Audrey and Jordan Paint Portraits of Each Other! / AllAroundAudrey

Audrey and Jordan Paint Portraits of Each Other! / AllAroundAudrey

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Audrey and Jordan Paint Portraits of Each Other! / AllAroundAudrey

  1. AllAroundAudrey says:

    Which Painting Do You Like Better? Should We Do Another Painting Challenge?

  2. Sky Wolfy says:

    I think you should because they look awsome

  3. Kortnie Meadows says:

    I like Jordan’s painting 🖼

  4. Leian Barlow says:


  5. Lesley Toodzio says:

    i like the one jordan painted but i like both of them can you plase do anuther one!

  6. Dana Smith says:

    I d k

  7. Xitlaly Arvizo says:

    I think Jordan one

  8. mizladydreamer says:

    Jordle is the win

  9. Billie Chasiotis says:

    I think Jordie's painting of Audrey is better.

  10. Jess Gaudette says:

    Jorden is awesome she's my favorite I like you to Audrey your awesome to you guys are great sisters ❤️ ♥️♥️♥️♥️ I want you to be my great sisters♥️❣️💟💖💝💗💓💞💕💌👯 you to are great kitty cupcake 😘 sisters👭👭👭👭👯👯👯👯

  11. The Holster’s says:

    It dose not matter who won it matters that you did a awesome job!

  12. Emily Attloo says:

    Like if Jordie won👇🏻

  13. Nina Wichman says:

    I have smelly paint the color is the color of the fruit

  14. Nina Wichman says:

    It smells like


    Jordan won but Audrey did a better painting then I would

  16. Katie Khan says:

    I love you and your sister❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  17. Anna Laycock says:

    Jordan is the best sorry aud

  18. lecord819 says:

    Jordan won if you agree

  19. Emma Firth says:

    I love your bothes I don't know what to pick becaus I don't want to make you sad

  20. Rebecca Ashley says:

    Love both of your paintings.

  21. Ivelisse Cabrera says:

    Jodie won

  22. Shyam Karthik says:

    I think Audrey won

  23. Pablo Freitas says:

    Jordan is the winner

  24. Ava Janae says:

    Like for Jordan. Coment for Audrey

  25. Erin Gloor says:

    And I ooooooooooop

  26. Puppy Power says:

    Jordan won this one

  27. The Amazing Miya says:

    Hi 😄😄

  28. Umara Naveed says:

    Jordan won.

  29. Umara Naveed says:

    Jordan won but Audrey tried her hardest.

  30. Grace Becker says:

    I like the one Jordan made

  31. Charlotte Schomaker says:


  32. Lila Larson says:


  33. yenyen ko says:

    Like if Jordan won

  34. EMMA IS WHAT says:


  35. Maranda Neal says:

    Jordan definitely won Audrey I’d say she … needs some work

  36. Ava Silcox says:

    Jordan? Can you do a tutorial

  37. Jack Baker-Burton says:

    All around Audrey love xxx xxx xxx

  38. Noodles_100 Abdolnasir says:

    I think l like Jordan

  39. Raul Perez says:

    Both of them won😀😁

  40. alisha terrell says:

    J won and I am you sow much

  41. Aaliyah Bernardo says:

    Jordan never hang up Audrey’s painting 😟

  42. Karen Fraley says:


  43. Daiva Sosa says:


  44. Rach Todd says:


  45. Fun with Ella says:

    Jordan won but Aurdreys was funny

  46. Val Ng says:

    Jordan draws sooo well! Audrey a little more practice you will get there!😊

  47. Noah Baskins says:


  48. Norma Quintanilla says:

    hey can you make a slime video i want to see a nice slime

  49. Ysabelle Tupaz says:

    Jordan 100% won

  50. mohammed hamza says:


  51. Indy Hunt says:

    Definitely Jordan won!!

  52. Crystal Maxfield says:

    Jordan When I Voted Your was only 3%

  53. Rawan Medra says:

    Jordie is an artist

  54. Laurie-Ann Horsman says:

    The painting Jordan painted of Audrey

  55. Lacey Morley says:

    I would say that they both the very nice but Jordan's better hi the like button if you agree

  56. Mackenzie’s toy Review says:


  57. Laura Smith says:

    I like the one Jordan painted!!!!

  58. Olivia Golden says:

    Jorden for SURE!!!!!!

  59. Kate Barkacs says:


  60. Kate Barkacs says:


  61. Wayne Mead says:

    I think Jordan 1

  62. lexi cler says:

    You should do fav food

  63. Megan Alfredson says:

    i like jordan yesssssssssssssss you should

  64. Emmett O Kane says:

    It’s hard to choose but I chose Jordan’s

  65. Cookiez uwo says:

    Jordan won

  66. PurplePup Luv says:

    uh is hard (not) jorden

  67. Lindsey Alston says:

    i love your vids so much this one is my fav

  68. Sophia Kadel says:

    I'm left handed

  69. Reese Lowry says:

    Jordan painted the better one

  70. Helene Nikki says:


  71. Jessica Mooney says:

    sroy but i like justjorden33 better sry can u do more gritte and therma

  72. Mack Bruce says:


  73. Adam Ibrahim says:


  74. Laila Vela says:

    Jordan won painting audrey

  75. Kailee Schultz says:

    Jordie won

  76. madi PieHi says:


  77. Al Story says:

    I think jorden❄️

  78. Nicholas Holmes says:

    In your videos I know how like you plug your ears but when she says you can unplug them I don’t get how you can hear that’s one of my questions

  79. Zoey’s_GachaAcademia says:

    This was posted on my birthday!

  80. John McCreadie says:

    Jordle wun🥇

  81. Ranjini Srisena says:

    I like all the painting

  82. Ayra Khan says:

    I think you should do another painting challenge and I like Jordan is painting better

  83. mayra perez says:

    I like the portrait that Jordan did

  84. Chloe Myers says:

    I like Jordan’s better

  85. Gabriella King says:

    jordie for sure sorry audrey

  86. What’s up with Lahni says:

    Wow Jordan’s is amazing

  87. Ciennas World says:

    You guys are the best said I love both of your paintings

  88. Eric Campbell says:

    I think that Jordan one the challenge 🙂

  89. Cicci Sounds says:

    House of the PicsArt is great

  90. Kalia's ART says:

    The one of audrey obviously won.
    You tried audrey!😂

  91. Alexies Jazz Quiazon says:

    I love Jordan 's painting

  92. Apollo Gaming says:

    Is it just me or does Jordan look paler

  93. Pink Girl says:

    Watching these enspire me since I draw clothes and I’m going to attempt making some and just watching u do art

  94. Nick Overland says:

    I think Jordie's drawing won

  95. Maisy Mai says:

    Click down here if your favourite YouTuber if the YouTube family

  96. Amelia Greece says:

    I think Jordan 1

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