Artists Draw Urban Fantasy D&D Characters (ft. Brennan Lee Mulligan)

Artists Draw Urban Fantasy D&D Characters (ft. Brennan Lee Mulligan)

– [Nathan] Welcome to Drawfee,
where we take dumb ideas and make even dumber drawings. – I’m Nathan.
– I’m Jacob. – [Julia] I’m Julia. – [Brennan] And I’m Brennan Lee Mulligan. – [Nathan] Yeah, Brennan Lee
Mulligan, DM extraordinaire host of Dimension 20 and the new season Unsleeping City, is here
with us on the program. Brennan, it’s an honor to have you. – [Brennan] It is an honor
to be back on Drawfee. I had so much fun the
last time we were here drawing classic D&D characters. And I’m very excited to be here today where we are drawing,
specifically, Dimension 20 The Unsleeping City, season three OC’s original characters with the Drawfee crew! – Yeah.
– Hell, yes. We are on brand as hell today. – Yes.
– Woo! – [Nathan] Integrated marketing. – [Brennan] You guys can’t
see it but our executives are all in the corner
just gassing each other up just chest bumping– – [Nathan] They’re so excited. They’re high fiving,
some of them are kissing. – [Brennan] Yeah, some of
them are, I am gonna call HR cause these executives are
going hard in the paint. They’re a full mouth, you can tell teeth are bumping into other teeth. – [Nathan] For anyone who
is unfamiliar, Dimension 20 is an actual play D&D
show that is available on Dropout, there are
also several episodes up on YouTube, on the
CollegeHumor YouTube channel and the most recent
season is Unsleeping City which is an urban fantasy setting. – [Brennan] Yes, The
Unsleeping City is in fact New York City, the city that never sleeps. – Nice.
– That’s where we are. That’s where we are right now. – [Brennan] We are there,
in person, right now. Unsleeping City is a classic
kind of urban fantasy D&D adventure set in New York. And like a lot of urban fantasy there’s a secret world element to it. – Yeah.
– Where the vast majority of people who live in New
York City, in this setting are not aware that magic is real are not aware that there
is something going on. So it has that fun, cool,
Harry Potter, Men in Black Hell, or that kind of idea of like “There’s a hidden world behind this world “where magic is real.” – Yeah.
– Yeah. The kinda thing that kids
see and they’re like, ah, stars in their eyes. And then they grow up and
realize that magic is not real. And everything is just
as dull as it seems. – [Nathan] But you can play
a fantasy role playing game and then the magic is real again because–
– Damn straight. – [Nathan] What’s more
magical than making up a story with your friends? I’m getting right into it, I
have an idea for a character that I would like to share with you guys. – [Brennan] All of these
shapes seem very promising. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Julia] Yeah, that head shape? That’s a thumb? – [Nathan] Thumb-like
head, which I’m into. So here’s the thing. I know that most of the
characters in the show are humans this season. – [Brennan] Yes, that is correct. – [Nathan] But I was particularly
tickled by the fact that Murph is sort of a rat man. – [Brennan] Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes. – [Nathan] And so I was thinking what other fun animal
people might one find. – [Jacob] I already see it. – [Nathan] Might one find in New York City and what animal do I see all the time is that, is that sky rat. – [Jacob] The rats of the sky. – [Brennan] The rats of the sky. Beautiful pigeon man. – [Nathan] I’m doing a pigeon man. Sort of a re-skin of an Aarakocra. – [Brennan] Ooh, I love it. Your pigeon man has arms
and thick, meaty thighs and that really bums me out. (laughing) So I would love. – [Nathan] He bums, he bums everyone. I feel like this character
just bums everyone out. No one’s happy with the
stuff that’s going on here when pigeon man hits the scene. – [Brennan] Yeah, so I guess,
Nathan, my question would be first of all, this is beautiful and second of all, why have you done this? That would be my other question. – [Nathan] Again, if you look at the official art for Aarakocra,
they have arms and legs. – [Brennan] They actually are
six-limbed, I believe, right? – [Nathan] Yeah, ’cause they
have the wings in addition. – [Brennan] Talk to me a little bit so if we have an Aarakocra character who is this pigeon man,
what class are you thinking? For Unsleeping City, we have
these heroes of New York who each have traditional
D&D classes but, for example Ricky Matsui, who is our paladin he’s a New York City firefighter
with a magical axe, right? – [Nathan] That’s Zac’s character, right? – [Brennan] That’s Zac Oyama’s character. – [Jacob] That’s wonderful. – [Brennan] He’s wonderful. all the devotion paladin, beautiful. – [Nathan] Just a classic good
guy, protagonist hero type. – Exactly.
– Love that. – [Brennan] We got Emily
Axford playing Sofia Lee Sofia Bicicleta, who’s a
Staten Island hairdresser brawler, a.k.a a drunken master monk. – That’s so fun.
(laughing) – [Brennan] For this pigeon man what do we see as the classic? ‘Cause there’s a fun, there’s a fun game to The Unsleeping City, of matching a Dungeons & Dragons character class and therefore it’s set of abilities with a classic New York City archetype. – [Nathan] Yeah, well I’m
thinking of what pigeons do. They’re scavengers, there’s
a lot of vertical space to play with in a cityscape. – [Brennan] Absolutely. – [Nathan] I was thinking
the scout archetype for the rogue class? – [Brennan] Ooh, I love that. – [Nathan] Because they’re
very, it’s just a class that’s all about mobility
and since you got the wings you can fly anyway. Just really leaning into that mobility. – [Jacob] I feel like you’re
gonna have a hard time scouting, undetected. – No.
– When you are this wretched pigeon man.
– No. – What, no.
– Well, actually, Jacob. – [Nathan] It’s New York,
when does anyone ever leave their tunnel vision,
there are so many things to distract you on any given day. – [Brennan] And that’s actually
correct for the setting. In the setting, New York City exists within a magical penumbra called the Umbral Arcana,
which is the magical force that prevents people from seeing magic which is also why New
Yorkers just can’t notice or pay attention to anything fucking crazy going on around them. – [Nathan] Right. Oh, that makes a lot of sense. You got answers for this. – [Brennan] I got answers, baby! We got answers for why things
are the way they are here. So most people that would
see our sweet boy here flying along in the sky, would see perhaps an unusually large pigeon. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Brennan] But not worthy of remark. But anyone that had been inculcated into The Unsleeping City would see our sweet backwards
baseball cap pigeon boy! Is this dude, is he, so I saw the hoodie and I was thinking kind
of middle aged boxer but I’m looking at this now,
this is a rude teen dude. – [Nathan] This is a rude teen scout. He’s eyes and ears on the street. He’s flying around getting the info learning the hot gos. – [Brennan] I’m gonna go
ahead and make a reference that I’m not proud of,
but this is our sort of Shia Labeouf from Constantine character. – [Nathan] This is your Shia Labeouf from Constantine character, exactly. – [Brennan] He’s like the
scrappy kid who’s there like “Oh, y’know, you’re fightin’ demons? “Well, hell, I wait
outside, I’ll be outside. “I’ll be your eyes and ears in the sky. “I’ll keep a surveillance
and I’ll tell you “what’s going on down on the ground.” – [Nathan] Maybe he’s got
just like his phone out to take pics. – Oh, perfect.
– Send some texts from the sky. – [Brennan] What do we think
this guy’s rockin’ phone wise? I feel like he has a huge phone, right? – [Nathan] Yeah, he’s got one
of them Chinese picture cubes. – Oh, perfect.
– What are they called? – [Brennan] I know exactly
what you’re talking. – [Nathan] like the OnePlus, phones. (laughing) – [Brennan] So as a rogue, what do we see as his primary weapon being? I notice you got one hand free down there. – [Nathan] This is New
York so you probably gonna get a little bit noticed if you’re walking around just with a gun. – [Brennan] Although
Ally Beardsly did demand to have a gun, even
though they are playing a wild magic sorcerer. (laughing) – [Nathan] I think just
like a switchblade. Just sort of that classic. Now how does a person hold a switchblade? – [Jacob] That’s a good question Nathan. For some reason I’m getting a vibe that you’ve not held many switchblades. – [Nathan] I don’t know what would make you think that, Jacob? – [Jacob] I don’t catch
switchblade vibes from you. – [Nathan] You don’t get me
as, okay, I think we got it. – [Brennan] Yeah, I think your thumb is pressed against the handle, right? And then your fingers
are kinda wrapped up. – [Jacob] Did you guys
ever have one of those switchblade combs? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Julia did, of course. – [Nathan] I definitely did and I thought it was the coolest shit in the world. – [Julia] I literally bought
one like six months ago. – [Nathan] Six months ago? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Then where are you hiding it? – [Julia] It’s in my apartment. It’s usually in my bag, actually, but– – [Nathan] Just in case? – [Julia] Yeah, it’s fun to have. It went with an outfit I had,
so, I thought it’d be funny. – [Brennan] What’s this
feathered homie’s name? – [Nathan] Oh, that’s a good question. I remember, in Sesame Street Bert is friends with a lot of pigeons. So I was thinking maybe Bert. – [Jacob] Bert’s so sad. – [Nathan] Bert the character or the name? – [Jacob] The character
and the name, it’s both. – [Nathan] Bert, oh, Bert’s
pigeon friend was named Bernice I think, maybe this is Bernice. I think this could be an outfit
that a Bernice would wear. – [Brennan] I love that. I love that you’ve given
Bernice tail feathers. Which you need for stability in flight. – [Nathan] Right, it’s very important. – [Brennan] Some people are gonna give I personally think all
depictions of angels should also have tail feathers. – [Nathan] Right, thank
you, I’m glad you said it. (laughing) I’m glad you said it so I don’t have to. – [Brennan] The six arms, I get the ever turning sword of fire, I get the halo, the eyes
surrounding your head, I get. How the fuck are you dealing with drag? How are you dealing with your– – [Nathan] How are you making
these sharp turns in the sky? – [Jacob] That’s angel magic, my dude. You don’t need tail
feathers to do angel magic. – [Brennan] You’re telling
me this guy’s got enough angel magic to have an ever burning sword eyes everywhere, 77,000 mouths all praising the one true name
of god and stabilized flight? You’re fucking dreaming, my guy. – [Nathan] It seems like a small lift after all those other things. – [Brennan] But that’s exactly it. It’s multi-tasking, it’s
one additional thing. They call it the straw
that broke the camel’s back for a reason. – [Nathan] God designed birds so why wouldn’t he also give angels the same sort of help that he
gave birds, is my question. – [Jacob] Well, I’ve been bested, clearly. (laughing) – [Nathan] Yeah, you
didn’t know we were getting theological on this episode. Okay, this is Bernice, the
street-tough, sky scout of The Unsleeping City. One of you guys wanna do a character? – [Jacob] That’s me, that’s me usually. – [Nathan] Then do it. – [Jacob] I’d love to. (laughing) – [Nathan] Second in initiative order. – [Brennan] I can immediately tell from this character’s posture,
that they are no nonsense. They’re gesturing, hand on hip other hand explaining something is a very this is a classic New York pose. – [Jacob] Oh, absolutely. I think it’s gonna
change in meaning for you as this drawing goes on. – [Brennan] I feel like a
cigarette or a middle finger is in our near future. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Nathan] Or a slice of pizza. – [Brennan] Ooh, a slice of za! – [Jacob] Well, I was thinking
of a character who was sort of simultaneously
very integral to New York but also doesn’t full embody
the New York attitude. So maybe a bit more
optimism, a bit more naivety. – [Nathan] Like a new
in town sorta person. – [Brennan] I think they’ve been here and we’ll get to why as I continue here. – [Nathan] Okay, they’ve
been here but they haven’t the city hasn’t destroyed
their optimism which is– – [Jacob] No, absolutely not. – [Nathan] Rare, that’s
magical in and of itself. – [Jacob] That is a
sort of magic, isn’t it? And it’s because I was
thinking I wanted to do a train conductor character. – Ooh!
– Ooh! – [Jacob] But this is
like a train conductor who’s like a mechanical genius
and just really loves trains. – [Brennan] Oh, wow! – [Jacob] Goddamn does
he love trains so much. – [Nathan] He gets to
work with trains everyday. – [Jacob] And so he’s got
an unshakeable optimism that comes with doing what
you love, working with trains. – [Nathan] That’s great. – [Julia] Technically, that’s an engineer. (laughing) – [Nathan] Is this,
fuckin’ tell ’em, tell ’em! – [Jacob] The conductor and
the engineer are different. – [Julia] Conductor’s the
one that punches the tickets. (laughing) – [Brennan] Now is this an
MTA engineer or is this a first of all is this an
engineer or a conductor and second of all, are they with the MTA? Are they subway or light rail? – [Jacob] I was thinking they’re subway ’cause I like to imagine
this character being down underground, on the
dirty ass, broke ass subway where everyone is
miserable and going to work and they’re just like this
endless fount of optimism. – [Brennan] Now, we have to find what, magically is creating
this level of optimism. Because I see, also from
the style of the hat that this person is, it feels
like being on the modern day dirty, filthy subway
and this person’s like “A city on the move!” – Yes, that’s exactly it.
(laughing) That’s their hat, that
is not standard issue. Not requisite. (laughing) – [Jacob] They’re wearing like
an old timey train conductor and I was thinking of like a
cravat and like a short jacket. – [Nathan] Oh, yes, this
is anime train conductor. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Brennan] I think, Jacob,
you’re creating like a spirit. This is like, within the
confines of The Unsleeping City someone who brings this
much power and energy to be upbeat on the subway? Clearly has a wellspring
of magical potency that rivals even the gods themselves. – [Jacob] Yeah, maybe
there’s like an uncertain parentage situation, you know? – Ooh.
– Oh. – [Jacob] Where there’s
maybe some magical stuff in the family lineage here. And I think, also, they’re like they appear very young, too. Like a child genius
sort of archetype here. – [Nathan] Oh, that’s awesome. – [Brennan] Like an art, deco
child genius train conductor. (laughing) – [Nathan] I’d watch this anime, for sure! (laughing) – [Brennan] Incredible. – [Jacob] See, Brennan, I see everything through a lens of anime, that’s my deal. – [Nathan] Yeah, it’s an engineer but he does like to
dress up like a conductor and go around collecting tickets even though it’s the subway
where that isn’t a thing. – Yes.
– So he’s just here “Tickets. “Tickets please.”
– “Tickets please.” Everyone’s just like, “Jesus Christ.” – [Nathan] “Not the craziest thing “we’ve seen on the train today,
so just ignore him honey” – [Brennan] Now, what
class are you thinking? So if you’re thinking of mechanical genius you’re thinking artificer? – [Jacob] Yeah, I was
thinking something like that. That would allow them
to work with technology and machines in a way. – [Brennan] I love that, so
they both collect tickets and fix the train. I would say that pretty much
everything I’ve ever done has been influenced by Ghibli and just specifically, Miyazaki. Much of the cat bus in My Neighbor Totoro. There are a lot, which is
also about an unseen world. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Brennan] Does our friend here oversee a magical Unsleeping City
train or a standard MTA subway? – [Jacob] I think it may be maybe this character’s
become like an urban legend. A certain train shows up
late at night, sometimes. ‘Cause there’s like some of those trains that are like the classic
trains that’ll run like at Christmas time. – [Nathan] The loud trains. – [Jacob] And they show up
and they’re green and red and they look all cool and stuff? – [Brennan] Yeah, I love that. – [Jacob] And I’ve seen
that a couple times since I lived here and I was like “Oh, look at this cool magic train.” that I’m seeing at one a.m. – [Nathan] You’re never
quite sure if it’s real or you’re hallucinating. – [Jacob] So I think this person is a conductor of this magical train that shows up occasionally like “All aboard for the station!” And it does just take you
to J Street, or whatever. – [Brennan] I love it. It sounds like we are
talking about like a weird spiritual, celestial artificer here. ‘Cause this sounds like a savior train. It’s a train that shows up when you walked to the wrong platform ’cause you’re a little bit too wasted but if you’re not at work
on time the next morning you’re gonna get fired and it’s like “Oh, I’m fucking up, I
fucked up my train stop.” And just magically, after
constant fuck ups by the MTA and life ruining shenanigans by the people who run the city subways,
there’s this one train that this one little
magical spirit entity has. – [Jacob] Yeah, shows up,
gets you where you need to go without fail. – [Nathan] This is the train that shows up if you cross the pink tape
in the subway station. (laughing) – [Brennan] Exactly. It feels like this train also always stops somewhere along the line, in
the magical City Hall station. The unused City Hall station. – [Jacob] Definitely. If you stay on the train,
that’s where it ends up. – [Nathan] That’s it’s terminus. – [Jacob] But people don’t
always come back from there. – [Brennan] And what’s
our homie’s name here? – [Jacob] So I named this
character, Carl Sedgbee. (laughing) It uses only the letters
of the MTA subway lines. – Ooh.
– Ooh, Jacob. – [Jacob] Which I thought was cute. – [Nathan] Jacob, that’s very cute. – [Jacob] It’s Sedgbee with two E’s. – [Brennan] Oh, I love
that, that’s amazing. – [Jacob] And we got some high socks and little shoes with buckles. – [Nathan] Is one of the E’s a three? – [Jacob] It could be. It certainly could be, Nathan. – [Julia] No, that’s his online username. – Okay.
(laughing) – [Brennan] Little Carl
Sedgbee and his magic train. Look at our wonderful little boy. – [Jacob] Our beautiful lad. Carl Sedgbee’s a lad through and through. – [Nathan] Yeah, this is a lad. – [Jacob] This is a definite lad. (laughing) – [Brennan] “Oh, hello there, friend. “I’ve noticed you’ve soiled
yourself on the subway bench.” (laughing) “Looks like you went a little
too hard in the paint tonight. “Well, I’ll tell you what–” – [Jacob] “It Happens to the best of us.” – [Brennan] “Hop on board
the City Hall Express “and ol’ Carl Sedgbee will
get you where you’re going “in no time, all aboard, toot, toot!” – [Jacob] So yeah, here’s Carl Sedgbee our wonderful, magical
conductor who’s an artificer is that what we?
– An artificer. He’s got all these little gadgets. Maybe there’s a special train-car
with spotlights and lasers and a fog machine for Showtime dancers. – Oh, yeah!
– Yes. – [Brennan] “It’s always show
time in car number three!” – [Jacob] Carl Sedgbee is, of course friends with the Showtime dancers. (laughing)
– Yeah, absolutely. Only the people who are on
the train the most frequently tend to see Carl Sedgbee and dream of being on his train once more. – [Brennan] I love Carl. – [Jacob] Julia, do you
wanna hop in and do one? – [Julia] Yeah. Okay, so I have never been more prepared for a Drawfee episode
in that, I know exactly half of the information,
which is more than usual. (laughing) – [Nathan] Yeah, you’ve lived
in New York the longest. – [Julia] Yeah, Brennan, I think you and I are the only native New
Yorkers in this room. – [Brennan] That seems accurate. – Yes.
– Yes. – [Nathan] It’s not hard to confirm. – Yeah
– Yeah. (laughing) – [Brennan] That is
correct, so when you said that you only have half the information– – [Julia] I don’t play D&D. – [Brennan] Oh! – [Julia] But I think I got one so we’re just gonna roll with it, I think. – [Nathan] You know the
character that this is based on the real life person which is– New York City–
– And we can figure out– – [Brennan] The greatest character of all. – [Nathan] I like to think New York is sort of the 7th character. – [Brennan] Don’t! Don’t
– The real DM is New York City I think we can all agree. I mean, Brennan did a fine job. (laughing) – [Brennan] I Think we can all agree. I mean, in a weird way, it’s
a love letter to New York. (laughing) I say that having
accurately made this season a love letter to New York. Like I’m roasting somebody
who’s not me right now? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Brennan] Ooh, spectacles. – [Julia] So, I am from Long Island. – [Brennan] Ooh, Long Island. – [Julia] I’m a native Long Islander. – [Nathan] Strong Island. – [Julia] Strong Island,
excuse you, it’s Strong Island. – [Nathan] Strong. – [Brennan] Everything’s an AW. – [Julia] It’s an AW,
everything that’s an S and a T is a SHT, that’s what we do. It’s strong. – [Nathan] Strong. – [Julia] Is a Strong Island. – [Brennan] Ronkonkoma. – [Julia] Ronkonkoma, if
you say it Ron-con-coma that’s how we know you
ain’t from Long Island. – [Nathan] We’ll put
you in a Ron-con-coma. (laughing) – [Brennan] So far a
very menacing character. – [Julia] So, well, it’s
like half of Long Island right there, everyone looks menacing but they’re actually so nice. – [Brennan] I love it. – [Julia] So I think, what
my character’s gonna be he’s gonna be more like a “Ey, Ima Vinnie.”
(laughing) – [Nathan] One of those “Ey,” characters. – [Jacob] One of those
“Eyyy,” kinda characters. – [Julia] So I went to
private school on Long Island. It was just filled with so many dudes who thought they were the
entire cast of the Godfather. (laughing) So I think it’s gonna be one of them. – [Nathan] Even Robert Duvall? – [Julia] Even Robert Duvall. Just everyone, everyone from that show. – I love the the idea of mafia bro like Scarface poster boys,
and one of them is like “Honestly dude, you gotta be fuckin’ hard “as Tommy Hagen, you know? “The Consigliere? “I mean cause if you’re
not focusin on the finances “the whole organization’s gonna, y’know? “You’re sure, anyone would
wanna be Michael Corleone “but where would Michael be if not.” I love that. I remember one time in, oh god,
look at that popped collar. – Yeah, he’s got that–
– Pop it on up. – [Julia] You know he’s
gonna be wearin’ all black y’know, popped collar? – [Brennan] This is the kinda guy that makes you have to
look up and pay attention when you’re walking by Penn Station on like a Saturday night. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Brennan] Oh this
dude’s gonna whip my ass if I bump into him, oh God. – [Julia] He’s gonna start
talking about MMA for no reason. – [Brennan] “Honestly, the
thing people don’t get about UFC “is the age of jujitsu, the Gracies were “I mean, they’re revolutionary,
you know what I mean? “There’s a lot, it’s a mental. “Are you listening to me?” – [Julia] “Listen, dude, I studied the BJJ “I know how to do these things,
you know what I’m sayin’? “You know, I study at the
UFC gym, that’s what I do. “That shit’s 24/7.” – [Jacob] Chuck Liddel was there once. (laughing) – [Brennan] Is this guy
actually a practicing mixed martial artist? – [Julia] No, I think he
just talks a big game. I think what I want
this guy to actually be I think I want him to be a bard because he just won’t
stop singing Sinatra. – Aww.
(laughing) – [Julia] “Hey, yo, my
man, my ma loves Sinatra “you know what I mean? “He’s like Jesus in this house,
you know what I’m sayin’?” (laughing) ♪ Start spreading the news. ♪ – [Brennan] This is the dude who gets up and does a really emotional,
says he hates karaoke he doesn’t do it, but if he ends up there does a tearful rendition of “My Way.” – Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Julia] “Look at Vito up there, he’s got “I mean, listen to him, voice
of an angel, look at ’em.” – [Brennan] “Ah, shut the
fuck up and thank you.” – [Julia] “The only
two people who say that is youz and my ma, all right?” – [Brennan] “Yeah, I coulda been a singer “but y’know end of the day. “The reason I didn’t
become a famous singer “is there’s so many fake
fuckin’ people, y’know? “I didn’t wanna be in
that industry, y’know?” – [Julia] He’s gonna be drinking just a giant cup of Dunkin’. – [Jacob] This is definitely
the most fully realized character that we’ve made today. – [Nathan] This is very
cathartic for Julia, I’d imagine. You’re finally, all of the times you’ve had to brave the
Long Island railroad to come into work, it’s
finally paying off. – [Julia] My many years on Long Island– – I will say–
– Come to fruition. – [Brennan] I have
never stared more deeply into the maw of chaos itself than a Friday or Saturday night Long Island railroad excursion. – [Julia] Oh, yeah. – [Brennan] Which is just pandemonium. – [Julia] Oh, yeah. – [Nathan] Julia stopped
coming in on Fridays because– – [Jacob] Because it’s just not worth it. – [Nathan] It’s not worth it. – [Julia] You know what
it was, it was all of the reason I stopped coming in on Fridays was because of all the city people who go to Long Island in the summer. – Ooh.
– Ooh. – [Julia] And they just crowd the trains ’cause they’re all going
to Montauk or the Hamptons. – [Brennan] To the end of the line, yeah. – [Julia] Yeah, to the end
of the line, and it’s like– – [Jacob] I don’t wanna
crowd these people, y’know? – [Julia] And they just have
every piece of furniture you could own, that
doesn’t belong on a beach. (laughing) I saw someone, they had beach stuff just like towels, bathing
suits, all that jazz and then just like, full
ass dining room table. – [Brennan] What? – [Julia] And like chairs, I was like “What are you doing?”
– “We’re going to the beach get the bureau!” – [Julia] “I can’t go
without my furniture!” – [Brennan] “Oh, my god,
we’re havin’ a beach day “get the wardrobe, get the ottoman!” (laughing) – [Julia] It was just wild. It’s a wild time. – [Brennan] Now this
guy’s dressed in all black this looks like a dude who this is like an ass stomping dude. He’s like, he looks a little bro-ey but he doesn’t got like
the stripey pink polo shirt he doesn’t have the salmon board shorts. – [Julia] Well, see, he’s not a bro he’s a guido, all right? – Yeah.
– Hey, whoa. – [Nathan] Important distinction. That’s the distinction
– That’s different – [Brennan] Ah, look at this guy, my God. (laughing) – [Julia] He’s gonna be
wearin’ ah, I can’t decide. You know what, he’s gonna
be wearing sneakers. – I feel like
(laughing) he would be the type of bard where his songs de-buff the enemy team more so than they buff his own team. Like all of his stories and shit? – [Brennan] He might actually
be a College of Lore bard to have Cutting Words. – Yeah.
– Oh, yeah. – [Brennan] Like the idea
of you go into a fight and this guy doesn’t
actually give anyone else bardic inspiration but says,
“Look at this fuckin’ ogre “this guy’s a fuckin’ mess. “Look at your shirt,
your shit’s all wrinkled. “You look like a piece
of shit, you fuckin’–” – [Jacob] “Get over here, I
got some cutting words for ya. “You and is about to
have some cutting words.” – [Brennan] “For real
guys, this fuckin’ guy “get the fuck outta here.” (laughing) – [Jacob] “You’re not gonna fight shit. “You couldn’t even fight my ma.” – [Brennan] “Ma, get in here,
look at this fuckin’ guy!” Look at this dude, I love– – [Julia] He’s definitely
sitting at the mall, you know? “I’m waiting for my girl to come outta “whatever that store is, I don’t even know “they got like the crazy
shirts and shit, I dunno.” – [Jacob] The Gap? – [Brennan] “My girl’s
at fuckin’ Forever 21 “we got to get Auntie Anne’s
when she gets outta there. “I’m gonna get one of
them cinnamon pretzels “them shits is good.” – [Julia] “I’m gonna
get them cinnamon sticks “get two cups of ’em.” (laughing) – [Jacob] Bernice shows up “What, are you talking about pretzels?” (laughing) – [Brennan] I love this so much. I mean, it is a strong
look to have a polo shirt tucked into black pants and sneakers. – [Julia] Oh, no, this
is a button up my friend. It’s a black button up
with some dress slacks and he’s got the gold chain. – [Jacob] Got the fresh Nikes. – [Brennan] Okay, this is coming together now I recognize, with the black button up this is a very recognizable guy. – [Julia] Oh, yeah. – [Brennan] Look at this dude,
yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. – [Julia] “Ey, yo, my name’s Vito.” – [Nathan] Vito! – [Jacob] He needs one tattoo and it’s gotta be just one of the most basic ass ones you can get. – [Julia] Yeah, okay, hold on. It’s gonna be Italy,
gonna be the Italian flag. And it’s gonna say “Ma.” – [Jacob] It’s gonna say “Ma.” – My ma!
– Hey, ma! – [Nathan] “Ma, I got this tattoo for ya!” – [Brennan] I love
interpreting the bard abilities through this character,
like cutting words. Also, all the skills associated with it like history and arcana,
the idea that this guy just has like heard everything before. – [Nathan] “Oh, yeah, I
knew a guy who used to ah–” – [Brennan] “What’s this? “The pendant of Infernal Might? “Oh, my fucking friend Vinnie “was tellin’ me about this shit “look, eh I know this shit, yeah. “Oh, this thing fuckin’ sucks.” – [Julia] “I’ve seen better
shit in my jewelry store “you know what I mean? “My cousin’s jewelry store,
there’s better shit there. “I’ve seen better shit at the pawn shop.” – [Jacob] “You’re getting
ripped off, let me tell ya.” – [Brennan] “I know a guy
downtown who’ll buy this, y’know “you’re not gonna get a great price “but he’ll take it off your hands “’cause this thing’s gonna
fuckin’ posses your ass “if you hold onto it for too long, so.” – [Jacob] Most of his conclusions he comes to about artifacts
are, “this thing fuckin’ sucks.” – [Brennan] This is what he says “Oh, what’s that, Holy Avenger? “Oh, this thing fuckin’ sucks too. “you’re gonna only
fighting fiends or undead “I mean fine, whatever, both
fuckin’ paladin bullshit. “Day to day and night you’re
never gonna fuckin’ use it “you’re better off sellin’ it.” I love it so much. – [Jacob] Oh yeah, the eyebrows. – [Brennan] Thick eyebrow pop. – [Julia] Anyway, this
is my guy, he’s a bard. – [Nathan] What’s his name? – Vito, right?
– Vito. – [Nathan] It’s just Vito? – [Julia] It’s just Vito. – [Brennan] I love this. – [Julia] “Ey, you gotta
earn, learnin’ the last name “y’know what I mean?” – [Brennan] “What’s your name?” “Vito”, “Vito what?” “Who’s fuckin’ askin’?” (laughing) “Who the fuck are you?” – [Nathan] That is his last
name, “Who’s fuckin’ askin’?” – [Brennan] “Who’s fuckin’ askin’?” Oh, I love this dude. This is so great, oh my God. – [Julia] This definitely just wasn’t me venting about my many
years on Long Island. – No, certainly not.
– Certainly not. – [Nathan] This is the most
fully realized of, yeah. I’ve seen this person. – [Jacob] I think we’ve got
a pretty good squad here. – [Brennan] Artificer,
rogue and bard, that’s cool. I would say you guys don’t have a tank, you don’t have a big tanky character. – [Jacob] Who fuckin’ needs it? – [Julia] “Who needs
’em, they’re all chumps “y’know what I mean?.” – [Nathan] Vito thinks he’s the tank. (laughing)
Just always gets dropped. – [Brennan] Frontline College
of Lore bard, yeah, exactly. – [Julia] “See that guy lookin’ at me? “He’s lookin’ at me, yo,
I’m gonna go get ’em. “I’m gonna go get ’em,
start spreadin’ the news “I’m gonna go get ’em.” – [Jacob] “I’ll tank his ass.” – [Brennan] “Ey my friend,
it seems we got a problem. “We step outside and settle
this, what’s going on?” – [Nathan] Just gets floored. – [Brennan] “Ah, I got
no fuckin’ hit points “this fucking guy!” – [Nathan] “This bullshit!” – [Julia] “Get us down on the floor “my BJJ will come into action “y’know, that’s my BJJ rules, let’s go.” – [Brennan] “Vito, use your spells! “Fuck you!” – [Julia] “Don’t tell me
what to do, you ain’t my ma.” – [Brennan] “But you’re
primary spell caster, Vito!” (laughing) I love these characters so much. All three of them have
cleaved straight to the heart of The Unsleeping City,
I think it’s beautiful. – [Nathan] Well, I’m
super excited to watch it. I’m a big fan of all of
the Dimension 20 seasons and, yeah, I’m very
excited for this new one. Everyone watching should check it out! – [Jacob] Yeah, you’re
missing out if you don’t. It genuinely rules. – [Brennan] Aw, shucks. Yeah, if you guys are interested the first season of
Dimension 20, Fantasy High is all on Dropout right now. The second season, “Escape
from the Bloodkeep” is all there right now. If you feel like checkin’ it out the first half of each
of those two seasons is on YouTube for free. And we’re airing episodes week by week of The Unsleeping City, right now. – [Nathan] Keep adding stuff to Dropout we got the Drawfee episodes
on there a week early now. It’s a good time. – It’s a good time.
– Get on there. We wouldn’t be telling you
to do it if it wasn’t good. – [Jacob] Get on Dropout
or we’re gonna drop you. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] That’s what it comes down to. – [Nathan] Aw, the
executives are so happy. – [Jacob] The executives
are losing it back there. – [Julia] I need to leave this room ’cause they’re just, they’re
really grossing me out. – [Jacob] It’s getting wet in here. (laughing) – [Brennan] It’s getting wet and wild let’s get the fuck outta here.
– It’s getting wet and wild. – [Nathan] Brennan, it’s such a pleasure to get to record with you in the studio – Yeih!
this time, yeah. – [Brennan] I love it, I love
you guys, this is so fun. Thank you for having me. – [Nathan] Of course, and
as always, we’re sorry. – [Jacob] Hey, we’re sorry over here. – [Julia] Hey, fuck you, I’m sorry. – [Brennan] “Ey, fuck you,
fuckin’ guy, I do apologize.” (laughing)

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