Art Studio Tour | Art supplies, Papers, Pens & More | How Many Pens?

Art Studio Tour | Art supplies, Papers, Pens & More | How Many Pens?

Hello and good morning, I just woke up there was people outside mowing and it was really loud But luckily I was already awake before that. So I was not woke up by the mowing But today I want to show you a few things in my art room I’ll have my setup and everything my camera and all that it’s been maybe a month or two since I was showing anything with that Maybe longer maybe three or four months I don’t know if I’ve got something if it doesn’t ever I’ve got like four hundred of them. But anyways, I’m gonna go ahead and Show you some of the things I have around here how everything’s set up some far supplies Some of the new things have rearranged in where I put them and you have any questions about it But let me know in the comments down below but let’s go and take a look at it. This here is my window looking outside of the Beautiful sunlight in the summer. I do need to get outside some I Haven’t gone outside much at all. Most have been indoors. But anyways, it’s good to take a look at what we have here my setup And everything in my room so first this here is where charges on my batteries and everything for my camera equipment I’ve got charger here this is for my DSLR and I’ve got Those went over there, which is also for my DSLR if they come with them Batteries are like this. This is the Canon one and I do have the off-brand batteries that are for it, which would be These ones here. I got these online for a pretty cheap price But anyways, this is where I charge everything for my camera or my action camera. I charge my headphones That’s a little candlelight light makes it smell nice in here so plug in so I plug in more things another candle and I think that one’s vanilla vanilla sandalwood and Moving over here I have more things such as Camera equipment and whatnot batteries little action camera and then a whole bunch of Random equipment and stuff. That’s for my camera ideas a large camera that is Then down here I have Microphone I usually use of the cheaper one there and it was about $25 for the whole thing just a chemical other stuff, but I switch from using that to the audio technica because much better much better audio and here Some more with my camera foot net One of my lenses Batteries Tripod and whatnot. Here’s more stuff that I have for my camera And then Wallpapers Air conditioner It’s a plant that someone gave me it’s not real its lights up got a little thing that plugs in it looks like a Little tree or something. But yeah. Anyways, we have here some paintings did I did a Lot of review but more of a Sample showing everybody some of my paintings from the past few years a did a video on that and this is some of my Tents of God Fountain pens I cigarettes of stuff in there. This is where I keep all of my more expensive pens Sketchbook, and these are the headphones they use bluetooth wireless over ear Plantronics is the name of them They’re pretty good brand. They have good base to them my glasses And this here’s my set up the camera This is my one tripod I have and that’s the one that I use for Recording so you can see when I’m doing doing drawings audio-technica microphone Over tech light Soft box and DSLR And then my speakers and everything then I have Bank. There’s another light bus an umbrella one I prefer using a softbox I get more light out of it Computer my keyboard miles and then my huge Amount of wires back there. There’s wires all over the place My computer that I have rebuilt added new stuff to it I had a new water cooling setup and graphics card more memory more RAM Yeah, it runs a lot faster. The one I had before I had an i5 processor and this one has the AMD Rison 720 700 X and way better and then I have my scanner Little pen and everything for my tablet over there I use my tablet as a second monitor from for video editing, although I do need to get a third monitor to put over there because when I’m recording from the DSLR Or from the camcorder. I like to be able to see what I’m seeing there right in front of me Which is why I wish I could move the camera over there then I have to keep looking over here to see what’s on the screen from DSLR for the live view and Then moving over here. I have a bunch of ink and Markers I’ve got my heart of darkness ink black India ink rode trainings For just no Chinese ink and then this is ink that you can grind up and make your own And I’ve got all kinds of little highlighters and Sharpie pens micron pens technical pens gel pens ballpoint pens other brands of pens pencils colored pencils And more and more pencils mechanical pencils and some colored pencils in the back Then moving up here we have markers and then I have paintbrushes different kinds water color acrylic oil And then I have some kind of off-brand paintbrushes and stuff that I use Use this one too in mural once it’s a Really soft bristle brush and I’ve got more sharpies over here The fine point and then the regular and then all kinds of colored sharpies more sharpies over here. I mostly do black and white drawing But sometimes I had a little bit of color here and there and then moving over here I’ve got on the top there really big sketchbooks. Don’t just take a look here And then I have over here all kinds of pastels More chalk Colored pencils and other ones haven’t used a couple of these I bought these and got them for really cheap like this I got like 5 bucks or less and then Just stuff all over the place as far as colored pencils and going Chunk and pastels and then I have here my wood learning kit more shocked And I have leg Rafi pin and then This is what those are the cheap I summarized They’re okay But I really care for them compared to diversity nice and grass and then I have over here all my sketchbooks Lots and lots of sketchbooks. I want to get them all filled up. It’s gonna take me a while Probably will take me a couple of years, but I’ll get there and get them done. And then I have more paper under here This is the cardstock paper that I used for my drawing such as this one here. This is Mandela I did a drawing over recently I’m that cardstock paper. That’s right there And then I have different colors and then these are my own just guest books that have made that. It’s bought a folder or binder and put them in and then I have here a planner I write everything in so that everything planned for the week and My glass depends it’s over there, but this is more stuff in here Wood carving stuff Kanaka pencil led Did a review on these before these and gel pens that? Was pretty good very rave support then I have here a whole bunch of erasers and all kinds of random things such as these replacement nibs and whatnot And then a tiny little easel And that’s my art supplies in that location. Although I do actually have some more things over here which is other phone rollers in case you’re wondering what that is, you just roll them and like helps your muscles and helps your stretching everything use them a lot from my back because it’s setting a lot for drawing and This here is more our supplies I have This here for oil painting linseed oil and then I’ve got All kinds of painted things over there and use that for painting really big stuff got these right there for that and some tape and Measuring tape and Have to get batteries for that actually quit working all the day. I’ve had it for like maybe eight years and then Much of friend of things under here little sticky notes and a bunch of boards ahead cut that I can use to do painting on and then I have some more canvases there and look that does remind me I actually do have I don’t know how I missed showing you this and Oh, that’s my other Drawing table and over here is another drawing table. I use that one and the other one depending on The direction the sunlight is coming in. And so if the Sun is Rising I just used that table, but if the Sun is setting I use this one because the Sun sets on the side and it rises kind of in that direction So anyways, I have canvases under here a whole bunch of them there. I got those for a really good price. And yeah I’ve used a couple of them, but haven’t done a whole lot of painting but I’ll get there eventually and so yeah, that’s my supplies and everything so far and what I did rearrange is I moved this from my hallway to here to put all my camera supplies on and It’s a lot more efficient than having all of my camera supplies Bunched up over there on that. I didn’t have much room and just makes things easier and I can get more videos done whatnot So yeah, this is my setup so far and you have any questions about or anything couldn’t let me know in the comments below Oh and by a gaming chair, obviously put a pillow on it for extra cushion More comfort but anyways if you have any questions or anything Questions comments or concerns couldn’t let me in the comments below but this is my setup so far and this is where I do all of my work and my doodles and drawing and recording and videos and everything so Hope you enjoyed watching and I’ll see you around you. Have a good day later

Dereck Turner

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