Autumnal Metallic Leaf Design – Magic Ombre Effect

Autumnal Metallic Leaf Design – Magic Ombre Effect

Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we’re going to do an Autumn Design because summer has gone. It’s well and truly gone. Now it’s time for Autumn Leaves. This is the base layer for this. So, these are set that we filled and we’re going to transform the nails and make them look autumnal. So, we’re going from summer to autumn. And this is how you can change your clients nails. So, what we’re gonna do is use Beauty Beneath, This is a goddess… gorgeous. Kirsty: Oh, it’s goddess it says.
Model: Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Adam: Is it getting to that time of day when you’re losing the ability to speak the English language?
Kirsty: Yeah, yes! Kirsty: Gorgeous nude colour, that’s what I wanted to say. My brain wouldn’t work. I’m going to do two coats of that. I’m going to make sure I cap the edge. So, I’ve got Going for Gold which is a Metallic. It’s got to go on a shiny surface. I’m going to put that here, first of all. And then, I’ll put this colour on. I’ll tell you what this colour is in a minute. I’m going right to that cuticle without flooding it. And I’m going to touch those colours and I’m going to take the gold and just blend them a little bit. Not looking perfect, you know, perfect Ombre, so don’t worry about that. Adam: Just about to say I’ve never seen you Ombre the Metallics ever? Kirsty: Never?
Adam: No, you’ve never done that. Kirsty: Hmm! Kirsty: La la la la la. Right! What I’m gonna do now is use the Urban Graffiti Topcoat. Pop a bit on a Sculpting Form or just the backing paper from the Sculpting Form. Just using this as a palette. Then I’m gonna take this size 2 brush. It’s beautifully long and thin. What I’m going to do is, first of all, the first thing I want to get good on this, is I want to create a bit of a border. We’re framing the nail. You can go directly on top of the Metallic. Wherever you touch, you nip the topcoat. That looks steady. I’m going to cure that first. Then, use the same brush. I’m going to come to the middle. It does not need to be straight. It’s actually better if it’s a little bit irregular. Can you see that? Here and here. You want a little bit of everything. And then, from those points, we’re going to do even more, coming up. These are to resemble the little veins of the leaf. Once you’re happy with that, you can pop that into the lamp. So, I’ve cured that, which would make it even more embossed. What I’m gonna do is just go over some parts. It’ll make it more textured, raised up. [Kirsty singing] Pop that in. Now, for the magic. I’m gonna use Pure Acetone and wipe over. Look at that! Model: Do you know what? Even I’m gobsmacked at that. Adam: Did you know that was gonna happen?
Model: No, I didn’t. Kirsty: Look at that. That is delish! How cool is that? And you can see that Ombre. So, you can see that you didn’t need to make the Ombre perfect because I didn’t make the Ombre perfect. However, it looks like the Ombre was perfect and it’s because the lines are so fine. Cool! I’m going to finish off with a little bit of Cuticle Oil. Yeah! Some Pink Pineapple, as I rub in. You can topcoat it if you feel that you need to, but however, I don’t want to because I want it to be slightly textured. There you are, guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed that video. We have gone all Autumnal and I think that’s good, quick easy design. Now, I think you could do that on short nails as well. I don’t think you necessarily need a big long nail. You could do it on short nails and it’s something quick you could do in the salon. Don’t forget, everything I’ve used today will be listed below. Don’t forget to subscribe. Give us a thumbs up as well. I want a thumbs up. Come on, let’s have it, give me a thumbs up. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye-bye! Adam: That is nearly as quick as the season’s changed for real. Model: That’s beautiful. Kirsty: Beautiful ain’t it huh?
Model: Hmm. Kirsty: He sent me that what’s it.

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  1. Naio Nails says:

    The Urban Grafitti Metallic Range, is not a true Gel Polish, it is more like an enamel. It air dry's, you don't have to put it in a lamp, but the heat helps it dry quicker, Unless you topcoat it, it will wear off, if you use acetone it will wipe straight off. So in this video, I used a gel top coat to protect the bits I wanted and then removed the rest. Kirsty xxx

  2. Tamara Barnum says:

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