Artists Draw Binding of Isaac Bosses (That They’ve Never Seen Before)

Artists Draw Binding of Isaac Bosses (That They’ve Never Seen Before)

– [Nathan] Welcome to Drawfee
where we take dumb ideas – [Jacob] And make even dumber drawings. – [Nathan] I’m Nathan. – [Jacob] I’m Jacob. – [Julia] I’m Julia. – [Karina] And I’m Karina. – [Nathan] And we’re trapped
in our Mom’s basement? Is that what this game is about? What are we doing? – [Julia] The strongest opening. – [Jacob] I guess I probably
could’ve taken it from there and done a more– – I left a pregnant pause.
– But ya didn’t. – [Nathan] And no one
went for it, so I did. – [Jacob] You know what,
I think you did a good job because you are trapped
in your Mom’s basement. – Yeah!
– You escaped to the basement to escape your religious fanatic mother who wants to kill you. – [Karina] I hate when that happens. – [Jacob] Me, too. – [Julia] Hashtag relatable. (Jacob laughs)
(Karina laughs) – [Jacob] We’re doing a
Binding of Isaac episode. – Yeah!
– Wow. – [Jacob] This has been requested
a trillion million times by a bunch of people
and now we’re doing it and it’s all happening. I’m the only person who’s played the game, and I’ve played a lot of Binding of Isaac. I really like it. With that being said, it is
a gross game for nasty boys. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] So everyone watching, here’s your content
warning for nasty boys. – [Nathan] Yeah, this is nasty alert. – [Jacob] You’re gonna hear
the word piss, and blood, and probably guts and goop. And if any of those words you don’t like – [Nathan] Yeah, get your– – [Jacob] Now’s your
chance to reverse course, get on outta here. – [Nathan] Get your puke
bucket ready ’cause it gets– – [Jacob] We’re going to barf city. – [Nathan] This is barf city episode. – [Julia] Guts and goop was my favorite Nickelodeon show back in the 90s. – [Karina] Mine’s was piss. – [Julia] I love piss.
(group laughs) – [Jacob] Oh, I love piss. – [Nathan] My mom wouldn’t
let me watch Nickelodeon. – [Karina] I thought you
said piss, but yeah okay, just all Nickelodeon. I guess because it has
guts and goo and piss. – [Nathan] Yeah, probably. – [Jacob] I’ve got bosses
for each one of you. – [Nathan] I want one. – [Jacob] And I’m gonna give
one to Nathan first to draw and he ain’t never seen this before. – [Nathan] I don’t know. I know that there’s a crying boy. – [Jacob] Yeah, that’s your
main character is a crying boy. – [Nathan] Is a crying boy. – [Jacob] And you fight with your tears. – [Nathan] That’s nice. – [Jacob] Much like real life. (group laughs) I’m a crying boy and
I fight with my tears. (Nathan laughs) – [Jacob] Nathan. – [Nathan] Yeah? – [Jacob] Your boss is called Peep. – Okay.
– Aw. – [Nathan] Is it like
one of the marshmallow? – [Jacob] It is not. Peep is also known as Slug
Boy, Sluggy, and Pisser. So those are some other
names that Peep in known by. – [Nathan] It’s like a peepiss. (Jacob laughs) It’s like a peepiss, what pisses on you. – [Jacob] It’s a pissing peepiss. – [Julia] We’re gonna
start off this episode with a peepiss? – Well, he’s not a peepiss.
– Straight out the gates. – [Nathan] He’s a slug boy. – [Jacob] He’s a pissing slug boy. – [Nathan] This is a slug boy. – [Jacob] There is a description of him, but I can’t read that to you. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] Otherwise it
would give too much away, but I can tell you about his behavior. – [Nathan] Yeah, tell me
about Peepiss’ behavior. – [Jacob] Before Peep does an attack, he’ll give a signal as
to what he’s gonna do, and he’s got a few things he can do. He can do a spray attack that
sends 10 urine projectiles flying out in a radial burst. – [Nathan] Am I gonna, what? – [Jacob] And when he does that he smiles and he brings his hands to his face. – [Nathan] Okay, so he has
hands and they go to his face. – [Jacob] Yeah, he can also jump up and crash down on the
player when he smiles and throws his arms wide. And he can also ooze out
glowing puddles of piss that if you step on it, it hurts you. – [Karina] Don’t step on the pee. – [Jacob] It’s probably
also good for you to know that at 66% health, he’ll
detach one of his eyeballs. – [Nathan] Okay, so he has eyeballs. – Well if he has a face, yeah.
– Well, yeah. – [Jacob] He’ll send it
bouncing around the room. – Oh, good.
– That’s fun. – [Jacob] And then at 33%,
his other eyeball comes out and bounces around the room. – [Karina] If ever you don’t
want your eyeball to pop out, it’s in a room that you’ve
been pissing all over. (Julia laughs)
– Yeah. Yeah.
– You know? – [Julia] Hundreds of piss projectiles. – [Nathan] So he smiles when
he’s about to do a piss. – [Jacob] He smiles and then he shoots out his piss projectiles. – [Julia] Somehow you’ve
taken Jacob’s description and made it like a Busy
World of Richard Scarry charming-esque worm boy. – [Nathan] Yeah, how can I… He touches his cheeks he said, he smiles. – He smiles and touches his cheeks. – [Nathan] And touches
his cheeks with his arms, The slug boy because he’s a boy. He’s part boy, part slug, and he pisses. – [Jacob] Yeah, he’s the pisser. – [Nathan] I don’t wanna
draw…what is the– – [Julia] Draw some puddles,
it said he leaves puddles. – He leaves little
– Yeah, he leaves puddles. – [Nathan] Little piss puddles. The eyes are more hollow in
this game thought, right? They’re more sort of like– – [Jacob] Well, he has eyeballs. – He has eye–
– Because they come out of his head and float around the room. – [Nathan] Right, so I was trying to– – [Jacob] Then they’re hollow when the eyeballs are no longer in there. – [Nathan] Maybe one of the eyeballs. – [Karina] Oh, god.
(Julia laughs) – [Jacob] I like that,
that really spooks it up. – [Nathan] Maybe one of the eyeballs is already out at this point. Let’s get a– – [Karina] It’s bouncing around the room. – [Nathan] Yeah, let’s get an eyeball bouncing around the room. – [Karina] Splashing the puddle. – [Nathan] Splashing a puddle eyeball. – [Karina] Nice. – [Jacob] It’s like
taking your contacts out. – Is It?
– Pyoom! – [Karina] Maybe you haven’t
worn contacts in a while. – [Jacob] When he’s
getting ready to go to bed, he takes out his eyeball and
he throws it into his piss. – [Julia] (laughs) That’s on the floor. – [Jacob] That’s on the
floor, just like contacts. – [Karina] (moans) Do you put
your contacts on the floor? – [Jacob] It’s a metaphor. The piss is a metaphor
for contact solution. – [Nathan] I’m gonna open his mouth more. – [Jacob] Yeah, open his mouth. – Yay!
– Why not? – [Julia] My eye’s gone! Look at my party trick. – I’m trying to think of–
– Does he have teeth? – [Jacob] He does. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] He has buck teeth. – [Nathan] There he is. – [Julia] He’s having a great time. – [Jacob] Yeah, yours looks very inviting. Like maybe he’s threatening
because he’s just crazy. But he’s not actually out to get you. – [Nathan] He’s just trying to piss. – [Jacob] Well, he’s succeeding. He succeeds a lot. – He’s just trying to piss.
– More than anyone should. – [Nathan] He’s got projectiles so– – [Jacob] Yeah, he has those, too. – [Nathan] So I’m gonna
say he’s got sort of little piss cannons. – [Jacob] Oh, is that
what you’re gonna say? – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Karina] Piss cannons? – [Nathan] Little piss cannons. – [Jacob] Listen, I said up top this was gonna be a gross episode. There’s no two ways about it. It’s a gross game. (Julia laughs) Everything in it is gross and upsetting. – [Nathan] I feel like if
I had known about this game when I was a teen, I would’ve thought it was the coolest thing. – [Jacob] Definitely. As an adult, it’s kinda like,
“You know, I wish it wasn’t, “but also it’s a really good game.” – [Karina] But also, isn’t
it all like context, man? The story’s dark, it all
connects to the story of Isaac. – [Jacob] It’s kind of
a metaphor for the guy who made the game’s extremely
religious upbringing. He had sort of extremist parents, and so was made to feel ashamed
of a lot of bodily things. – [Nathan] It’s perfectly natural, kids, to have your piss cannons shoot the piss. – [Julia] From your spine. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s totally normal. So a lot of the things
in the game are him. It’s the character facing
these repressed things like desires and– – So as an adult you’re like
– Functions and– – [Julia] “I get it,
man, I get the metaphor.” As a kid you’re just
like, “Ha, piss, man.” – Nice.
– Nice, nice. Everything’s goopy and gross.
– I love goop. Every kid–
– I love this game ’cause it’d gross out my mom. – [Jacob] My mom. – [Julia] My mom’s
gonna be so grossed out. – [Jacob] She’s gonna be so made when she sees all this piss. – [Julia] So gross. – [Jacob] That was Nathan as a teen. – Yeah.
(Karina laughs) – [Nathan] That was me. His eye’s also wet. – Yeah, good.
– Of course. – [Julia] Should we look him up? – [Nathan] Yeah, I don’t
wanna keep drawing this. (group laughs) – [Jacob] You don’t have to. You can just look him up. – [Nathan] I’m gonna look him up. – Oh!
– Oh okay. – He’s a lumpy baby.
– So you’re pretty close. – Yeah.
– He’s more just lumpier. – [Nathan] I didn’t
give it the round head. Everything’s got a
round head in this game. – [Jacob] So he’s got a round head and he’s got a really lumpy– – He’s got a belly button.
– He’s got extra arms. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Julia] Maybe those are his legs? – [Jacob] I think those are his legs ’cause arms and legs are kinda the same. – [Nathan] Oh, okay. – [Jacob] In Isaac, they’re just little Powerpuff Girl lumps. – [Nathan] All right, well that’s okay. – [Julia] That’s the piss cannon baby. – [Jacob] Nathan, you did it. – [Julia] It’s time for Karina. – [Jacob] Karina. – [Karina] It’s my turn. – [Jacob] You’re ready for your boss. – [Karina] I guess. – [Jacob] You’ve seen what Nathan did, so it should put you in a good mindset. – [Karina] Okay. – [Jacob] Your boss is
called Mask of Infamy. – [Julia] Oh, hmmm. – [Jacob] And I am gonna read to you part of the description
because it looks like it was maybe poorly
translated a little bit. – [Nathan] Oh, nice. – [Jacob] Which I think is fun. So Mask of Infamy is
obviously a huge mask. I’m not gonna give you
more details than that. And my favorite part of
this description says, “She sports with a heart from behind.” – [Julia] Oh! – [Karina] She sports
with a heart from behind. – [Julia] You know what I’m thinking of? – [Nathan] It’s the “V for
Vendetta” mask, isn’t it? (group laughs) – [Karina] The most infamous mask. – [Jacob] In the fight, you’re
fighting a heart and a mask. Only the heart takes damage
and both the mask and the heart float around the room,
the mask moving faster, and the heart shoots out an eight-way spread of bullets sometimes. – [Nathan] Eight ways,
that’s a lot of ways. – [Karina] Also, they’re separate. – [Nathan] Were the
bullets inside the heart? – [Jacob] The bullets
were inside the heart the whole time. – [Nathan] Wow, the real bullets were the friends we made along the way. – [Julia] Instead of blood running through my veins, it’s bullets. – [Jacob] Bullets,
bullets for my valentine. (Julia laughs) Well, in this game
bullets can also be blood, and the heart shoots blood bullets. – [Nathan] Oh, blood bullets! – [Jacob] Every bullet is a fluid. – [Nathan] Were there piss bullets? – [Karina] Time to remember
how to draw everything. – [Jacob] Those were the piss projectiles. – [Nathan] The piss
projectiles were piss bullets. – [Jacob] Yes. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] And then creep
is when it’s like a goop on the floor that if you
step on it, it hurts you. – [Nathan] Okay, I don’t want that. – [Jacob] So there’s piss
bullets and piss creep, and blood bullets and blood creep. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] And there’s water
and tears and puke and poop. – [Nathan] Getting those valves. – [Jacob] Pretty much all of it. – Those valves and what not.
– Can’t wait to not remember what this looks like. – [Nathan] This is pretty good. – [Jacob] Yeah, this
is pretty good so far. I was not expecting. – [Nathan] Anatomical heart. – [Jacob] The anatomy
to come into play here. – [Karina] ‘Cause I know there’s
two on top sort of maybe– – It’s like little bunny ears.
– Coming out the side. – [Jacob] How many times have
you drawn an anatomical heart? – [Karina] None. – [Jacob] Wow, impressive. – [Karina] It is like ears,
it should have a face. – [Nathan] A little heart face. (Jacob laughs) Awww. – So yeah
– See if I like… – [Jacob] When you fight this boss, you have to kill the heart first ’cause the mask doesn’t take damage. (Julia laughs) And then once you kill–
– You’ve drawn a Duck Tale. (group laughs) One of the nephews in Duck Tale. – [Jacob] With a really long head. – Oh!
– Yeah! ♪ Duck Tales woo-oo ♪ – [Karina] It’s one of those things where this way it’s a rabbit, but like– – That way it’s a bird.
– That way it’s a duck. – This way it’s a
(Nathan quacks) disembodied heart. – [Karina] Yeah, it was a heart all along. – [Nathan] Guys, drawings are cool. – Yeah.
– Aren’t they? – Lush.
– If you think drawings are cool, give this video a like. (group laughs) If you think drawings are
uncool, close your web browser. – [Nathan] Yeah, close your
web browser, go outside. – [Jacob] Until you
think drawings are cool. – Live your life.
– Then you can come back. – [Nathan] You’re in timeout. – [Jacob] You’re in timeout, you need to think about what you’ve done. – [Nathan] So those are the
blood bullets, cool cool. – [Karina] Yeah. – [Jacob] I’ll give you
another clue, Karina, which is that when the heart
is alive, the mask is sad, but when the heart is
dead, the mask is mad. (Nathan laughs) So you’d probably be portraying sad mask. – [Nathan] Sad mask. – [Jacob] Since the heart
is still over here doing all of it’s squirty business.
– I’m very interested in how. – [Nathan] How come the
mask gets top billing? Why isn’t it the Heart of Infamy? It’s just the Mask of Infamy. – [Jacob] Well, Nathan, we all wear masks. – [Nathan] We do. – [Jacob] I think that’s one thing you need to understand.
– I think that’s important to remember. – [Jacob] It’s important to remember. – [Nathan] It does also have a gun. – Yeah, for bullets.
– That’s good. – [Jacob] She’s got a revolver. (Nathan laughs) – [Nathan] It’s got the blood bullets, but also has real bullets. – [Jacob] Also has some real bullets, which are very effective. I think you’re getting Binding of Isaac confused with Enter the Gungeon. – [Nathan] Yeah. – In which everything–
– Is that a mouth? – [Jacob] Is or has a gun. – [Julia] Is that a tiny
little mouth between its eyes? – [Karina] Yeah, I feel
like I need to establish a top and bottom. (group laughs) – [Julia] I love his little mouth. He’s so determined to shoot ya. – [Nathan] I’m gonna get ya, I swear it. – Hearts definitely do not
– I swears it. – [Karina] Have this many valves. – [Nathan] It does eight directions. – [Julia] I do want to point
out you counted the gun there as one of the valves
when you were counting. (group laughs) That’s not connected. – [Karina] That wasn’t a valve count, that was a bullet count. – [Nathan] Tit was eight
directional bullets. – [Karina] Anyway, the mask. – You gotta have–
– Karina was remembering. – [Jacob] I’m glad you decided
to get the number correct. That’s very, I already
forgot than I even said that. – [Karina] I started to
doubt that you said it, but went with it anyway,
so I’m glad I didn’t imagine you saying that. – [Nathan] I remembered. – [Karina] ‘Cause I have it like this ’cause you said it
sports behind it a heart. I thought it was gonna be like
holding it behind the back, but it sounds like they kinda
float freely of each other. – [Jacob] I kinda like this, though. I like where you’re headed with this. – [Nathan] They’re hugging. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Karina] Wrong way. (laughs) – [Jacob] It looks like the mask is like, “It’s not worth it, bro,
calm down, calm down.” – [Nathan] No, I’m gonna
get him, I’m gonna get him. – [Jacob] Hold me back, hold me back. You gotta chill, bro. – [Nathan] So is all of this gross stuff happening in the basement of the house? – [Jacob] Well, the first
level is the basement. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] And then as you
go down, you end up going from the basement deeper into some caves, and then down into a necropolis. – [Nathan] Oh! – [Jacob] It gets deeper
and spookier as you go. – [Karina] What would an infamous mask be? – [Nathan] I mean, I suggested
the “V for Vendetta” mask. It’s a pretty infamous mask. – I don’t know what
– What about Jim Carrey’s – those things look like.
– “The Mask”? – [Nathan] Jim Carrey’s “The Mask” is another pretty infamous mask. – [Karina] That one just
kinda looks like “what”? – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s got the big teeth. (group laughs) – [Nathan] There’s Julia’s Masquerain. – [Jacob] I just wanna
see Karina’s big teeth. – [Karina] Yeah. – [Nathan] There’s Tuxedo Mask. – [Jacob] Oh, Tuxedo Mask. – That’s another mask.
– That’s a good mask. – [Julia] I do wanna see Karina just draw a mask from “The Mask” now. – Right, from memory.
– But it is sad now. – [Karina] Another thing
that I don’t remember. – [Jacob] Smokin’. – I remember being chin.
– Oh, smokin’. – [Jacob] Somebody stop me. – [Nathan] God, somebody stop me. – [Karina] Full nose. (group laughs) – [Julia] What a terrifying duo. It’s a heart with a gun and
just got a big-chinned mask that’s so sad it has
little legs, it looks like. – [Jacob] Just kinda waddles around. – [Nathan] This mask looks
like a “One Piece” character. – Yeah.
– It does. – [Julia] “The Mask” mask fruit. (group laughs) – [Jacob] Nobody knows how I really feel. – [Julia] You eat it, it
turns you into the mask. (group laughs) – [Nathan] Aw, it’s so sad. – [Jacob] You eat it and it
turns you into son of the mask. Oh, there’s tears. – [Nathan] They’re some real good tears. – [Jacob] Yeah, you’re
good at drawing tears. – [Karina] Thanks. – [Jacob] You got them coming
out of all the right spots. The ducts. I always forget about the ducts. – [Nathan] You gotta remember the ducts. You got them on the
inside and the outside. Or just, where do the ducts, ducts… Where do the ducts? – [Jacob] Duct tales. – [Nathan] Duct tales. – [Group] Woo-oo. (group laughs) – [Julia] Oh, these teeth. (Jacob groans) Really grimacing through the pain here. – [Jacob] Please stop shooting my heart. – [Nathan] I’ll shoot
him back, motherfucker. Come on, let me go. – [Julia] No, don’t, we said
we’d be better than this. Come on. – [Nathan] No, I’m gonna do it. I don’t care, I’ve got
a tiny little mouth. I’ll shoot this asshole eight ways. – [Julia] No, remember
your New Year’s revolution. Revolution. Resolution, don’t shoot. (Nathan laughs) – [Nathan] I’ve got all these
valves shooting blood bullets. – [Jacob] I know ya do buddy,
and I’m proud of you for that. – [Karina] Okay, I think
I’m done with this. – [Nathan] I’m just telling ya, if I die, you’re gonna get mad. (Jacob laughs) – [Jacob] Do you wanna
look up the actual one? – [Karina] Yes. – [Jacob] I really love
this version you’ve done. – [Nathan] This is really good. – [Karina] Thank you. – Oh.
– Oh. – [Julia] It is an anatomical heart. – [Jacob] Yeah it is, and a very sad mask. – [Karina] Aw, it is sad. – [Jacob] It’s kinda more
like a (moans) sorta sound. – Not like
– Not like a (Jacob groans)
(Julia moans) – [Karina] And it’s
crying blood, duly noted. – [Jacob] Yeah, it does cry some blood. – [Karina] That just makes sense. It’s that or piss, I guess. – Yeah and you can see–
(Karina laughs) – [Julia] It’s that or
piss, I guess. Karina, 2019. – [Jacob] You can see
on the far right image that the backside of the
mask has a spooky eyeball – Oh, that’s fun.
– in it that you have to shoot
when the mask is angry. – [Nathan] That’s pretty spooky. – [Karina] I feel like
that’s not how masks work, but I like it. – [Jacob] Yeah, you know, it’s fun. I think yours is fun, too. – [Karina] (laughs) Oh, thank you. – [Jacob] It’s a different
take, a different approach. Julia, why don’t we get you in here? – [Julia] Yes, please, yes. – [Jacob] Julia. – [Julia] Yes. – [Jacob] Your boss. – [Julia] Yes. – [Jacob] I picked one
for you that I thought you might have some fun with. – [Julia] Okay, thank you. – [Jacob] I read the name and I thought this is some Julia times. – [Julia] Great. – Your boss is–
– The cloak– A room of vampires. – [Jacob] A room full of vampires, no. Your boss is the Duke of Flies. – [Julia] Oh my god, you’re right. (Karina laughs) Oh, I do enjoy it. Okay. – [Nathan] Julia gets
to design a duke now. – [Julia] I do get to design a duke. – [Nathan] Julia gets
to design a fancy man. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Some tidbits I’ll give you. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] I’ll give you his behavior ’cause I kinda want you to
just run with the design. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Whatever direction pleases you. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] The Duke coughs out flies, both regular flies and attack
flies, which are different. – [Nathan] What do the regular flies do? – [Jacob] They just fly around. – Okay.
– Just flies, you know? – [Nathan] I was really hoping
you’d say, “Oh, they attack.” (group laughs) – [Jacob] They attack passively
in that they’re just there and if you hit them it hurts you. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] He basically
summons up defensive flies that float around him, and
then once he has enough defensive flies out, he
starts summoning attack flies, which come at you. – Gotcha.
– Right. – [Jacob] And then he basically just floats around the room doing that. – [Nathan] And again,
you’re defeating them by crying at them? – [Jacob] Yes, you’re
shooting tears at them. – [Nathan] Okay, that’s nice. – High collar, good.
– High collar. – [Nathan] Important. – [Julia] Immediately. – [Jacob] An interesting fact here is that in the original game when he died, he spawned a single pooter. – [Karina] What’s a pooter? – [Jacob] He doesn’t do that anymore. They patched out the pooter. – [Nathan] They patched out the pooter? – [Jacob] They patched out
the pooter, so no more, no longer does he summon
a pooter on death. – [Karina] I don’t know what a pooter is. – Just one single pooter.
– Listen, neither do I. (Karina laughs) Just know that it’s not there anymore. – [Karina] I’ll never know. – [Jacob] You don’t
have to worry about it. – [Nathan] When did the
original game come out? – [Jacob] Forever ago. – [Nathan] I wanna
acknowledge these frilly cuffs that you’re drawing. – [Julia] He’s the duke. (Karina laughs) This is what duke’s look like. – [Nathan] I feel bad
for his fancy outfit, which is inevitably going to
be covered in blood and piss. – Yeah.
– That’s true. – Sort of established is the–
– And tears and flies. – [Nathan] So you’ve
drawn the regular flies. Are you gonna draw some attack flies? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Okay, good. – [Jacob] So the original
game was released in 2011. – [Nathan] Wow. – [Jacob] And it was the
result of a week-long game jam. – Wow.
– Oh. – [Jacob] So Edmund
McMillen wanted to make a Zelda-inspired
roguelike that allowed him to showcase his feelings
about both positive and negative aspects
of religion that he had come to discover from
conflicts between his Catholic and born again
Christian family members while growing up. – [Karina] What’s the
positive part in this game? – [Jacob] I don’t know. (group laughs) – The positive part is it–
Sweet. – [Julia] That’s the last expansion. – [Nathan] Is that he got
to make it into a game. – [Karina] That’s true. – [Jacob] There are
levels based on church. Holy Heaven levels and Hell levels. Lots of different ways you can go, but apparently he decided
it was a risky title that he could because Super
Meat Boy was so successful. And then kinda just released
it after this game jam, not expecting anyone to buy it. And then it got just
wildly, incredibly popular. – [Julia] I’m leaving his legs like this. – [Karina] I like the legs. – [Nathan] These are very good. – [Karina] Were you surprised by the legs? – [Julia] I was. (group laughs) – [Karina] You drew them
and just started chuckling. (Julia laughs) – [Julia] A lot of the
times I’ll just draw a shape and be like, “Is that what I wanna do? “I guess it is.” – [Nathan] This duke is just
going about his business. – [Jacob] His dukely business. – [Nathan] And then this
stupid crying boy shows up, and he’s like, “I guess
deal with this one.” – [Jacob] I suppose, I’m very ill. I can’t stop coughing up flies. (Karina laughs) – [Julia] Hell yeah. – [Nathan] I’ve got treaties to work out and other stuff that dukes do. What do dukes do? – [Jacob] What do dukes do? I don’t… There’s no King of Flies and
there’s no Queen of Flies. I might be the highest ranking fly. – [Julia] Does he need one of those? – A big fancy mustache
– Is that where that would go? – [Nathan] On top of his little fly snout.
– It goes on top of the nose. – [Nathan] Well, it’s a nose mouth. – [Julia] Yeah, so… – [Jacob] I guess you could make a case for either placement. – [Nathan] Yeah no, this works. This is very good. Julia, this is very good. – [Julia] Does he need a wig? – Yes.
– Yeah. – I don’t know I can.
– Yes. – [Karina] Clearly. – [Nathan] You started drawing it and– – Put it back.
– It was very funny. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Just a real tall,
I think tall and thin wig. – [Julia] Tall and thin wig. – [Jacob] Yeah, give
yourself plenty of room. – [Karina] You shrank
it to like half size. – [Julia] (laughs) I know. – [Jacob] We need space to work with here. That wig’s probably full of flies. Is that Marge’s hair? – [Nathan] Look, it’s Marge Simpson. – Scratches it and flies.
– It’s got little curlies. – [Jacob] Give him little
curlies on the side. – [Karina] Oh, okay. – [Nathan] Oh, it goes
up, oh yeah. (laughs) – [Jacob] Yeah, I think that’s correct. – [Julia] I don’t know what a duke does. This is what duke’s wear. – I keep making it taller.
– I’m the only duke. (groups laughs) in all of flydom. – [Karina] He has no point of reference. – [Julia] I heard they used to wear wigs with curls in them and they were very big. Is this what you meant? – [Jacob] How tall is tall enough? I’m just gonna keep adding until… – [Nathan] I just want it to be a big wig. – [Jacob] I’ve heard that’s good. – [Nathan] I heard being a
big wig makes you powerful, so this is the biggest wig
they would make for me. – So attack flies, though.
– It is made out of poop. It’s all I had access to. – I get that.
– But flies love that kind of thing. – [Karina] Yeah, that’s important. – [Julia] I do want him
to just have like… – [Nathan] Uh-huh. – Like an ascot.
– Some more– – Just poking out.
– A cravat. – [Nathan] Just fancy up this gross fly. (Karina laughs) – [Jacob] The Duke of Flies. – [Julia] The Duke of Flies. Okay so I need some more flies here. – Yeah.
– And I need– – [Jacob] These are the defensive flies. – Yeah.
– These are defensive flies. – [Julia] And then he
has attack flies, right? – [Jacob] Yeah, then he
summons attack flies. – He coughs them.
– What do the attack flies do? – [Jacob] Attack you. – [Julia] How do they
attack, they fly at you? – [Jacob] They go at you. They take a run at you. (Karina laughs) – [Nathan] They take some swings. – They take a couple swings.
– And they run up. – They run up on ya.
– Fists! (group laughs) – [Nathan] Oh yeah, get
the angry eyes, yeah. – [Jacob] Yeah, these flies are mad. They are bigger than the normal flies. – Oh!
– Oh yeah. – [Karina] I’m scared. – [Nathan] That’s a bee. – [Karina] That a lotta segments – No, that’s an arm, Nathan.
– For a fly. – [Nathan] Oh. – [Jacob] That’s not the
body, that’s the arm. – [Nathan] Oh no. – [Jacob] You have
misinterpreted this fly. – I did.
– In a way that could– – [Nathan] I fully did, yeah. – [Jacob] Could be critical. – [Nathan] Yeah. (laughs) (group laughs) – [Julia] You were wrong, carry on. – [Nathan] Okay yeah no,
now this is a fly, good. – More muscular arms.
– Julia, you’ve drawn the Pokémon Buzzwole. – Yeah, you kind did
– Oh yeah! – [Jacob] Draw Buzzwole. – Congrats.
– I love Buzzwole. – [Nathan] You drew a Pokémon. (group laughs) Good job. – [Julia] Thanks. – [Jacob] You get a problem with the boss, you got a problem with me. – [Nathan] Yeah give it a (laughs) – Pecs.
– Thank god. – [Jacob] Yeah, we need
another one, we need two. – [Nathan] My biggest– – [Julia] We need two attack bees to make a plural bee.
– Attack fly! – [Nathan] Attack fly! – They are not bees.
– That’s where I’ve gone wrong. – [Nathan] Yeah, that’s the (laughs) Julia thought she was drawing bees known for their pectoral muscles. Unlike flies, which have
no pectoral muscles. – [Jacob] Of course, yes. Entomologists get at us. (group laughs) – [Nathan] Oh, what a delightful drawing. I know this isn’t right,
but I’m having a great time. – [Jacob] It’s right to me. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Karina] That one have a knife? – [Julia] Yeah, he does. (group laughs) – [Nathan] Did he pick up the knife after he got coughed out or
was he just holding a knife inside of this duke? – [Karina] He has two knives. – [Nathan] Oh dang, oh
dang, he’s dual-wielding. (Karina laughs) – [Jacob] I wish we had unlimited money, so we could just hire someone to make a Binding of Isaac clone, but we just design all of the bosses. – [Nathan] It’s the same,
but it’s just the tree bosses we’ve drawn are different. – [Jacob] Everything else is the same. – [Nathan] It’s exactly the same. – [Karina] It’s our fan game. – [Julia] I accidentally
gave him cutoff shorts. – And I was like, “what?”
– Yeah, what is that? I thought they were thigh highs. (group laughs) – It’s one or the other.
– We have to deal with. – [Jacob] It can be
interpreted either way. – [Julia] Wearing clothes,
got a little tank top. – [Nathan] Listen, don’t judge my clothes. I’m coming at you. You don’t have time to worry
about what I’m wearing. I’m about to stab you a bunch. – [Jacob] I have not one, but two swords. (group laughs) – [Nathan] The tank top allows for maximum mobility in the arms. – [Jacob] But the other one’s not even wearing a shirt.
– The other one’s naked. – [Jacob] The other one’s completely nude. – [Julia] Wait. – Oh, he has cutoffs, as well.
– He’s got the cutoffs, as well. – [Jacob] That’s the uniform. – [Julia] Yeah, it’s the
uniform for the attack flies. I almost said bees again. – [Jacob] A bee is kind of like an attack fly.
– This is my kingdom. These two flies, this jacked
fly and this swordsy fly. – [Karina] This modest fly. – [Julia] This modest fly. – [Nathan] I drew up
some ideas for uniforms for them to wear, but they
insisted on wearing the cutoffs. – [Jacob] The cutoff jorts. – [Julia] Yeah, cute little cutoff jorts. – [Nathan] I mean, you try and get them to wear something else. – [Jacob] I don’t want to fight them. They’re attack flies. – [Nathan] They’re attack flies. They’re pretty mean. They live inside me until I cough them up. – [Jacob] I’m just a duke. All I do is cough. – [Karina] Yeah, those are really big for having to be coughed up. – [Nathan] Oh yeah, get the
epaulets, good, important. – [Julia] Now it looks like a duke. I’ve done it! – [Nathan] This is so good, Julia. – [Julia] I’ve done it. – [Nathan] What a treat. – [Jacob] Do you wanna
check out the original? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Yours is way better. The original’s just gross and sad. – [Julia] What was this
dude’s actual name? – The Duke of Flies.
– The Duke of Flies. – [Julia] Oh. – [Nathan] Teh-heh Duke of Flies. – [Julia] Teh Duke of Flies. – [Nathan] He’s just kind of a big– – [Julia] He looks like the moon. – [Jacob] He’s just an orb. – [Nathan] Is he a big floating turd? – [Jacob] He’s a big
orb with butthole eyes. – [Karina] Yeah, what? – [Julia] He does have butthole eyes. – [Karina] Why are his eyes buttholes? – [Jacob] He has a scar on his chest where it looks like he had
some surgery or something. Probably to put flies in there. – [Julia] Yeah, I didn’t
give him nearly enough teeth. – [Jacob] Yeah and his whole
mouth’s just full of flies. – [Nathan] I’m not fancy enough. If I saw this guy, I’d be like, “You’re not a duke of anything.” – Also, if I looked at him
– You’re just a guy. – [Julia] I wouldn’t think
he was a fly, you know? – [Jacob] Well, he’s not a fly. – He’s the Duke of Flies.
– He’s the Duke of Flies. – Oh, so he doesn’t
– No one ever said that – Have to be a fly.
– he was a fly. You just started doing that. – I see, I see.
– And no one stopped you. – [Jacob] Yeah, you just
made some interpretations. You did some stereotyping. – [Julia] Yeah, I see. – [Nathan] You don’t have to
be a fly to be their duke. – [Jacob] That’s just the rule of flies. Great job everybody. I really like these bosses.
– Great job. Is that the word you wanna use, great job? – [Jacob] It is, I had a very good time watching you guys do these bosses. – If you guys made it through
– That’s good. – [Nathan] this real
rude episode, congrats. You won. – [Jacob] You’re officially a rude dude. – [Nathan] You made it
through your run, right? – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] You do a run. – [Jacob] Yeah, you made
it through your run. And it was successful, you won. – [Nathan] ‘Cause it’s a roguelike. – Yes.
– So you do runs. – [Jacob] Yes. – [Nathan] Until you die. – [Julia] I think I drew
Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The more I look at him, the more he looks like Franz Ferdinand. – All right, well.
– Is he a fly? – [Nathan] If he gets assassinated,
we’re all going to war. – [Jacob] Yeah, I would
go to war over this fly. (Karina laughs) – [Nathan] This has been Drawfee. Leave a suggestion of what you
wanna see us draw next time. We’re sorry.
– We’re sorry. – Sorry.
– Sorry!

Dereck Turner

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