Artist Vs. Beauty Lover • Makeup Challenge

Artist Vs. Beauty Lover • Makeup Challenge

I’m feeling extremely confident. Good, I don’t. Hi, I’m Sara, and I’m okay at makeup, but I’m a pretty good artist. And I’m Nina and I’m
pretty good at makeup, but I’m a really, really bad artist. I do my makeup day-to-day, but I don’t usually do a
lot unless I’m going out, and then I just kind of make it up. That is not how I think. So today we’re doing a challenge to see who can come up with
the best creative look based off of a theme. It has to cover 40% of
your face, at least, and it can’t just be a
going out, normal look. It has to be something a
little bit more creative. We’re gonna be judged
by a jury of our peers, AKA people we find around the office. (rousing trumpet music) What is fall? What does that mean? Am I gonna just do an orangey-red look all over my face? Or am I gonna draw a
turkey leg on my cheek? – [Sara] The idea behind my look today is the transition from fall to winter, so I’m gonna use a lot of autumnal shades, but also a lot of nice
wintery shades as well. I’m not 100% sure what I
want to do for my look, but I know I want to use fall colors. I know I want leaves, and I know I want some sparkly gold in there. There’s already shit happening over there, I haven’t even started. I don’t even know where to start. What does a leaf look like, you know? (contemplative humming) I’m feeling extremely confident. That’s good, I don’t. This is very fun. I’m glad you’re having fun. My contacts, they’re getting dry! (rhythmic jazz music) This might have gone off the rails. That’s what I like to hear, I’m ready. I think I’m ready too. (old time music on record player) We’re two fall babes and we’re about to go get the final judgment from our coworkers. I really have to itch my face, so I hope that this goes fast. (upbeat music) I’m scared I have to choose a winner. Is that what? Oh no, I don’t want to. I really like how you both have leaves, but this little accent is cool. And also it looks like you have almost like trees coming out of the sides? But I think you look amazing too. I think it’s so close. – [Nina] Thank you, we’re done here. Yours is more leaves, okay,
it has more fall colors. Sara’s looking at me
like, you better pick me. Sara, I love you. Nina’s gives me more of a fall vibe. I’m gonna go with Sara, so tie. I’m gonna go with Nina. Nina, yours is really beautiful, and I love the gold with your skin, but I just keep looking
at Sara’s leaf forehead, and I just love it. I like Nina’s gold look, it
just feels fall and festive. I’m gonna go with Sara. I’m gonna go with Nina. I’m leaning towards you. – [Sara] Ooh, why? Yours has got a little bit more sparkle. Nina’s! It perfectly frames my
favorite part of her face, and she uses her cut-crease eye. I’ve seen it, ’cause she’s done it before. Oh my gosh, no, I like Nina’s. Yours I like, kind of
like deer/small pox chic around the cheeks, it’s cool. Yours looks more like flowers, and I feel like leaves? – [Nina] Yeah. Autumnal leaves? Sara, yours is way, it’s top-notch. I have to say, I like the
sort of gold look on Nina’s. I’m sorry Sara! She wins. We are tied, so we need
to visit one more person, to be the deciding vote. We need one more vote. And if they don’t pick
me I will murder them. The battery on the phone
is about to run out, so we have to find somebody tout suite. Guys, can you guys come
out with a tie right now, and just be like… – [Sara] No. This looks great, eyes
on Sara match her hair, which is doing a lot for me. Is this gonna get assisted in? Sara’s has a concept, I
feel like that puts it over. (victorious orchestral music) I won! I think that it was
really interesting to see that even though we both
had different advantages, and different experiences, I feel like we kind of came out equal. Did we? Did we? I mean, I won, but. I think what we should really do is let the people of the world decide, the people of the YouTubes decide. Should we? Who truly won. (upbeat rhythmic music)

Dereck Turner

85 thoughts on “Artist Vs. Beauty Lover • Makeup Challenge

  1. Leli Graph says:

    nina 100%

  2. Abheri Dasgupta says:


  3. Hendry Total says:

    I like nina sorry sara

  4. Nitu Goyal says:


  5. Sophia Oetzel says:

    Ninas was more like summer

  6. mc says:

    sara’s is cute and creative but i love nina’s too

    idk why everyone’s hating on nina i just heard her crack a few jokes ??

  7. zahraa badran says:

    I think Nina' s is better

  8. My Story says:

    If u like Sara's, like this comment

  9. My Story says:

    If u like Nina's, like this comment

  10. Rubeyath Ferdoss says:

    Sara wins #winforsara

  11. Jasmine Myrie says:

    I like ninas better Sara is kind of messy at the bottom

  12. Angelina's life says:


  13. Phillip Hamilton says:

    Sara’s better and it fits her hair so much!!!

  14. mira chen says:

    Wow Sara and Nina are both so talented 😍

  15. cute unicorn emma says:

    I love love love Sarah's

  16. fork• in the garbage-disposal says:


  17. jacelynsmiles says:

    Sara wins definitely

  18. Emily Morrow says:

    Sara for sure lol mainly because it gave a nice balance to her face

  19. Jenny Yunxi says:

    Yasssss,Sara is slaying it

  20. Debopriya Barman says:

    nina 💓

  21. Oona Beach says:

    I like Sarah's!

  22. aulia ganies says:


  23. trash edits says:

    i love nina's look! it's so adorable and warm and gives me a fuzzy feeling inside, idk

  24. Rissy Queen says:


  25. Qued 710 says:

    I love Nina's sarcasm and her jokes LOL

  26. Sugarfree skull says:

    S M A L L P O K S C H I C

  27. Paul Hulsey says:


  28. Mae K says:

    Sara was so cocky

  29. Samantha Brigida says:

    I liked Nina's way better

  30. Ohorat Sehunified says:

    Nina said she's good at doing makeup HAHAHAHAHHA that's a nice joke

  31. Filip Krišković says:

    Sara underrated ! I feel like hers was much softer and more organised. In my opinion, Nina put too much on…

  32. SnowFox 2074 says:

    Both were extremely already to be honest (with and without makeup)

  33. Jessica Lopes says:

    MY NAWES NINA!No joke seriously.

  34. Andrea Petreska says:


  35. Makeup Girls says:

    I like Sara’s better soz Nina

  36. Lucille says:

    sorry but Nina wins

  37. Lejindary Potaeto says:


  38. Elena Sexton says:

    I love Sara's look. XD It think it's really cool, and kind of highlights what fall really is, which is a transitioning stage from summer into winter.

  39. iro fahrina ahmed says:

    Sorry nina, Sara truly won

  40. Caleb O says:

  41. Derpy_Kitty Yuuki says:


  42. snazzy jft says:

    "Tout doux" noooo omg nous Les Français pleurent!!!!!!😂😂😂

  43. ItzYaGirl_GachaTuber says:

    before i watched the vid there was an ad on makeup lol

  44. Caylea Anne says:

    i like nina’s better

  45. Andrea Williams says:

    Nina won

  46. bhavika manikant says:

    With the leave so good and she kind of won

  47. mlgpromaterer says:

    Nina's look 100% I like how it looked overall.
    Even though Sara had a good beginning with the leaf on the forehead under her eyes looked kinda messy..

  48. Unique Productions says:


  49. Jessica Evans says:

    Does sara have instagram?

  50. Mac Winter says:

    I like Sara’s

  51. Marilyn Hernandez says:


  52. Gali S says:

    4:08 Sarah’s victory face 😂

  53. Maggie Telgenhof says:


  54. Annie Morris says:

    Nina should've won

  55. Ayu Alira says:

    Nina's is my winner though Sara's is cute but she got more wintery(?) vibe

  56. Aaliyah Moori says:


    Honey, don't lie to yourself

  57. Sarabeth Bain says:

    I like sarahs better

  58. Danajah Wells says:


  59. Homeboi Gobta says:

    Nina’s one looked good :0

  60. Sad Potato says:


  61. Yazeed Kayoom says:


  62. Jocelyn Mckinney says:

    I like Sara’s better

  63. Lia Malone says:

    Nina 4 life

  64. LaShawna Blanton says:

    Nina should've won!

  65. Lydia M says:

    Sarah's looks more creative but nina's blends more and looks neater

  66. SC_ Silver007 says:

    Sarah or Sara

  67. Reem Alhaj says:

    Comment #nina if you think she won cause i personally do!

  68. Reem Alhaj says:

    Everybody one question is everbody voting for Sara only because she won in the video??

  69. xxchajamie says:

    I Like Sarah's but the blendings are not good as Nina's.. Her eyes were kinda messed up but yeah she is creative.
    NINA ALL THE WAY!! 😊🤩❤

  70. Arina Maisara says:

    Obviously Sara. More artistic and detailed.

  71. Alveera Saher says:


  72. Gaming with Lexy & Kat says:

    Sara won

  73. Tabitha Domino says:

    I prefer Nina’s. The top of Sara’s was great but I don’t think it went well with the bottom. The colours Nina used worked great with her skin tone.

  74. Ilja Asihmin says:

    I think Nina should win 🍁

  75. Hania Rizwan says:

    Let's agree Sarah looks amazing in green dyed hair 💖

  76. Line Sanderøy says:


  77. xxGachagirl xx says:


  78. Miss BellaBop says:

    Sara has these big pretty eyes

  79. Team Unicorn says:

    In my opinion I like Sarah’s better! Like if you do too

  80. maria t. says:


  81. umma a says:

    I like Sara's more

  82. Kawaii Cupcake says:

    Nina said I am not confident Sara was like I am ready so first I didn't focus in the starting of the vid I just skipped the starting of the vid and I thought I will watch it after the video ends all through the vid I liked Saira then I watched the starting I was now I like Nina so way better

  83. Juliana Villarreal says:

  84. oneone says:

    Nina’s looks better but her attitude is 🤢

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