Art Supply Haul! New Watercolors, Paper, Pens & More Discoveries!

Art Supply Haul! New Watercolors, Paper, Pens & More Discoveries!

Dereck Turner

99 thoughts on “Art Supply Haul! New Watercolors, Paper, Pens & More Discoveries!

  1. Dihydrogen Monoxide says:

    Can you please,please,test different Pakistani brands?✌️😊
    Specially sketchbooks!

  2. Grace Kohli says:

    Hey mako could you please do a giveaway? If no then that's fine

  3. Timothy Messer says:

    Yeah… no body likes Will Smith watercolors because you only get genie blue… blah… lol

  4. Regine Nicole Rasidy says:

    Hey Mako! So, I've had student-grade paints for a while now, and I thought that I'd just continue using them because painting with watercolours was just a side hobby of mine back then. Recently, I've started to really get into them, and I'm saving up for an artist grade set. As far as I can tell, the brands I come across a lot are Schmincke, Sennelier, Daniel Smith, and Winsor and Newton. I was wondering if you could have a comparison between these brands, which would be really helpful for me to choose one of them to start with. I'd really appreciate it if you would consider this. Love your videos! <3

  5. Mercurial Fox says:

    I need an art supply addict buddy xD

  6. Zantox HD says:

    Dieses white Night benutzen wir auch in der schule!! Die sind eigentlich gut also lohnt sich schon :3 swag swag

  7. Ranya Japhar says:

    I luv ur vids so much…I dint watch ur vids 4 mnths.. misd u so mch

  8. Ili Payne says:

    Love this huge haul!!! More watercolor videos pls 😍

  9. Esraa Ramadan says:

    Love you love you so much 😍😘🤩😽😻

  10. Ameena Rizva says:

    Houvvvv😵 uu hav a lot of paints.. 😂 plz snd me one😝

  11. Stephanie Tru says:

    I always enjoy your videos. Thank you for your generosity in sharing what you've learned along the way.

  12. Anna Sharma says:

    Hey! I'm glad to see an Indian brand here: Camlin Kokuyo. While these are possibly the only artist quality paints available in India, it is really rare to find a video talking about it. I would really like an artist to test it against the foreign brands, considering how cheap it is! The 18 tube box(9ml) I think is around 7 USD here on Amazon, which is like really really cheap.
    While a number of people compare other watercolours, no one does it for Indian! Please do so!

  13. Nawia says:

    hey mako,
    i wanted to inform you that schmincke released dot cards, too!

  14. Aastha Khatri says:

    Strathmore is a great brand. It offers watercolour papers as well hopefully so you should try it out someday. I use their oil painting papers and it is absolutely amazing.

  15. jwhines2 says:

    Thank You 😊🎨

  16. Angie Hewitt's Artroom says:

    🍩🥛 I'm ready!!! Art supplies hauls are my favourite

  17. Addie Rohrbach says:

    Where did you get the mission gold dot chart?

  18. Trimbak Sawant says:

    Please review on Bianyo watercolour paint set-36 watercolour field sketch set….

  19. Azzu Paris says:

    Hi Mako, great haul. I would love to know what do you think about the Clairefontaine watercolour paper. I used it and I don't like at all, especially the one with the orange cover. I have the Mission Gold and Gansai Tambi watercolour and I like them. Also, I so want to try the Cobra water-mixable oil! Thanks for the video 💕

  20. Jay101 says:

    I love buying art supplies! Even just walking down the pen isle in Wal-Mart makes me feel better.

  21. No VERVAIN says:

    Hey can u make some more watercolor painting tutorials


  22. Magic Paladin says:

    @makoccino Dear Mako will you please do a traditional Indian art video ?

  23. Surbhi Mittal says:

    Hi! I have a video idea suggestion. You could try to make the same painting using watercolors, oil paints and acrylics!✨

  24. Tosha Kilpatrick says:

    Hello All! I learned recently that the Kuratake are made differently and actually work great for a technique called etegami, with a specific paper and brush. At first I was frustrated by the Kuratake, but I look forward to trying it for its intended purpose. Learn something new every day 🙂

  25. bearianna says:

    hey mako! i’m so excited that you are starting to learn about professional watercolor brands! i’ve checked out a few “professional watercolor” channels lately, mostly because i find their art very soothing, but also because i love arts and crafts and i enjoy geeking out over different supplies and figuring out their differences! have fun experimenting. can you please take a closer look at the Holbein paint? i haven’t heard much about that brand yet! 🎨🖌

  26. DCP CUBER says:

    You should try camel watercolours

  27. Gini A says:

    Love the video♥ can u also show reviews on prima water colors!? 😅

  28. Metha kook says:

    How can the people give freaken 24 unlike . they don't know to understand the talent of maco

    Edit . thank you maco

  29. Hina Khan says:

    I m using Lefrance & Bourgeois they r very cool I loved it

  30. praveena dhanalakota says:

    Ali Express haul cheap products like under $1 and Indian stationery haul

  31. Janela Mercado says:

    Please do a comparison video for the watercolors 🙏

  32. JennyDespot says:

    Hi Makoccino, i would like to ask you for some advice. So i found the W&N 12 colours watercolour set for 7$. I have checked and the site surely has real watercolours and not cheap fake products. Should i buy them?
    P.S. i am only 13 years old but love art and have been thinking about getting a quality watercolour set

  33. HeY_ PpL! says:

    Can you please make a video on soft crayons:)
    Please! please!:):):)

  34. Roman Hall says:

    American Easel also has watercolor wood panels 😉

  35. Tram Nguyen says:

    I’m still surprised the mako likes 3 of my comments

  36. Ivonne Ramos says:

    I follow many youtubers and I can tell you that you are the best. I have learned a lot from your videos. 👍🏼😍

  37. kiranjith says:

    Pls review brustro water color tubes
    It's available in Amazon

  38. rana sayed says:

    Hey, ilysmmm 🖤🖤🖤 QUESTION : which youtuber will u prefer to watch about art 🖼???

  39. Anita Davidson says:

    Thank you so much for making this video and whetting my appetite for future videos. I enjoyed the vast selection of products you chose to test and look forward to watching your conclusions. I appreciate very much the financial outlay you have made in the name of both science and your viewers endless questions and queries. XX

  40. Marshmallow Pig says:

    Hi mako! You should try the Mungyo watercolour set. It is very pigmented too.

  41. Aastha says:

    All my acrylic paints have dried over the year any ideas on how to make them work again? 😫😫

  42. Sheeja AK says:

    Pls test those camlin /camel art supplies and pls upload a vedio on it

  43. ArtistRebeccaLS ___________________________ says:

    I love Schmincke Watercolors too 😊

    Another lovely video 👍😊

  44. ArtistRebeccaLS ___________________________ says:

    By the way – moleskine make good black paper sketchbooks 😊

  45. Debjani Sahooghosh says:

    How's your cat?

  46. Gaming With Faaz says:


  47. Gaming With Faaz says:


  48. SJ Rosten says:

    Thanks for sharing all the art supplies you have. I’d love to hear your top 10 must haves for watercolor. 🌞from sunny California

  49. Carrie Young says:

    I Love your nature painting tutorials!!!

  50. Dikasha Kankekar says:

    Can you do a review on camel c18 artist water color pan

  51. some random person on the internet says:

    I ♡ uuuu

  52. You know who I am says:

    I love you 💕💕💕

  53. Ankanaak by Kaushiki says:

    Great video!! thank you for the share!

  54. Sujay Arts says:

    Nice maim

  55. Hector Zavala says:

    Gotta scratch that art supply itch lol

  56. oof lol says:

    Can I have all of your art supplies? Lolz

  57. Khandker Sadia Arafin says:

    1:48 It's rewind time

  58. Yuyurii says:

    Hey liebe Mako, I was shopping new Art tools, too….I'm a Hobby-Artist, too…I'm painting very long time….but always…I'm overhelmded with all the stuff what we can get for Art….especially brushes….I tried the different hairs from brushes….Rotmarder, Synthetik..ect…usually I'm going to the brand Da Vinci, if it comes to brushes…but…they've got not too much brushes for watercolors…so, I'm wondering if you could make a Video about brushes, which brands you`ve got and how it works for you… is your experience with different brushes by watercolors?

  59. Zakia Sultana says:


  60. Khắc Triệu Nguyễn says:

    Love from Vietnam ❤️❤️❤️

  61. Katie Linck says:

    Also for something to protect your watercolor paintings I heard from a couple of people on YouTube to use mod podge (I don't know if they sell it everywhere but I live in the USA so I'm not sure who else has access to this product) so I bought some and when I put it over a painting it was a silhouette so the background was white and it streaked the watercolors all over the white area. I'm not sure if it was the brush I used to apply the mod podge or if it was the cheap watercolor set that had some granulation so I don't think it stains the paper as apposed to sitting on top.

  62. Deepti Sharma says:

    Superb video n I like the zigzag book so much

  63. Heather Bryant says:

    I love my White Nights, I have the entire set!! There is 1 ETSY seller and 1 EBay seller that are good on price and selection of the White Nights. I too wish there was black water color paper, that would be such fun.

  64. Nutella Strawberry says:

    I know this question may be unrelated, but do you know any pencils that are water soluble? For example, I've tried using watercolor pencils for my sketches, then go over it for line art, but when I go to watercolors, it doesn't dissolve! I use a bright red. It's so hard finding stuff that doesn't smudge or smear…😭 But, I hope you've been having a wonderful day, and you are AMAZING. I'm honestly kinda jealous, since I'm BROKE. LOL! 🤣 (Could you try the Artist Loft watercolors, please?) All in all, thank you for being wonderful! 💖

  65. 민 아트Min Art says:

    These are really cool art supplies but here in Pakistan a lot of these aren't available and if they are they're really reallly expensive I wish I could have them all..
    Love you mako 💕💕
    I like video /….

  66. stalker person says:

    Can you test some cheaper brands like Faber Castell watercolors? I wanted to get in to water color lately

  67. Tiya Panwar says:

    It's camlin

  68. Alijah Nusaiba says:

    I am a supply addition

  69. Fatimah M. says:

    Can you try using poster colours? These things are somewhat an opaque watercolour usually used in painting backgrounds. Careful not to get mixed up with poster paint.

  70. Kavita Taylor says:

    The pena are called posca pens have seen a video on moriah Elizabeth she review s it u can also see it

  71. Tiffany Boncek says:

    Im so excited for you and totally agree its not a waste even if you end up not using all of a product or dont like it im sure someone will take it and you get to play and learn totally worth getting it if its in your budget im a very cheap person but once the budget is spent i dont worry about it the money is already gone i also have kids that are more than willing to use every and any art supply i give them so nothing goes to waste lol i hope u have fun in your testing journey

  72. ElizabethFussell Art says:

    For your interference colors, I'd recommend just getting some black watercolor ground (or tinting any watercolor ground black) or laying down some black Gouache under the paints. It's very difficult to find black watercolor paper without bad texture.

  73. Goosey Geese says:

    Clicked the like before watching the vid
    Anyone who also does that?

  74. StarryDreamer28 says:

    just want to say I love art supplies & THANK YOU for using Closed Captioning, I'm hard-of-hearing!

  75. MinervAthena123 says:

    I'm from India, and I used those Camlin paints (bc Camlin is the brand name) when I studied art in high school! They are actually pretty good quality, and are nice to work with! I used a flat palette, and they dry out overnight and can be re-wetted easily. I used canson paper with them, and the colors show up very well. It's easy to re-wet them on the paper as well, and they blend pretty smoothly. I've made lots of paintings with them, and for the price of about 10 USD in India, it was hard to beat the value!

  76. J P says:

    Do you mind showing us the Mission Gold dot cards after you try them?! I've been looking at the same brand and I keep flip-flopping on whether or not I should get the 36 set. They look so vibrant and lovely, but I'm not sure I can justify the purchase with the custom palette I've already made. Thank you kindly.

  77. Wendy Ackerman says:

    Just :wow🙃

  78. Fine art And Performing arts says:

    Can you test out the Caran d’Ache luminance or the prisma colours please?

  79. Amanda C says:

    Will Smith 😂😂😂

  80. Shabana Mujeeb says:

    I love your videos so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘. Your videos are mind blowing

  81. Ames says:

    Omg cute I didn’t know you were originally from Russia! England born and raised but currently learning Russian haha!

  82. Ames says:

    Patiently waiting for a third instalment of your Acrylic Pouring series 👀

  83. Salagubs hm says:

    “Research Purposes”
    wink wink

  84. Shreya Singh says:


  85. Peggy Williams says:

    Did you ever find a black watercolor paper you liked better?

  86. Christopher Caplinger says:

    So you're Russian but you live in Germany?

  87. Bücher co says:

    Im from germany , too.

  88. Lemon Gei says:

    why don't U buy Copic ?

  89. Spookefied says:

    I’m addicted to how you say Japanese

  90. Moola Swamy says:

    I love to collect art supplies

  91. J J says:

    What type of watercolor kit should I buy?

  92. ramneek kaur says:

    Please do the indian watercolors reviewing video please pleasee.. I am a big fan


    Love the video
    And ofcourse I would really like if you would use soft pastels from india-camlin

  94. Ezra Justine says:

    I got the Kuretake Gansi Tambi set almost two years ago, the colours are beautiful, some are more opaque (almost like a thinner gouache). I used them all the time until I found out they are not lightfast at all.. For some this wouldn't matter, but I want my paintings to be archival, so just a heads up. Much love! 💙

  95. Madhuparna Bose says:

    Hey, thanks for getting the Camel artist's watercolors.. ❤️ Could you please create a painting with them? 😊

  96. kuvbersh says:

    Я и не думала, что за бугром невской палитрой рисуют 🙂

  97. Mimi Z says:

    Have you ever considered getting handmade watercolours from Etsy and review them?

  98. Kasturi Bhatt says:

    When are u gonna do a giveaway???

  99. Avantika Shrivastav says:

    The Stonehenge Aqua black watercolour paper is amazing! 100% cotton with a beautiful texture (like that of cold pressed paper). I love it! 😀 You should try it, you'll like it, it's fun to paint on!

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