Art Supply Haul | Watercolor Paint and Paper

Art Supply Haul | Watercolor Paint and Paper

Hi guys, I just wanted to share this art haul
with you. I ordered these paints and I was really excited
to share them, and open them, and try them. First is Quinacridone Gold, I love this color
and apparently the pigment is no longer being manufactured, so I wanted to get an extra
tube just in case. Next is Madder Brown. I kind of got this as a burnt sienna substitute. It supposed to be very transparent and warm,
and so I think it will be good. I also got Translucent Brown, which is also
a warm brown, but not as warm as Madder Brown. So this tiny thing is Quinacridone Violet. It’s from Winsor and Newton’s twilight limited
edition set, and the only other manufacturer is Daniel Smith. Finally, Daler Rowney. I got Burnt Umber, it’s a basic color, but
I never tried Daler Rowney before, so I wanted to see what their paints were like. I also got this mixed-media paper from Hahnemühle. It’s made out of bamboo, and it’s actually
really great for watercolors considering the price point, which is pretty cheap. The first thing that I do when I get new watercolors
is I make a swatch. These are all the swatches from all of the
colors in my palette. They help me to know their transparency, how
staining it is, and its dispersion in water, which is really important. So let’s make some pans! The first thing is we have to know what is
the pigment number. This one is PO 48, or pigment orange 48 for
Quinacridone gold. This is what I’m going to put on my pan. I’m using a waterproof Tria marker here. And I write the pigment number on every side
so that it’s really easy for me to see no matter where it is in my palette. So, PO 48, over and over again. Excuse my terrible handwriting. And then finally on the end, I just put the
manufacturer’s initials. In this case, DS for Daniel Smith .
And that’s it! So I do that for all the rest of these paints. All right, so we’re all done .
It’s time to finally open the paints! Sometimes it’s pretty hard, like with this
one. So what I do in those circumstances are I
use some kind of tissue or a towel and that normally works. So what I try to do is squeeze out into the
four corners of the pan first. That normally make sure that there is no kind
of hole. And then I just squeeze without moving the
tube until there’s like a hump of paint. I overfill it because it will sink down once
it is actually dry. And that’s really all there is. Maybe you should clean off the top. I don’t. Now it’s time to make the swatches. I made these boxes here, and I start filling
in each one of the boxes. You see I have a black line, that’s to check
for transparency. I’m going to paint over this line, and if
the black line is covered up, that means that the pigment is opaque. I want to leave a little bit of space because
I have another test that I’m going to do underneath this color swatch. So right now what I’m doing is putting clear
water, and then I just drop a single stroke of pigment and see how it disperses. So next is Madder Brown, and I do the exact
same procedure as I did with Quinacridone Burnt Orange. look at that violet! Isn’t that really nice? This is actually one of the very few single
pigment lightfast violets. Most violets are not lightfast, and I was
really excited to get my hands on this one. Finally, Daler Rowney’s Burnt Umber. This is coming out kind of weak. I end up going in with another layer. I don’t know if it was my fault, or the pigment. But I’ve used it since then, and it seemed
perfectly fine. What I’m doing now is just going in and
wetting the bottom of the almost dry paint so you can see how easily it blooms. So this is what they look like dry. Now I’m going to add that second black line
so that I can compare the black line underneath the paint and over the paint. But all of these are very transparent colors,
so there shouldn’t be much of a difference. You see? They almost
look exactly the same. Now the last thing is listing. I’m using a bristle brush and I swipe three
times and bad with a tissue so that I can see just how easily each of the pigments lifts. By the way, this has to be done one day later
to make sure that the paints are totally dry. As you can see, the Quinacridone Burnt Orange
seems to lift very easily, but the Translucent Brown doesn’t lift it all. So now going to do a painting with all of
my new colors! I got these colors for doing portraiture,
so I thought I’d do. I start with a purple underpainting using
the Quinacridone Violet. I was kind of scared to use this technique,
because I haven’t because I haven’t used it very much before but it really helps to be
able to only think about your shades instead of having to worry about color at the same
time. So now I have matter Brown, and I’m taping
down my painting because I added too much water and it started to buckle. After the Madder Brown, I added the Quinacridone
Burnt Orange. And now I’m adding the Translucent Brown,
which you can see is a little cooler and darker than the Quinacridone Burnt Orange. I’m mixing that with some Idanthrone Blue
to make a darker color because I don’t think that the painting is dark enough yet. So just going into those really dark areas. Finally I’m adding a little bit of the Madder
Brown and their Quinacridone Rose to make a pink, and adding a shirt and the background. And that’s it! So I’m really happy with these pigments, and
I hope you guys enjoyed to this art haul and learned something new! Thank you for watching! Bye!

Dereck Turner

23 thoughts on “Art Supply Haul | Watercolor Paint and Paper

  1. pinkdogapples says:

    Lovin' the video! Thanks for sharing

  2. Jeanny Meyer says:

    I love Gerstaecker, they have such great stuff <3
    And a really nice painting!

  3. Owings Art says:

    Hi Sadie – Nice haul my friend. I like that you write the pigment name on the pan. I love the Schmincke paints. They are so consistent and well made. That was a wonderful portrait. I just subscribed and need to send some people your way. Nice work. ~Marty

  4. Trang Trinh says:

    I just put in an order on Gerstaecker and incidentally bought the madder brown as well, glad I made the right choice! Really enjoyed your video, and hope to see more from you.

  5. Lixizu says:

    Very informative video, love the speedpaint at the end!! ♥♥

  6. neikaplay says:

    I love this and your portrait is great. Would love to see more videos on watercolour tips, your artwork etc. Subbed

  7. neikaplay says:

    I love this and your portrait is great. Would love to see more videos on watercolour tips, your artwork etc. Subbed

  8. Blissfulthings says:

    m graham makes quin violet as well and it's beautiful

  9. Shall remain nameless says:

    That portrait is fantastic. You're very talented.
    I was interested in the Daler Rowney paint. They claim it leaves no hard edges and your swatch appears to confirm that. I have some Daler Rowney Aquafine for everyday use and really like them but have never tried their artist range as I got a good deal on Winsor and Newton artist quality.

  10. Blissfulthings says:

    about quin violet, it is also known as permanent magenta, they are the same pigment pv19 . I have permanent magenta by Sennlier other companies make this as well all high grade artist pigments I have done swatches of quin violet/perm magenta they are the same!

  11. TheSleepy Teacher says:

    Love a good haul, Sadie! You got some fantastic goodies !!! Btw, your handwriting is not terrible. Try deciphering an 8 year olds :/

  12. Blissfulthings says:

    great video! the shading on her face was beautifully done,the blue background really made her stand out
    thankyou for making this 😊

  13. RuththeRuth Less says:

    the sound is too loud, it makes it hard to hear what you say.

  14. orkid box says:

    When I saw those colours in your haul I thought they would be great for skin tones. M Graham has a quinacridone set with some of these browns that I am curious about. Have you ever tried theirs?

  15. katrin says:

    Great haul and a beautiful painting 😊

  16. CraftingKaria says:

    I LOVE the art and you did a great job with this haul! so amazing!

  17. majohnse says:

    Love the portrait. Glad you will be doing more videos in the future.

  18. Dana M says:

    We look good in watercolor! Thanks for sharing!😘

  19. Orsi Dirda says:

    Sorry, old video, not sure if you'll see this. Have you tried the Hanhemüle paper since? Do you like it? I'm curious about it but not a lot of reviews on it so I'd appreciate your input. 🙂
    Beautiful portrait!

  20. Sally Bunday says:

    She's so gorgeous. You are really talented. 🙂

  21. MilenaB. says:

    Oh I love that portrait! You make it seem so easy…

  22. MermaidInTheWater says:

    Hi Sadie! I️ found your channel a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it! You’re so knowledgeable and your videos are informative. Ive never seen a watercolor under painting before but it makes sense! I feel like I’m always learning from your channel so just want to say thank you! I’ll have to try that underpainting technique next time i work on a portrait!

  23. Sue Allen says:

    Count watch to end the music was so annoying sorry

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