Arts of the Islamic World Reinstallation

Arts of the Islamic World Reinstallation

We are installing the “Arts of the Islamic
World” galleries at the Brooklyn Museum, and we’re about halfway through the installation
so there are a lot of objects that haven’t gotten into the cases, but, as you can see,
there’s tape that holds some of the latrines together. That’s just to protect them while
we put the latrines back on the cases, and then we’ll go through and take everything
off and do all of our refining, finishing touches.
I don’t know if you’re familiar with the way the space looked before, but there were some
things architecturally about the room that, to me, didn’t accentuate the work that was
in here. So what I’ve tried to do is, through some various architectural details, to make
it more specific to the Islamic work. I’ve added some detailing here. The windows, as
you may see, refer to Islamic mosaics or stained glass in mosques, that sort of thing. Also
the room was a very light color before we began this renovation and the work sort of
blended in, whereas what we tried to do by making the gallery space a little darker and
highlighting the work, I think hopefully in the end the works will pop out and what you
will see is not the space itself, but rather the art.
By June fifth, when our exhibition on truthism opens just next door, all of these will be
ready. It’s just an exciting time to come and look at the arts of the Islamic world
and hopefully you can make it.

Dereck Turner

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    great informative video. thanks for making this available.

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