    I have problem in Back up I can back up this what they write for me:iCloud back up will occur later when plugged in, locked and connected WIFI

  6. stormtrooper 107 says:

    My phone is frozen. I can't do such a thing. Whenever i type in my passcode it freezes and does not let me access anything including settings. What am i to do?

  7. Dalisu Ngobese says:

    Thank you guys

  8. Jesse Parris says:


  9. Kevin Wu says:

    You guys are VERY HELPFUL! i'm getting my iphone battery replaced in two weeks, just want to back up all my data before it goes MIA.

  10. mutlu ü. i. says:

    Mine says: "This iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough iCloud storage"

  11. Colby Ryan says:


  12. Raluca Frîncu says:

    My phone isn't letting me to access iCloud. Do you know why?

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