Artwork in motion by Roberto Piaia

Artwork in motion by Roberto Piaia

My world is made of light and colour, an energy that arrives and wraps around the canvas, the marble and the bronze, giving life to my remotest emotions. Painting and sculpting is my way of expressing my
joy, my pain, my fears, to try to reveal also the “dark” part of what surrounds me. Truth is colour, passion, it is like painting a feminine body with all its fragility and beauty; a strong and lively fascination, that wraps around me and takes me to in
an other dimension, the real one. When I paint and sculpt I set off for a long journey travel and every stage is a photogram that will fill up the final image, every painting or statue, is a part of me, a small flame of light that I leave on the canvas, on the marble or the bronze this is my dimension, a new life. Perfection, which is an impeccable path that will only exist after we will have lived, valued and analyzed our past: this is art work, to be here in the most important moment of the transformation of matter in to energy, light and colour. To give life to the nothingness that surrounds us, to create a strong emotion involving anyone that loves and has a passion for art. To see in “Assurfivo” is like going beyond, touching and feeling the remotest parts, the most hidden thoughts in our mind, to give power and life to every shape, recreating it with our own natural colours.

Dereck Turner

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    nice video

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    Of course Roberto, even your videos are ART!!!!!!! <3

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