Baby’s Breath and  Mason Jar Q Tip Acrylic Painting for Beginners tutorial 🌈🎨💜

Baby’s Breath and Mason Jar Q Tip Acrylic Painting for Beginners tutorial 🌈🎨💜

Hi everybody, it’s Cinnamon Cooney, your Art Sherpa. And today I want to share with you a really fun project you can do at home. This has just a couple colors and you actually get to paint it with Q-Tips. Plus it’s a mindful painting. I’m going to show you how to add a word of empowerment to your painting. So you can remember the things that you’re trying to focus on in your own life, every time you look at it. Get your paint, get your brushes, come back and meet me at the easel right now. We’re going to be mindfully painting. Let’s take a look at the materials we’re going to use today to create these beautiful an easy project. I have a 9 by 12 canvas board that is just sewed black and ready to paint on what you could use. Just block paint if that’s what you have over here. I have kids chalk that I’ve sharpened. I have Q-tips that I bundled together with rubber bands. I have brushes for acrylic painting and I have white paint a gold yellow paint called yellow ochre and I have a little more black paint. Let’s sketch in our baby’s breath design. But remember I also have a traceable if drawing is not your strongest skill yet you can use that. That is definitely not cheating. That is just part of an art practice. So go ahead and start sketching in your mason jar. If you’re going to freehand the in on your canvas I’m using my kids chalk my come over to the left hand side and I’m going to make. A vertical line. Come over about a hands with. Him making matching vertical line. Then I’m going to make a curve. A LINE. Coming down from these two. It’s kind of like a little smile. Up here a minute to make. Two lines curving in for the shoulder. Then I think I’ll draw another couple matching smiles that are just smaller than the bottom. That’ll be my jar lid. Now I want to have some babies breath in my jar. So I think I will draw a nice line coming up. And then baby’s breath has a lot of joints to it so I’m going to try to represent that. In my drawings you can see I’m giving you a lot of joints. So that. When I’m coming out here. We’re going to have lots of places to put the flowers. One things I want to I don’t want to do is match up joints. So make sure your joints are staggered. For the design. Draw another little stem coming down this way. Going across here with a little friend is going to have a bunch of flowers. This might have some flowers right here. A little bunch could be here. And we’ll have this bunch here. Once that’s all in. I’m going to put this aside for if I decide to add a word to help me think and be present at the end of the painting. But for right now let’s just paint this in. So let’s paint in our stems so that they can be inside our jar. I’m going to take. This black pearl number four around what you’re looking for is a nice synthetic brush that comes to a point I mean dip it in my water and take off the extra water because I wouldn’t want it to be very wet. I’m going to go ahead and put my brush in my yellow ochre and I might even grab a little white here. To keep it from being too bright. But really that’s just preference. And I’m going to paint over. The lines I drew. I find it helps if I keep my brush pressure very light and I only touch the tip of my brush. To my canvas. That helps me maintain a fairly thin line. It’s a little of this maybe a little white. Just to give it some dimension. Everywhere
you have these little areas you’re going to be putting in your baby’s breath with your Q-tips. So they’re fun to do. And anywhere you have a booboo where you put a line you didn’t like. You can always paint it out with the black paint that you put aside. Just very carefully with a very light brush painting in my stem. Little more yellow on this damn. Show brain than in. Might paint that stem a little thicker at the bottom. Really really just about. Having beautiful little lines. Let’s pull a friend over here. Coming off this way. Breathing in and breathing out or remembering to relax while we pain and not be too critical of ourselves. Being self-critical doesn’t help you be creative. In fact it can really really slow that process down. So remember to be easy and relax with yourself. Now once you have that basic stem sketch in you can paint in the Mason jar let’s rinse out our brush and put it aside. Now I have this number for Black Pearl bright a bright is a nice square brush. This is pretty stiff springy filaments. So this is going to be easy to dry brush with. In my first little bit I’m going to I’m not going to do just pure white. I’m going to add a smidge of black. How I do that is I take just the edge of my brush. To pick up the black so I don’t get too much black. And I’m going to come here and trace over. It very lightly with this dry brush notice that I just don’t want any water really in my brush. I want the paint to be skipping. These little lines that I. Sketched in. Sketches and I can remember you don’t have to be perfect. Sometimes it feels like we have to be perfect when we paint. That is actually just somebody else’s voice in our head saying we’re not good enough. That voice isn’t telling the truth because we are good enough. Great. Now that I’ve gone on the edge of my brush you can see how I use the edge of my brush to get those nice then lines. I’m going to put in a little shading I might add a little more white paint to my brush. Now.
I’m going to come here. Just across the shoulder. I’m in a dry bag. A little dry brush wait. See how a lot of my canvas is showing through. And as I’m taking the stroking curving in I’m lightening my pressure that lightens the amount of paint. A little more of my gray on there I don’t want to be too white yet. I’m going to come across the lid of my jar and do something similar. That’s nice. Cross the bottom. Just a couple little strokes it doesn’t take a lot. Just a nice gray to start. Or take this one down. And maybe add a couple. And notice how the stems start to exist inside our jar. Every time we add a reflection that crosses over them it pushes them back. Into the jar. I’m going to make a calligraphy kind of reflection which is just shown and moved my hand up and over and down like I might in a calligraphy motion. I’m going to rinse out my brush. Right off with my towel. So that it’s real dry. And get some more just white paint on there. Now. A couple of highlights right here. See how that lets the white highlight really show. Maybe you come across your live this time with the bright way paint making a couple dash reflections. When we paint glass. Obviously we can’t paint what we don’t see so we paint the things we do see which is the reflections. On nice reflection right there. Ornery here can always highlight down the side of the. Jar. And make a little highlight there. See how that’s fun. Getting to know the line in the room a little bit. When we’re happy. When men come just see just dust test test test test test. With painting the part of the jar we can see. We get to put the flowers on the ends of our stems which is the most fun. Now I’m going to put out a little bit of this white paint because I know I’m going to use a lot. Everything I’m using in this video is in the description below. And I’m going to grab a bunch of these that I’ve done already. So I’ve got some of these there for. Now I’m looking for them where they’re all lined up and I’m going to go ADAP Dab-Dab dabbing off to make sure they’re doing OK. See how they look. And then I’m going to come to the end of each stem. In just. Had. Some babies breath. If I press light. The breath gets light and remember to breathe. In this painting. And relax. And breathe and relax. Putting in my baby’s breath and remembering to be mindful of how I’m feeling. It’s put some more baby’s breath Ray here. Can’t do it wrong. Just putting bits of flowers where I feel I’ll enjoy them. Spilling my vase. And my mind up. With joyful little dots. Well. Wait. Happiness. Are you doing great. Let’s have some blooms right here. I always put out several bunches of Q-tips So if my Q-tips get mushy and aren’t showing nice little dots I can change them out to fresh ones. But these are holding up really really well I will put the exact ones I used in the description. So you can look for those two. Adding. These. As makes me happy. Ari. When you feel that you have. A good bouquet. That’s relaxing to your mind. Put your Q-tips to the side. Now this is a great time if you would like to add a word of mindfulness to the painting so that every time you look at it you’re reminded of the positive affirmation that you’re working on. I’ve chosen the word breathe because I think that it’s really easy to hold one’s breath in life and forget to relax and let go. So let me show you how you can get really beautiful lettering on your painting. So I have my chalk here. And I’m going to turn my painting to the side because I think that it will be most balanced if I neatly write the word here. I’m going to. Make a nice vertical line. And I’m going to pull B. This is going to set the size of all my lettering so all my lower case letters in the tops of my letters will be about the same size as my b belly. Making morays. So it’s later. Took us a while to see it really pretty much in the middle of the edit. What I’m going to say is when you’re writing an affirmation word to practice mindfulness a little Google spell check to make sure that you spelled the word correctly is good. So as you’re writing your word if you choose to write breathe that would be spelled with an R. I’m going to go watch ‘Simple English Videos’ by my friend Vicki Hollet, because I think I need a refresher course. That link in the description below too. And you guys enjoy the best lettering I’ve ever done is I misspelled word. You at my word says and. We’re right once that’s in. I’m going to take this small bright brush. This is number two. And I’m going to load it up with my white paint. I’m going to use this a little bit like a calligraphy tool. So where I want a thin line I’ll go on the Ench. And then I will let the brush stroke give me thick. And thin lines. It’s OK for these letters to be pain Shirley. Again. Isn’t that lovely. Going to remember to breathe. Every time I look at this. Your word and the words you want or made me no word at all. Your painting. Just following my nice trace lines and enjoying the square shape of my brush. So this positive affirmation painting really helped me today. It definitely helped me find my center relax and I know every time I look at it I remember to breathe. I hope you enjoyed your project. I loved spending the day with you today and I want to see what’s your affirmations for so be sure and share them with me. Be good to yourselves. Be good to each other. And I want to see you at the easel really soon.

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