Arts Infused Program

Arts Infused Program

[Music] [Teacher] 1, 2, ready here we go. [Teacher] You can start coloring and then I want you to measure to the nearest inch. [Teacher] Rolling scene seven take three. [Gretchen Keefner] Hilton Head Island Elementary School for the Creative Arts is one of eight arts infused schools of choice in Beaufort County, the other schools are Whale Branch
Elementary, Whale Branch Middle, Mossy Oaks Elementary, H. E. McCracken Middle
School, Beaufort Middle, Lady’s Island Elementary and Lady’s Island Middle
School. [Bradley Williams] Arts infused means that we use the Arts in core academics to not only
emphasize the art itself but you also expand the horizons for the kids and I
can understand real world applications to what they’re learning in their core academics. [Carole Ingram] For students here at Beaufort Middle School, arts infused perhaps means a variety of things it actually means that
there’s the core content as well as an art content and they’re taught
simultaneously where one of the standards or one of the skills is just as important for the art area as it is for the content area. [Gretchen] In an arts infused school there is also a commitment that all regular classroom
teachers work with arts teachers to collaborate and integrate those arts
into their classrooms. [Amy Velder] We know that the brain works in ways of categorizing and
collecting information and so when you put it with something that includes
movement or you put it with something that includes performance or you put it
with something that I includes drawing it enhances their ability to memorize it
and put it into a category in our brain that they’re able to draw up later. [Teacher] What’s the most important word in that learning target everybody’s hands go up! [Bradley] I use a lot of literacy skills for music class we do a lot of reading and writing of
course they read music, but we also reflect on and write about our experiences as musicians, as performers. [Faith Patterson] Well with math we do a lot of working with fractions and everything and so music really ties in with that
and one example that me and the band teacher here at Beaufort Middle we did a
co-teaching lesson where we were teaching dividing fractions using whole
notes and quarter notes and half notes and everything so being able to tie it
in to show the relationship between music and math but also to help the
students see that what they’re learning in music does kind of go along with what
they’re learning in math. [Makhi Redd] I mean I like it because like it’s easier to remember things like on yoru test and they give you study guides and we make different posters so like
pictures and a good job picture is easy to remember in our mind. [Morgan Barron] We were learning about
the Industrial Revolution and different the different inventions and who
invented them to help us remember there’s these pieces of paper that you
can pull out and you can read inventions and who invented them and what date they were made in. [Jamari Young] I like that it’s you get to be free like you can be in class and almost just start like drawing or writings of the creative or putting on a
show it’s just amazing it’s fun. [Carole] The arts to a lot to inspire students so it captures their attention
and it’s relevant to them. [Freddie Lawton] Being arts infused school gives us the opportunity to
bring in the whole world to our classrooms on a daily basis. [Carole] Students have opportunities to demonstrate their learning through the art and also to
learn the art an example often happens with an artist in residents. [Artist] And then I’m going to show you how to do some really cool stuff with water colors. [Carole] The artist-in-residence work with the students as well as with the teachers so what they will do is they’ll be with our
students and then they provide professional development to the teachers
and so they leave with the teachers some tricks and tips and strategies of how to
actually integrate that art in their core content area. [Brittany Brum] It allows the kids to gain an understanding of essentially the world
if we bring in drama and if we bring in art if we can bring in music to the
general education room it just I feel like it helps broaden their horizon. [Bridgette Halker] I think that this school where my daughter goes it sparks the creativity in
students and it really lights that fire under her and most important to me as a
parent is that she loves to come to school and this is the place that she
wants to be and she’s comfortable here and she’s excited every time she walks
in the door. [Amy] One of my favorite times is when parents come into the classroom and they see their child doing a performance or showcasing their work are able to
explain something that they’ve done and the parents are so impressed by their
child’s poise and their interest in the subject matter and their way that
they’re able to exhibit their work. [Carole] Because of learning some core content skills through the arts they take that knowledge and learning with them to the
high school since they’ve learned it through the arts they don’t forget it
so they make those connections just opened to move forward in their academic career. [Gretchen] And when you look at what what we’re looking for when kids graduate
from high school whether it’s to go to college or whether it’s to go right into
the workforce we’re looking for people that are creative and collaborative you
will hear industry businesses they can train and do a lot of the teaching of
the specific pieces of their businesses but they can’t teach people to be
creative you can’t teach people to think and
collaborate together we find that the arts infusion in a public school
setting begins to teach the children all of those other important skills if you
will. [Music]

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    I'm a student at bms

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    Im a studenta at le schhol creative arts n its an experiance it is there are de best teachers and ive been here for 5 years and 1 more year and im gone i dont really like to see this me leave this school and i love all my teachers and made so many friend over the years and i hope to make more keep going creative arts and never stop.

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