ART STYLE VOTE OPEN NOW! | The Sims Info/Thoughts

ART STYLE VOTE OPEN NOW! | The Sims Info/Thoughts

Hey folks! How’s it going? This is Iron Seagull here, back with another Sims Info & Thoughts video. So today the next voting
process for the second community stuff pack has opened up, which is the art
style vote. So when you click on the link he will be taken to this page where it
says welcome, simmer! We have designed a series of surveys for simmers like you
to help us create an amazing stuff pack survey votes will decide everything from
the theme to the art style please take a few minutes to vote for your favorite
options in the last vote Arts & Crafts was the top voted theme and knitting was
the top-voted feature. We have selected three potential art style concepts to go
along with arts and crafts – knitting all you have to do is choose your favorite
the stuff pack will include the top voted art style then when you click Next
you’ll be taken to this page where it says pick your favorite art style for
the Arts & Crafts knitting pack use the links to see the concept art for
each and then you just click on each of the three links to see what they look
like and I know I’m going to get questions about this because I know
people are gonna ask if there’s a none of the above option and well that’s
basically just to not vote so don’t vote if you don’t like any of the art styles
but one other thing I want to say is that with the art styles it’s not a
guarantee we’re getting every single object that is pictured it’s just meant
to give us a general guideline as to what we’d be getting if that art style
were to win so this is what the granny chic art style looks like this is the
one that I ended up voting for because I would like an elder stuff pack and this
seems like the perfect art style for that sort of direction and I like the
clothes here too I especially love the clothes that are on the child’s where
there’s the squirrel shirts and an acorn hat. Like, how cute is that?! I just
love that ideas so much if this art style ends up winning then
hopefully the acorn hat can make it in I feel like it would be perfect if my sims
are heading out to granite or if they live in a more wooded setting
like Glimmebrook. I also love the outfit and the shoes that the elderly
sim on the left is wearing generally I just like all the clothing here I was
already leaning towards granny chic before but with the clothes I’m like yes
this is the one that I want so the next one is cozy craft workshop this is
actually my second favorite and with the clothes well I guess there’s a couple of
things I do like but I think a lot of it also feels like stuff that we already
got in previous packs once again I do love the outfits that the elder is
wearing and I like the top that the woman is wearing but yeah besides that
just like it’s it’s okay but it feels a little too similar to other stuff that
we have then we got the DIY delight art style which is very pastel and I’ve seen
people calling it the Pinterest style hook which yeah I guess I can agree with
that so the clothes here I guess they’re all right I do like the hat that the
child is wearing and just yes outfit that the elder is wearing it each one I
like every single one and I also love the cat slippers that the man is wearing
too because yeah it did make me realize we don’t have cat slippers in The Sims 4
we did get them in the Sims 3 with the pets expansion pack but we don’t have
them in The Sims 4 so yeah this would be a good opportunity
even though this is my least favorite art style this one wins this would be an
opportunity to make up for that mistake of not having it ain’t cats and dogs so
then after you click on one of the options and click done. Then that’s it!
You’re done. Thank you for participating in the cleanest stuff pack survey so
it’s definitely way more straightforward than the first round of voting so yeah
it won’t take you nearly as long to vote this time as it did before
I know it is a little odd that they started this voting round right before
Christmas but don’t worry you have a lot of time to vote because you have until
January 3rd 2020 and then the next round of voting will not start until late
January with a clothing style vote yes I’m looking forward to that I love
create-a-sim in The Sims, so I’m looking forward to seeing what we’ll be able to
vote on for that. And that wraps up another Sims Info & Thoughts video. So feel
free to let me know your thoughts in the comment section below if you voted which
theme did you vote for and be sure to subscribe if you want to keep up with my
latest content from The Sims, Sonic The Hedgehog and more so I will talk to you
all later and have a great day! Thanks for watching.

Dereck Turner

9 thoughts on “ART STYLE VOTE OPEN NOW! | The Sims Info/Thoughts

  1. Lisa Scank de Alejo says:

    This one was hard to choose between TBH. I liked different aspects of all of them but I didn't have one that jumped out at me and said YES this is IT! I liked the clutter items from the DIY, the Granny Chic furniture/hanging plants but I liked the more muted color scheme of Cozy Craft Room. There wasn't a clear winner for me and I wasn't excited about the CAS for any of the style options so I'm excited for the clothing voting round where we get a more in depth look at what they come up with. Also, why aren't there scarves and ear muffs yet? This would be a good pack to add those into

  2. Lovely Queen635 says:

    Maybe we could get imaginary friends with this knitting pack, lol less creepy ones 😅.

  3. Pam's Life says:

    Cat slippers are a must 💗🐈 the acorn hat is so cute ..

  4. King Libra says:

    Yiiiikes at all of them 🤭

  5. runped83 says:

    granny was the one style i wanted but i prefered cozy drawn style , so i had to pick Cozy style over granny.

  6. LluviaAva says:

    Granny Chic for me! DIY looked too child-like (older teen) for me. Which is great and all, but we have enough for my taste. Want an older styler, something that’s lacking heavily in the Sims 4.

  7. Tyster 81 says:

    Great video. Our opinions are the same with this vote round. I can't wait to vote for CAS!

  8. demonicporridge says:

    I voted for granny, thought I also liked DIY.

  9. Paluxy L. says:

    I got an other question , yesterday I have bought University and Realm of Magic ……. and after playing the game a little while it has wipe out again over 7 townie households (one of them was the Straud vampires) . The setting in my game is that the number of Sims is unlimited (now are arround 315 Sims in my game) , I don't understand why the game deletes all the townies . 🙁

  10. Sakura LeBeau says:

    Cozy craft for sure

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