okay we in focus .okay cool hi what is up how is it going so as you guys know ah thanks to guys i am currently able to buy my self expensive art supplies …and iam able to be a full time youtuber but also as you guys know it was not always that way.. honey like most people you know back when I was in high -school back when I was in college back when I was in post college you know I was very very broke and I was struggling ..honey 🙁 I couldnt afford my books let alone expensive art supplies you know what I am sayin I had to make do with what I had I had to get very creative along the way and today guys .. I am going to be sharing all the tips that I learned with you guys this video is going to be for every artist young.. old.. poor.. broke …a new ..professional…. every body if you are not an artist share this with an artist you know if you are an artist buckle up …. get ready .. because we are about to start okay … okay for the first very tip sometimes you guys read me to fill this tip and this tip is using white – out dollar tree correction in place of a traditional pen high light now let me zoom you in .. ahh what i have here is pretty much like basic collection of highlights that you see all over the internet and on youtube so we got like the prismacolor ….. we have the famous gelly roll pen ..yeah hoe you doin we have my personal favorite which um i am not too sure what these are called it is made by misha beachy apparently so we have these three and i am gonna go n with the correction pen which I told you guys about god i love that but you guys can clearly see like the difference right off the bat it is like how saturated this is because basically it is white paint that is designed to go over pens and inks and paper and stuff like that and dry completely on opaque so guys you see how bright that is compared to everything else …oooh she is nice .. and the best part guys is how cheap it is compared to all its competitors like I personally loved to use this as a highlight now for this next trick my good friend xabio arts blew my MIIIIND 11!! with this next trick like I was seriously in shock when i saw this (xabio arts ) this is a stick of graphite.. Ill show you a cool trick …this is how people get drawings onto canvas paintings so I did that now I need to position it where i want and I just trace over where I want to go I hope this works it is gonna suck if it … I hope it worked …hey it worked basically when you have a drawing that you worked very very hard on and you wanna to transfer it to anew peace of paper maybe a better piece of paper maybe water color paper you get a piece of graphite as shown here you are gonna cover up the hole entire drawing side graphite you are gonna shake off the excess and you are gonna trace your initial design kind of hard and bout bing bouta booo ( what the hell are you sain rae )?? you have the design right here ready to go of course you do it more detail and not like mine okay so now for this next tip it is not something that I actually learned in college is nt something I learned in high school it is actually something I learned from youtube so the trick is whenever you have some colored pencil that you know they might not be the best or you know they might not have the best color layout well here is a very sneaky way to make them amazing ..soo see here .we have just a regular pencil you know just chilin but if you but it in some water and just and just let it set for a little bit i would say about like maybe five-ish mins ok so it is been about five mins yea look at that now i am not too sure exactly why this but I think the water breaks down something in the pencil and i am pretty much only leaves the pigment that giving us a much darker version of it than what we had so

Dereck Turner


  1. Gracie Reynolds says:

    I taught myself the graphite trick

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    7:55 idk if i already commented this but just use a friggin ruler

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    For the graphite hack, u can just use carbon paper.

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  16. chlomakii says:

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  17. Me Me says:

    9:01 I accidentally did this and I just kept using my nail afterwards😂

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    (sorry for my bad English)

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  38. GALAXY GAMER says:

    I have a hack for the crayon texture cause if your broke or in a diffrent country just use you nails any size!

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  40. Kendra Vernon says:


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    Something I actually need

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    If you're doing the pencil and water thing if you want the pencil to be smoother and not take much time put the pencil in HOT water it take like 2 minutes and works smoother

  52. that thing says:

    8:41 it doesn't have to be pricey , you can actually just use a cap of a bic pen , like so rae can see!

  53. Praktical says:

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    Me: …

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    Ever heard of copics…..that's the reason artists are broke

  61. Nikki the Creator says:

    Tips for broke artists living in England:

    Go to the Works. They’ve got cheap, cheap stuff there. I got a pack of 15 HB pencils for 99p there.

    If you have a bit more money in your pocket then go to WHSmiths. They’ve got nice books and great art materials. WHSmiths’ watercolours are actually really good and they are only £6.99 with a brush in a palette. (I got mine during one of their sales. Half price watercolour paper and brushes!)

    They sell Faber Castells, Prismacolours, Windsor and Newtons and even 4 9b pencils for £3.50 at my WHSmith during sales.

    T.K.Maxx has also got cheap art supplies but their stuff ain’t always good quality. I speak from experience.

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    I been a artist for the longest time it runs in my family and high school and college also for over 27 years of my life I'm a cartoon character and i never had this ability and talent that i had in my childhood I used to draw a stick finger for a longest time but when I got much older I got much good in my work of drawing if people are not good of drawing just practice makes perfect then people will be very good in there work or anything in there life

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