Astronaut’s amazing photos of tourist attractions from space

Astronaut’s amazing photos of tourist attractions from space

These are some of the amazing photographs
taken by a NASA astronaut on board the International Space Station, as he prepared to go home. Terry Virts blasted off from Kazakhstan last November and took command of the station in March. Since then he’s been keeping followers back
on earth updated with regular tweets…. This is how he marked the passing of Star
Trek legend Leonard Nimoy earlier this year. “I’m NASA astronaut Terry Virts, expedition 43 commander, and I just wanna to say a few words real quick. Thank you to our ground support teams in Houston, Moscow and around the world. Japan, Europe, Canada, and, er, so now expedition 43 is in the history books, we turn it over to a new chapter, and expedition 44.” Yesterday, Virts handed over command of the
ISS and prepared to go home, after 200 days in space. But his last updates from the station are truly
stunning… This was his view of the Pyramids at Giza…
Mount Ararat in Turkey… a partly frozen Hala lake in China… And this incredible photo, the last Terry
Virts took on this mission to space.

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