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100 thoughts on “ART TRIP: DETROIT

  1. Lawrence Calablaster says:

    4:27 Kehinde Wiley!

    I promise I'll go, Mrs Green!

  2. jozef salamun says:

    I know Las Vegas doesn't have much in terms of substantial institutional art, but maybe it could be deserving of a similar visit! You've got the Neon Museum, the murals downtown, and perhaps just a look at the casino architecture (maybe bringing up Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown's writings). It's a pretty contentious place overall, but that could make for a great visit!

  3. Lawrence Calablaster says:

    9:18 reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy, one of my favourites. I will make it to something of Hocking's.

  4. bassaddict396 says:

    Please make your next art trip to Minneapolis!

  5. isabel clare says:

    I've been hoping you would come visit!! Detroit is such a resilient and inspiring city with so much art and so many ideas, you did a great job presenting the highlights of our art scene. It really does mean a lot to show people who aren't local that there are still strong communities here who create and want to improve the way Detroit is.

  6. Jaime Flores says:

    I’d love to see an episode on Dallas or the general Fort Worth/ Dallas area 🙂

  7. Mermaid Queen says:

    I love this I want to go there now

  8. Hannah jones says:

    I’ve been waiting for something like this! Detroit has become my home. I moved to the city 2 years ago, and have never stopped exploring. I encourage everyone to come and see what this city has to offer, especially outside of Woodward.

    Beautifully done!

  9. Jonathan says:

    the DIA is the best museum in the country fight me

  10. Geneviève Chap says:


  11. Rogério Nagaoka says:


  12. Viator-A01 says:

    1:57 me: press F to pay respect. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  13. Xenolilly says:

    Thank you for showing us the happy fountain. These videos are considerate and high quality. I hope one day the Art Assignment comes to Saint Louis!

  14. Bowie-ByBowie says:

    The Scott Hocking pictures are breathtaking.

  15. Crushi .Music, Art & Love. says:

    You make the best Art History video lectures of all time. All time! Seriously. If my Art History classes were this well researched, edited, written, displayed this many reference pictures I would have loved my Art History classes as much as my practical drawing and theory classes. Astoundingly beautiful lectures! 🦄 🌈

  16. Dliess Mgg says:

    I didn't know how tense this video made me until I finally saw some people on the screen. I don't know if this was intentional, but it certainly had an effect on me.

  17. go go says:


  18. The Real Legend says:

    The DIA is amazing

  19. Margaret Moon says:

    Very interesting. Miss the food side trips though.

  20. Juan Pablo Torres says:

    Art Trip will forever be the best series on youtube.

  21. Patricia Wong says:

    I moved to Michigan in 2014 and had visited Detroit for different reason at least once every year. It is amazing how much changes this city has gone through since only 4 years ago.

  22. Presley Martin says:

    Art thrives in the best of times and the worst of times. Art is indeed long.

  23. Sam Oshins says:

    i kno i say this every week, but you're a channel making videos unlike and maybe more important than any other channel i interact with regularly. I have two questions:

    1) What does it mean to be half way there? in one of the paintings from the gallery at DIA there was a large scale math problem that read 2+2=8 and it struck me that "halfway there" is a beautiful symbol of nowhere and everywhere and ubiquitous and non-important. Both rounding up to everything and easily rounding down to nothing, both basically true and easily proven untrue, this symbol of the arson and art and the confusion between the two helped me grapple with what street art/public art means to me, and how detroit and it's impact both wider and closer to home might need to grappled with at many levels and facets.

    2)I don't remember the second question to be fully honest. What would you want to ask?

    Thanks again,

  24. Mainstream Intoxicated says:

    Man, this is beautiful. There's no art here in L.A

  25. Riley Davis says:

    Did someone say Marxist‽

  26. Oliver Bollmann says:

    What a powerhouse video. A great balanced view of the city, its tribulations, and the spirit of its people. Especially loved the work of Scott Hocking — great installation art and great use of found materials of space, thank you for putting him on my radar. Also really appreciated the American Riad, both in scope and the interview with Jamil. All around a thoughtful and thought provoking episode that'll leave me thinking newly about place, the impermanence of our built environment, and how we as communities and art inhabit it all. Great work, thank you!

  27. Meisterio says:

    Do you have any plans to do one for Toronto?

  28. idk wayta says:

    lol at robocop

  29. L J says:

    This is my home in an Art Trip video and that is so cool.

  30. Paola Kassa says:

    As an artist in Detroit I’m so happy you are highlighting the great community we have!

  31. mogulsm says:

    FUN FACT: When the city started tearing down the Heidelberg houses, the artist protested by painting colorful dots on the things (all over the city) he felt the city should've been focused on instead of his installation. When I visit, I still see these colorful and mostly faded dots sometimes. 😏

  32. Moira H says:

    I’m in love with the videos where you talk about places. Thank you so much to everyone involved in the art assignment, you all do amazing work. The videos are so well done and beautiful. There is no other channel I appreciate more.

  33. wolfyvas says:

    my dream school is CCS in Detroit, and seeing all the art exhibits i'll possibly be able to visit while there is exciting. i also just got really excited every time you showed stuff i recognized, but also introduced me to quite a few new places to look at next time i'm in the city.

  34. Defeshh says:

    I was expecting a brief mention of Techno music. A worldwide cultural phenomenom that started right there.

  35. Nicolas Andres says:

    I fucking love this channel so much

  36. Ashley Strauss says:

    As someone who grow up in the suburbs of metro Detroit, this video made me cry for some reason. I can't wait to explore the city more. Growing up we were told that detroit is dirt and dangerous, but I think it is just a neglect beautiful city. I'm glad many people are trying to make it a little more beautiful again.

  37. Gavin Warner says:

    Thank you guys so much for highlighting the city i grew up 15 minutes away from! I always loved going to Detroit and seeing all the wonderful things that are there. Also, thanks for not embellishing the “Detroit used to be gross” thing haha

  38. N. J. Phillips says:

    I live here! Come say hi!

  39. NuclearEagleFox!!! says:

    Don't forget: DIA admission is free to anyone who lives in the surrounding counties (Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb)!

  40. whatsbehindthesky says:

    This was so cool! I was wondering: would you be interested in doing an art trip to Cincinnati? I would love to see your take on art in my weird old hometown.

  41. Wingstofly says:

    This was awesome

  42. KT S says:

    Could you do an episode on graffiti?

  43. YIEQ says:

    As a Detroiter I love what you’ve covered here! Did you have a chance to see the Spirit of Detroit Statue and the Fischer Building and the graffiti in Dequindre Cut? I was surprised they didn’t make the video. You should come back for a second Detroit trip there’s much more to see! One of my favorite new murals (unplanned) has popped up recently on Linwood St by W Grand Blvd that depicts Aretha Franklin and wishes her “rest in RESPECT”
    I love Detroit!

  44. Clarence Chou says:

    I await an Art Trip to Vancouver with pleasing expectation

  45. Sonja Johnson says:

    Another wonderful look at a place I've never even thought about visiting.
    And now I've got another place on my list 😀

  46. Marcin Nieweglowski says:

    Not mentioning on heritage of Detroit techno sounds? I'm quite surprised and unsatisfied …

  47. wild crackers says:

    Honestly this is by far my favorite channel on YouTube.Educational as well as entertaining.Please just never ever stop making videos💚💛💜❤💙!!!

  48. Dylan Kuzelka says:

    More of these please. This was fantastic.

  49. Elea Browning says:

    What a wonderful trip! 🙂

  50. Madelyn VerVaecke says:

    As an artist and lifelong resident of Detroit, the city's dedication to the arts makes me really proud.

  51. Max says:

    if the heidelberg project is art, then a hoarders garage is too.
    PS: can i get some help with my garage?!

  52. Lucia C.S. says:

    I just love it

  53. Ben Zangri says:

    Next you have to go to Long Island New York in the fall I will be there . Oh wait live on South Shore of Long Island .

  54. TJ Norris says:

    Always love your show.

  55. Roland Ocomen says:

    although i wish this covered one of the most prominent art schools of the world, College for Creative Studies, this was too beautiful & i thank you all for showing how resilient & breath taking my city is.

  56. Andrew Thompson says:

    I appreciate the brief criticality about Murals in the Market. Recently they've gotten better about featuring local artists, but in general the Detroit Beautification Project & Library Street Collective have brought in outside artists to adorn Detroit's walls without much input from local residents about what they'll be left to look at…

  57. Andrew Thompson says:

    @11:52 my homie Rosie! Hoarder House! sew güd!

  58. Andrew Thompson says:

    Dabls is the quintessential Detroit Elder! Taking the time to visit the bead museum, his installation, and to sit with him is a real privilege!

  59. Timothy Lee says:

    Looks like Detroit has got a bad rap. Thanks for setting the record straight. I'm going to visit the places on the vid tour to see them for myself, there is nothing like experiencing places in real time.

  60. Daniel Rustad says:

    Wonderful as usual. I am adopting the phrase: VITA BREVIS LONGA ARS. 😉

  61. Guilherme Harrison says:

    I wanna live there!

  62. Jose Hernandez says:

    Can you visit Puerto Rico. I feel that this city mirrors our island in many ways.

  63. elsa Grace says:

    Interesting that so much outdoor art is also where there is so much vandalism (graffiti, arson)

  64. elsa Grace says:

    The only thing that I found pleasing was the Moroccan riad thing that wasn’t finished yet. So the new definition of art is anything man made that serves no other purpose than to be viewed. 😒 not a fan.

  65. vocalnerd says:

    I've never been to America, but if I go I want to visit Detroit now.

  66. itsbeenapleasure says:

    The tension between decay and the carefully curated art is palpable in the video. Thank you for showing us this place.

  67. PoseidonXIII says:

    Thanks for the amazing journey!

  68. CYRUS GRAHAM says:

    I didn't do any art work 🎨in Detroit Reference: August,September year 2004, ✈CONNECTICUT , DETROIT

  69. Sam R says:

    Another wonderfully inspirational video, tough I have to admit, I miss the overview of what the food, it gave a further context of the area you were in, and made the art feel more human.

  70. Ashley Andersen says:

    I worked in Detroit for 4 years. Art was never too far from sight. Even in the more run down areas. For all it's struggles there's still a fighting spirit. I may not live there anymore but I'd love to see Detroit truly thrive again.

  71. judy on art says:

    Thanks for the trip!! Wondering what kind of gimbal that you used for filming this…i see some bouncy movements that commend problem for using gimbal. Thanks. Judy

  72. Sarah Robbins says:

    This is the Detroit I got to know and love. When I was a Windsor University student, I took a Detroit Architecture class for my art history credits. We would go across the river to Detroit every Friday and my Prof brought us to a lot of these places. Detroit is a city that fights back with art and determination while sticking together as a community, and because of that, it will thrive once again. It's one of my favorite cities because of that. Thank you for showing this side of Detroit. It's a side more people need to see.

  73. Jean-Michel Soucy says:

    Come to Montreal!!!
    amazing artistic/cultural scene!!

  74. namlhots says:

    Who does the cinematography on AA? The videos are consistently beautiful. (Disclaimer: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-Margaret Hamilton Hungerford.)

  75. Allan Edwards says:

    Hope you got a chance to eat at Slow's BBQ.

  76. Nikki Nichols says:

    I know the art trip videos are a huge undertaking – I would love one for Denver!! Anyone else?

  77. Tonaya Chapman says:

    As a Detroit native and artist, this gives me so much joy. Thank you guys so much for coming. I was the gal, freaking out about it on your Instagram lol.

  78. Ernesta V says:

    I`m watching this in Italy, but I grew up in Lithuania…Detroyt is one of the cities in my list to visit, but after this I`ll visit ASAP…..Thanks so much…I always travel by art programs and this was so impressing….

  79. Blashtifin says:

    thanks for this! We have such an active and overlooked creative community in this city. I go to Wayne State and the young people here are extremely ambitious plans

  80. Kate Krauss says:

    Wonderful video, I learned a lot. Great job with Diego Rivera murals, especially. Thank you.

  81. Jordan Jakeway says:

    And they say the Midwest has no culture… pshh

  82. Abigail Wilson says:

    You pronounced Pewabic (pewAHbic) wrong, but otherwise great video!

  83. Kai ArtVids says:

    This is great but there's still so much to be explored also ccs and the carr center and the many street art roads leading out if the city

  84. joeli fische says:

    I'd love to see one of these for Melbourne, Australia

  85. whatafly80sguy says:

    What do they do with Heidelberg in the winter?!

  86. whatafly80sguy says:

    This was really cool. It showed me a side of Detroit I never knew was there. I hope you guys can take more art trips. I look forward to wherever is next!

  87. Anonymous says:

    I live in Michigan about an hour away from Detroit and the only place I’ve visited there is the guardian building because my mom has meetings there with her company,and the DIA because I love art. It’s crazy how little I explore my surroundings

  88. Jamie Light says:

    In the same vein as The Heidelberg Project is Hamtramck Disneyland. It's in the city of Hamtramck which is in Detroit.

  89. Kyle Pawlowski says:

    Fantastic video. Can you guys do a "ART TRIP: BUFFALO, NY"?

    This reminded me of the great city of Buffalo, NY, which also has a lot of art and rebuilding going on.

  90. Christine Frank says:

    This video made me tear up. I live in the Detroit suburbs and am an apprentice electrician blessed to take part in the restoration of the city. This year, I’m going to make sure I make a trip to the DIA and some of the other things you showcased.

  91. Zachary Jones says:

    Amazing video!!

  92. Khadijeh A says:

    Ok I need to go back to my beloved Detroit

  93. Mortimer Stonewall says:

    It's pronounced "day twa".

  94. Al Green - Light Through Glass says:

    Sewer pipes – awsome

  95. Monifa Kincaid says:

    This was a beautiful video about Detroit.

  96. Cody Ellis says:

    Excellent video, thank you for visiting Detroit. Although I can’t help but feel like failing to highlight the cities role in mid century design and architecture was a huge miss.

  97. Ashley Clark says:

    It was interesting to hear from the gentleman at the end because he is right, I very much think of Detroit as being empty, and sad, and without joy or art. It’s good to see that it isn’t.

  98. Ygritte Oakley says:

    This is the real Detroit!!!! Thank you so much for accurately depicting my beloved city. There is even more for an art enthusiast. Detroit is a city turned canvas. With open air galleries everywhere. You can see fantastic art for free in most cases. Or a fraction of the cost. Compared to NYC or even Chicago. I still have not seen everything yet.

  99. askmelater says:

    You spend entirely too long on the Heidelberg project. While a curiosity, I think you're reading much more into it than is really there. Really, at this point so much of this city looks like a junk yard, like looking up an architectural nose nostril.

  100. יצחק בן יהוידע says:

    קצת קשה היה לראות את ההדרדרות של העיר !!!!!!!

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