Artist Turns Lips Into Amazing Works Of Art [PICTURES]

Artist Turns Lips Into Amazing Works Of Art [PICTURES]

Welcome back to Think Tank. Hannah and John here. So one of my favorite things to do on Instagram is follow different beauty pages, right? So I like to learn about different techniques and see people, how they get artistic with their faces. And one Instagram in particular->>With their faces. [LAUGH]>>Stood out to me. Jasmina Daniels, because she took lip art to the next level.>>Mm-hm.>>Not just about liner and gloss, but full on scenes. [LAUGH] So this right here is a picture of the Titanic, and she put rock crystals on her->>And that’s cool, but.>>Hand to make the iceberg, this is so cool and so detailed->>How is that possible?>>I mean she obviously has a bigger pallet then I do. So there’s more space to draw that.>>But that’s so small. How is that possible?>>Amazing.>>How is that possible? I think she’s lying. I think did that Photoshop.>>No, I don’t think so. I think she’s quite talented.>>Okay, I’m gonna do a version of this. I swear I won’t use Photoshop.>>Will you do this amazing Milan one before and after?>>No, I will do Lilo and Stitch.>>Before and after.>>I would do Lilo and Stitch.>>I mean even if she did this on a piece of paper I would be impressed.>>Yeah.>>The fact that she did it on her lips is incredibly amazing.>>There’s like shading and rogue, it’s pretty amazing.>>But then do you go out like that?>>Yes of course, you get use out of that I’d go to like at least Starbucks or something.>>But what does it look like when you’re like smiling?>>Horrifying I imagine.>>Yeah I feel like I don’t think that would be good.>>Yes, horrifying.>>This one very topical right now.>>She found it.>>Yeah this is so cute. This one you could go out I feel like. Because it’s not separated I feel like you go to the movie premier and people would be like yeah you rock.>>Has she said how long it takes?>>No I didn’t.>>Hours?>>You guys can look on her Instagram @msjasminad so that’s pretty amazing. And then one more no two more.>>Okay that’s the best one.>>Jaws this is insane because she has like the dripping blood and she does the nails with it. I mean this is real art because this requires I feel like an extra bit of creativity to really drive this home.>>That doesn’t look. I really like that. That’s my favorite one, but that doesn’t look like a face around the lips. That looks like it’s just been put on the skin.>>No you can see the line here, so her lips are clearly a little overdrawn beyond her lips.>>But if you go down, it’s too far.>>That’s her chin.>>I don’t think that is.>>No it is.>>That’s weird.>>You can look at her Instagram and see lots of different pictures.>>Does she ever zoom out?>>Yes.>>Okay.>>She does.>>Okay, well then I’ll look.>>But I don’t I wanna try those because I want to see the intensive detail, okay. And then lastly here->>My God.>>Edward Scissorhands. That’s pretty amazing.>>Okay, well I honestly think that it’s the nails that really do it. I think she deserves more credit for the nails.>>I mean, look at the detail of that face.>>When you think about that’s blown up to->>I mean.>>Four times actual size.>>First of all, she’s gotta have a great camera to get that detail and she’s splitting the eyes between her lips. It is really.>>Yeah, she is.>>She’s really talented.>>She knows what she’s doing.>>So, this is her face without it, see?>>No I wanna see the actual face. I’ll look it up. Don’t worry. I’m sure everybody’s gonna go and check it out.>>Yes.>>This is pretty awesome.>>I like when people, learning how to do different beauty techniques is something that I really enjoy doing, and I like looking at Instagram for that, but it is a very saturated and so when somebody kind of breaks from the norm and does something a little out of the box?>>Like the full body paint that we did.>>Yeah, it’s a little cool.>>So here’s my thought. Why don’t you do a Facebook Live, that’s cool, the pink and the black. Why don’t you do a Facebook Live where you try to do something like this? It’d be fun.>>Because I would fail miserably.>>And that would be hilarious so I think you should do it.>>Well maybe->>Do it.>>Miss Jasmina D can help me, she’ll give me a tutorial. We’ll find out. But guys, let us know what you think about these lip arts, and if you were going to do some sort of lip art on your mouth what you would put? Follow @missjasminad and we’ll see you guys. [MUSIC]

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    As amazing as it is, I'm pretty sure there is some post photoshop touch ups.

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    You should follow Tal Peleg she is an amazing makeup artist that does paintings on here eye lids.

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    if I were to do lip art I would do two ones one would be the scene from Narnia where young Lucy hugs Aslan and two I would make septic eye Sam and tiny box tim playing a video game but I would never be able to make those because I am terrible with makeup so lucky I'm a tomboy

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    luarajenkinsen is another lip artist. Here is the instagram for the girl in this video:

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