Avial – By Vahchef @ Vahrehvah.com

Avial – By Vahchef @ Vahrehvah.com

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah.com. Today we’re going to make another one awesome dish from Kerala Avial, avial means the richness and their culture that is literally shown in this one simple dish using various kinds of vegetables here we got so many vegetables you know basically there is no particular vegetable that you have to use but make sure because you know the Keralites are very very possessive about you know the plantains, the drumstick and yam make sure that these are there and the rest of the vegetables add any of the vegetables like carrots, I have pumkin, snake gourd, bottle gourd or any of the vegetables you can add in this, some people love to add eggplants, potatoes whatever vegetables that is available locally you can use them for this you know put all the vegetables into the vessel in what you’re cooking and add salt you can also notice that all the vegetables are evenly cut so that they evenly get cooked, some people like to add turmeric but when I used to make this dish in Park Sheraton we never used to add but if you like to add little bit of color adding little turmeric gives a very nice color even I like it so add a little bit of turmeric add some water do not add too much just the water enough to let these vegetables steam in you know you don’t have to cover all these vegetables and now just put the lid on let the steam cook all these vegetables till they’re nice and tender today I have not added green peas or double beans you know you can add them also in fact one of my good friend who is a Malayali he says you know this avial needs to have all the flavors in it and including bitterness so he says he adds bitter melon into it but not me you know here i have got fresh coconut, green chilies and cumin seeds we are going to make a paste out of it but remember do not make a fine paste of it you’re going to have this coconut coarsely grounded some people like to add shallots in making this coconut paste if you like that additional flavor you can add if you want now you can also add some curry leaves at this point of time when the vegetables are half cooked you can add little bit of coconut oil into this and put the lid on and let it cook some more time now you know look at all these all the vegetables are cooked see the plantain yes it’s very well cooked check the piece of a carrot yes cooked this is very nice and also see that there is not too much of water in this you know you want only five percent or ten percent of water left over let the rest of the water evaporate at this point of time when the vegetables are all cooked well add you know coconut paste which is very coarsely done I have added cumin seeds and green chilies in it and also reduce the flame little bit you know you want the vegetables to be like pieces you don’t want them to be mashed too much we are going to let it cook like this for you know few more minutes you know in this the sweetness from the coconut, the freshness of vegetables and awesome of coconut oil and you know we need sourness some people love to add green mango into this if you like you can go ahead and add sourness with green mango if you don’t like to add curd into it but here I have got some yogurt let me just cook this you know all the water is also most of it is absorbed now you can see the coconut is also slightly you know warmed up I think that should be enough I don’t need to cook this coconut anymore now you know switch off the flame and add curd to this and now mix it slowly ah you know i love this flavor you want all the vegetables to be seen i am going to give tempering, lot of people don’t make a tempering with mustard seeds but i’ll teach you the way i have learnt in the hotel’s just i am going to keep this aside and now i am going to make a tempering out of coconut oil and mustard seeds; add good amount of coconut oil when the oil is hot, add mustard seeds and very little of hing and curry leaves now pour this tempering on top of avial double dose of coconut wow look at this look at this you know vegetables are perfectly cooked dear friends a strict warning though for this preparation make sure use only coconut oil no other oil will be excused; dear friends what a aroma look at the vegetables the fresh vegetables good god i am already feeling Onam at home this year I wanted to be in Kerala for onam but I will not be able to make it but next year I will be in Kerala for onam and we’re going to bring lot more traditional and authentic dishes from Kerala. Avial with rice wow you know when the dish is finger licking good eat with the fingers Wow you know look at these vegetables perfectly cooked just right nice flavor wow, dear friends I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this avial with your VahChef but remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips at vahrehvah.com so others can benefit from your great cooking thank you. In my career of more than 20 years I have learned more than 4 – 5 variations of making Avial but trust me I have shown you the one which I love the most I hope you will make it and enjoy it. It doesn’t matter whether you add mustard for seasoning or if you add turmeric or hing into you making your avial but go with the true spirit of great combination of these vegetables nice flavors bring lot of happiness to your family and your loved ones.

Dereck Turner

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  1. Saturday Morning Games says:

    LOL i laughed at 5:52! I love vahchef!

  2. roshjack47 says:

    adding potato in avial is considered as a crime, in some part of Kerala.. as it is spoils the consistency of salt and masala..

  3. ceotl says:

    Love your recipes! Salutes from Mexico

  4. aainuddin mohammed says:

    Anna i dont like Coconut oil … Wo ham sar ku lagate na…!!!

  5. Jumi Ramirez says:

    Love this dish! Salute from a Dominican married to a Desi! You make me want to jump to the kitchen 🙂

  6. RAJAN ADVANI says:

    THANKS IN CAPITAL LETTERS–keep up the good work.

  7. manfromspokane says:

    I love your spirit chef!

  8. SubSalac says:

    Oh my god! Nostalgic memories of watching your sambhar video years ago… *single tear falls from eye*

  9. nikhilsrl says:


  10. Anu K P says:


  11. Chris George says:

    ROFL!! when u threw the spoon i was laughing my heart out!! That was really unexpected!! U r a MAST Chef!!

  12. Revathi Ravi says:

    chef !!! your love for food and cooking just shows and keeps overflowing – just an example of what could happen if your passion is your career – Btw where r u working now chef ?

  13. obso1337desu says:

    Chef, it was actually really refreshing to see you use your hands. My parents are Filipino and often stay away from using their hands (this is traditional) even when good family friends are around, in fear that it looks barbaric. I will never understand the stigma.

    Thanks so much, chef!

  14. Linnet Tony says:

    Great Video

  15. Harry V says:

    Friends I have some recipes to share with him. Unable to fine his email I'd.

  16. tommykinda says:

    Updating my grocer list.

  17. minjonparappilly says:

    Chef the avial is so yummy my mouth was watery while watching. I am proud to be a malaya lee. I spend six years of my life in AP and I love Andhra food and telugu. I can still speak Telugu fluntlly

  18. Evolution-Starts With You says:

    there is always some surprise by this guy in his videos it was so funny when he threw his spoon… hahahah… he is always mouthwatering when he cooks anything….

  19. Pradeep Govindaraju says:

    @ wehurry, hop onto his wesite vahrevah.com to upload your recipes

  20. Pradeep Govindaraju says:

    The way you threw the spoon was spontaneous and awesome 🙂

  21. Pradeep Govindaraju says:

    Our beloved vah chef, everytime you get to taste the delicious dishes you cook all by yourself which is so totally greedy 🙂 . How about shows with audience? I, for one, will surely travel to Hyderabad to take a bite. No kidding. Personally, what I love most about the food apart from the fact that they are delicious dishes, is the simple and easily available ingredients you use. Most of the times, we are able to try out them at home without a visit to nearby super market. God bless our chef.

  22. Meera Bhardwaj says:

    I just love you chef…. more taster then ur dishes ur words and more spicey..:):)..the way u throwed the spoon..:) but in this video u was sounding dull…hope u are keeping welll.. god bless you..

  23. lakshmyk says:

    in avial v wont add mustard seeds , and for paste v add shallots too with coconut,cumin seeds,green chilly for traditional kerala avial. I am from kerala,am a big fan of you.. i just love your recipes … keep rocking!!!!!

  24. hjha98 says:

    wow i just love to watch all the receipies you have to offer!!! i mak ethem too will surely try this

  25. amaischouhdary says:


  26. sanober momin says:

    Super like *** especially the spoon scene. Ty chef

  27. bonabos26 says:

    adding shallots depends on regions I think. Not used in central kerala atleast

  28. Anamika Shaan says:

    i like most of your videos n really appreciate you for putting up all the regional tastes. but here what i want to tell is 'avial is known as 'the non-tempered dish'.. so no need of the tempering part. otherwise its all good :).

  29. priyanka p says:

    Rice,sambar and avial thats the combination…and in kerala we add plain coconut oil in the end…not while boilng the vegtables…nd no tempering with mustard seeds..
    But anyway the way you cook is great..we enjoy a lot…
    Keep sharing all the lipsmacking dishes..

  30. intezamable says:


  31. ANITA GURNANI says:


  32. Winston Nicholas Fernandez says:

    Wish You a Happy Onam 2013 Chef!!! Thank you for the Recipe

  33. john samuel says:

    Sir,I tried this aviyal and it came to be awesome..really enjoyed..thanks for your effort

  34. kapzz dewani says:

    the way you eat is juss awesome

  35. harini karthik says:

    The avial was fantastic wen i cooked by the way you said. Thank you chef ..!

  36. Subbu K says:

    Veggies NOT to be added in Avial: Okra, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Tomatoes, Bitter Gourd to mention a few that came to my mind. Turmeric powder is not used. Only Coconut oil should be used. Cheers!

  37. fernaz fathima says:

    Mashallah .. avial came out sooo goood. As I longed from my college days. Thank u vah chef

  38. Thiagarajan Budda Janakiraman says:

    Today Feb 7th, 2014, I cooked and it came excellent.   Thank you VahChef.

  39. Priyanka Poddar says:

    awww….the way you tossed away the spoon! u have a remarkable style of your own, <3 it totally 🙂

  40. Salma Arun says:

    never use  mustard seeds in avial.

  41. Dhanya Febin says:

    i love vahshef….thank you sanjay bhai

  42. Swagatika Das says:

    Hi chef
    I am an odia & don't like the aroma of coconut oil in food.
    Can i use other oil rather than coconut oil.Plz suggest

  43. Chocolate says:

    Every time I tried it, it came out awesome

  44. chandran bala says:

    your way to explain is very nice. I will try

  45. Meritta raj says:


  46. Kiran Prusty says:

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  47. Ragni Murugesn says:

    I made this avial and my family loved it. Your oration is fabulous. We enjoyed watching your video with your expressive descriptions. I will subscribe.

  48. Alban Mathias says:

    You are awesome Vahchef. Vah reh Vah is all about inspiring others to cook.
    I learnt to cook sambar, ocra curds and Avial from you.
    Cooking is easy and I am loving it.
    Thank you.
    By the way chef, what's your name?

  49. venkat Raman S. says:

    What I love about your channel, is the way you go gaga over your cooking, I love  a man who loves good food, even if it is cooked by himself, I can literally see you watering in the mouth, as you savor the flavours of your cooking , keep it up Sanjay !!!

  50. Mahesh Gohil says:

    love it your style with flavour thats come from you soul realy good 
    very nice 
    really love it

  51. radha srinivasan says:

    Good. You didn't add onion and garlic to avial. Hahahahaha

  52. Raghavan Manilal says:

    Sorry to say this is not an authentic recipe. Never give seasoning. Off course house to house different. But typical Kerala tredetional one is quite different

  53. Manoj Shanmuganathan says:

    awesome recipe, will try it today.. Sanjay, you rock.. Keep it up..

  54. aarthi jegan says:

    nc dish sir thk u

  55. Rocky Raj says:

    Throwing the spoon 😀😀😀

  56. Helen Mary says:

    thank you sir. Avial is my Favorite dish. My mom cooks very well. your cooking took me to my childhood memories

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    Hello chef.. I made this today and it came out really good.. No one can believe that I made this dish. Thank you chef 🙂

  58. Vigneshwar P says:

    I wish I can grab the Avial you made, by poking by hand into the screen 🙂 Your videos are really helping and instilling interest for cooking in me 🙂 Thanks a ton.

  59. girisha gundaram says:

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  60. Om Om says:

    i do it with the seasoning and i suprised my mother with the difference in taste.

  61. mani K says:

    Throwing spoon ?U have Ur own style.n i just love it. Keep it up

  62. Gismy George says:

    I am a malayalikal. No one add mustard in aviyal…. Just add crushed small onion and coconut oil and cover the lid after switch off the flame

  63. achuliju says:

    Aviyal, we prepare when we have whole lot of left veges and wonder what to do. Atleast 8-10 veges goes in, definitely green peas, Bitter gourd and few other veges are excluded. Cutting all veges in same size is a task in it self for beginners. Takda, garlic and onions too are excluded. But as you said there are many variations.

  64. Sathya Lakshman says:

    I have made aviyal many times in my life. I have been told that I make it very well too. But when I followed your instructions it just took my aviyal to another level…., way higher than my usual. You have so much to offer , vahchef , be it any recipie and you give without holding back. The aviyal tasted yummy – the yummiest that I have eaten until now. God bless you!

  65. Sakeer Hussain says:


  66. Utkarsha Bane says:

    I just love the way you teach how to prepare every dish. Above all when you relish it my mouth also waters.

  67. ashima sharma says:

    I love the way of ur cooking😊☺

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    Wah wah , thank you sensei ….that came out brilliant !!!

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    avail also good combination

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    I like the way u eat :p

  71. ramabadhran iyer says:

    Excellent chef wow

  72. Gligligirl17 says:

    nice recipe and presentation..😊😊 In the authentic way of preparation, we dont add mustard and heated coconut oil.. just add a spoon of uncooked, unheated oil and curry leaves at the end of cooking.. it gives a nice aroma and is much healthier 😊😊.

  73. Soumya Suresh says:

    Avial needs absolutely no tampering and that too with mustard seeds…

  74. Rathi Ravindran says:

    I don't think this is avial. You have prepared some other dish , you have to name for yourself. For avial we do not temper with mustard and hing, sir .and it will not taste good at all. the fresh coconut oil and curry leaves is the tempering. I 'Dont think it tastes good at all. hahahaha

  75. jjabeen j says:

    I followed ur recipe of Avial n it came out very well… We r Muslims n don't do such veggies at home… But I love Avial… And thank u for d recipe master…

  76. Lekshmi Arun says:

    Tempering spoils avail. Don't put tempering in avial

  77. J J says:

    Thank you for the fantastic recipe. I made it on Onam & came out superb! Going to make it again today :).

  78. Hisham C M says:

    Except seasoning with mustard seeds and asofoetida you showed authentic aviyal…as you showed no onion and garlic used before …as it is a dish from upper societies like brahmins and also they are not cultivated in kerala…but now it is very common…and other thing is plantain, elephant yam ,bottle gaurd and also drumsticks are must for avial

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    Shame on u…..throwing of spoon very mannerless…..hv sm shame man….

  86. Louis de la Verité says:

    This is a beautiful dish!


    Similar dish in bengali cuisine is sukhto

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    No tadka in avial

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    Great avial and thanks for eating with hands. Chinese food with chop stick and western with fork and knives and Kerala Food with God given fingers.

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  92. Kalpana Rathod says:

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    Looks yummy, will try it. Your presentation is humorous

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  98. MISTER COOL says:

    "Avial" chaste Tamil word – அவியல்.

    "Soup" chaste Tamil word – சூப்பு.

    "Croquette" deformed Tamil word – கொழுக்கட்டை.

    "Curry" chaste Tamil word – கறி.

    "Masala" deformed Tamil word – Masialai(Masala) – மசியலாய்.

    "Chutney" deformed Tamil word Chuttunu(Immediately) – சட்டுனு.

    "Rice" deformed Tamil word – அரிசி.

    "Roti" or "Ruti" deformed Tamil word – உறிட்டி( deformed to ரொட்டி).

    "Chuppachups" deformed Tamil word – சப்பு.

    Long live Tamil – Mother of all mother tongues – தமிழ் வாழ்க !!

  99. m b says:

    This is meat by itself 👍

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