Art students showcase creative works during Stanford’s Open Studios

Art students showcase creative works during Stanford’s Open Studios

[MUSIC] Stanford University Open studios has become one of our favorite traditions here in the art department. It takes place at the end of every quarter. Students from all the different studio classes put the work that they have done during the quarter up on display.>>I wanted to do a diffusion of light, that kind of took images from many impressionist’s pieces and post-impressionist pieces. And so what I have here is actually a series of LED’s behind this grid that is also covered in cotton and a t-shirt actually and glue to create a texture and what that creates is this almost painting effect.>>I kind of wanted a catolog of all my print making. So I took photos of my prints and then scanned them in. So I kind of wanted people to see them because they are kind of hard to all put in one spot because some of these are fairly large. I wanted the prints to be more hands on and people could get a closer look because if I put these up on the wall like how they are meant to be displayed it would be a different kind of interaction and effect.>>I use the glazing technique so you do lots of different glazes and layer them on top of each other to get the color at the bottom shining through the color at the top. And I chose it because you can get a more realistic look. It’s a very important part of making art, to have your work out in public. Exhibiting your work is a real professional experience. It takes it one step beyond the classroom.>>It kind of gives me a chance to show people what I have been holed away for for 50 hours. And this is one of the few times that I have actually had my work displayed.>>I am always impressed by the students enthusiasm and the amount of work they have put into things. When the end of the quarter rolls around and this show goes up on the wall and you see it all as a cumulative effort and you really feel proud. For more please visit us at

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3 thoughts on “Art students showcase creative works during Stanford’s Open Studios

  1. Lennard W. says:

    the artwork appears to be rather blunt and uninspired. How come?

  2. Sand Artist Badal Barai says:


  3. Jenny Hughes says:

    That's brilliant to open your doors and do several expos every year. I especially like Matthew's work with light – it looks like stained glass but no need for the sun, it's beautiful!

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