Art Laffer: Not much can go wrong economically ahead of 2020 elections

Art Laffer: Not much can go wrong economically ahead of 2020 elections

Dereck Turner

81 thoughts on “Art Laffer: Not much can go wrong economically ahead of 2020 elections

  1. John Sharpe says:

    trump 2020 dixieland

  2. B M says:

    ….but the Democrats will do their best to find a way

  3. w reed says:

    The media and the dems will partner with the deep state and China to ruin our economy before the election.

  4. fsmoura says:

    "Not much can go wrong economically now"

    probably a good sign that it's the brink of the top's cliff and that it's time to sell

  5. B B says:

    There ya go! Common Wall street, time to get behind President Trump.

  6. Timothy Roberts says:

    The Democrats will lose control of the house in 2020.

  7. Renee Palmer says:

    from what i see , is …….. the MEDIA and DEMS " ARE " the deep state !!

  8. ZNEOPEC says:

    Fed up? QE to Infinity & Beyond…🚀 Who will have the last laugh when America returns to the Gold Standard? Digitally!! 😉 Google: "Gold QFS" 🛰🌎💰

  9. shaadydog1 says:

    …Unless a Democrat gets voted in with illegal votes and vote tampering.

  10. cheryl taylor says:

    What Could Possibly Go Wrong…HAHAhahahahahahahahahahahaha

  11. justin time says:

    The Democrats keep losing so watch them do something really drastic.

  12. Sarah Petty says:

    Stock market All Time HIGH!!!! Thank You President Trump!!!!

  13. myron huddleston says:

    Why are my posts disappearing ?

    Is my post going to be removed again today ?

    Posting in the HeydonMusicpage comment section is pointless if they are just gong to remove my posts for political reasons .

  14. shadow knight says:

    The bubble going to burst and hopefully it a depression one the whole thing needs a reset

  15. NathanRyanAllen says:

    Not much can go wrong… just a clear slowdown in growth both domestically and globally, along with Fed going back into easing cycle with lower interest rates and "not qe".

    Plenty can go wrong. Will it? Probably not.

  16. Donald Sebolt says:

    I'll bet Art 1 penny that this can change in 2020, and I'm a Trump supporter

  17. orange tabby says:

    Volume down

  18. Timothy Paul says:

    Trump and America will win vote Trump 2020

  19. Majin Mist says:

    They said the same thing about the economy being good in 1919/1920s…………… look how that turn out.

  20. MAGA Bot 9000 says:

    "It was clear to me that we had a growing problem in the negative narrative about Ukraine, built on these earlier accusations by Mr. Lutsenko, that was impeding the development of our bilateral relationship and the strengthening of our support for Ukraine. I therefore faced a choice: do nothing, and allow this situation to fester; or try to fix it. I tried to fix it." -Kurt Volker, U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine

  21. Douglas Campbell says:

    Republicans are the deep state. And now they are in deep doo doo.

  22. itsmemuffins says:

    Trumps economy is best economy.

  23. R420Forester says:

    The economy is not as in good shape as they say.

  24. Jill Shinn says:

    TRUMP 2020

  25. Alfie Coulson says:

    Flash back to art laffer in 2007 saying the same thing time to sell probably soon

  26. AssieDoGG says:

    Art Laffer you're the best Thank You!

  27. Robert Cable says:

    🇺🇸 couple months before election liberal media will push the recession idea. Look at Bush when clinton got elected media lied. Said we had recession. 🇺🇸

  28. Michael Patterson says:

    Hey fox-y-s trump loses in appeals court, now next Supreme Court, which we all know trump has stacked, our country could not be more corrupt !
    And our you complete idiots saying 1.9 GDP is good, your idiots trump said 4 to 5 % or more 1.9 is awful if studied numbers, something your audience does not do !

  29. Prisoner Zero says:

    Sure it can go wrong if the 7,000 pt that were still in the market in January 2009 decide to sell off.
    Let me point out again that the Bush market was on a positive incline until Hillary sustained her Campaign and ran flat until Barack met Joe the Plumber and began to decline to 7,000 in January 2009.
    Those 7,000 points were government investments, retirement plans and such but also were heavily Democrat stock holders.
    So from September 2008 to January 2009 the Right Wing investors bailed.

    People(Democrats) try to claim that the Roosevelt Depression was caused by the 1928 crash.
    Not true!
    Just like the 2007-8 Subprime Goldman Sachs collapse, Goldman Sachs also staged the 1928-9 Collapse. But by 1933 things were turning around and would have taken off but Roosevelt's Socialist Policies drove investors off. My point is, these were 2 different issues. Just like 2007-8 Subprime Collapse and the Market crash were 2 different things.
    Also, "You all" call it the 2008 Subprime Collapse. But that is far from true. In April-May of 2007 Bush, Kennedy and McCain said on a Friday that they were going to pass the Kennedy-McCain Amnesty Act. But Emails and phone calls scared congress from passing the bill, meaning MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL ALIEN HOME OWNERS WERE SUDDENLY FACING THE SUBPRIME RATES AND BAILED OUT OF THEIR HOMES in particularly Florida, that passed an unfriendly Anti Illegals act so they headed for friendlier states. By the end of June 2007, Bears Sterns was collapsing under the weight of foreclosures.
    It was the 2007 Subprime Collapse that rolled into 2008. and then the criminal "picking the winners and losers began with the criminal QE2 by the Federal Reserve.

  30. Tom Meyers says:

    Easy for him to say… he is not out in California breathing the burning po0p

  31. MMAFighter38 says:

    Obama’s gdp growth for 2016 was 1.6%. That’s the economy Obama left trump

  32. trine 3 says:

    if people who have fake education degrees take over the coutry venezuela will look like a vacation

  33. JESUS SAVES says:

    PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020! 🇺🇸

  34. Roy 1776 says:


  35. NDFOOTBALL says:

    The Mexico Canada deal is on Nancies desk ready to be signed yet Democrats scream Impeachment. Trump has secured our borders and with the help of Mexico has slowed illegal immigration protecting jobs for our citizens and preserving good wages and stopping crime, Democrats scream Racism. Trump has helped lower Drug prices and legislation is in the hands of democrats and they scream, free healthcare at the expense of the middle class and the wealthy. Trump is about to sign the first part of the China trade deal which will be a start towards free trade and intellectual property protection yet the democrats scream WE LOVE CHINA. Wake up america the democrats are not Americans they are socialist.communist traitors who want to sink this country from within. Vote Red and back your conservative initiatives.

  36. beo wulf says:


  37. Young Blood says:

    Love Maria and Art. Don’t let Nap in the building.

  38. Linda Smith says:

    This is what America is supposed to be exceptional.And the Democrats want us to pay for their globalization ambitions and crazy socialist policies!Hell No!Trump 2020 and beyond!

  39. Hangfire-13 says:

    Maria's voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard…

  40. alex vasquez says:

    Trump 2020 =)

  41. Ruredd2votered Redvoter says:

    One small step for President Trump one giant disappointment for left kind

  42. Rush N. Bot says:


  43. Red Pilled says:

    Check POTUS Twitter feed.. he is touting the new record highs of the stock market.. YET no mention of the dive of durable goods/factory orders… nor the entire manufacturing sector in contraction, nor debts/deficits exploding/nor Fed QE….

  44. G Fisher says:

    If Democrats are tired of being losers, they can stop being Democrats. Problem solved. Just self identify as an American, stop wishing for the total destruction of the USA and impeaching Trump, and stop pushing silly little Marxist doctrine like divisive racist policies, political correctness and gun control along with ridiculous taxation schemes for economic redistribution and start winning.

  45. bart roberts says:

    Huh?I thought this was ALL Obama policies?CNN and MSNBC said SO plus my College Professor!If TRUMP made our Economy better I need a SAFE SPACE and a Soy Latte!

  46. southofglory says:

    53% see economy as important issue.
    The other 47% are lying.

  47. Mark Funkybunch says:

    What if I told you that every time POTUS says “Do Nothing Democrats” he is speaking in code. He is actually saying “I Am Draining The Swamp”. LEARN OUR COMS

  48. A Doozer says:

    Dems will pull out every dirty trick to tank the US economy. They should all be removed from society. They are anti-America, anti-Constitution and globalism terrorists.

  49. Robert Johnson says:

    Mr. Laffer is a breath of fresh air. Smart man who retains good cheer and enthusiasm.

  50. Vas Bennett says:

    Nobody voluntarily pays Tax's!!! God he is stupid.

  51. tobber08 says:

    Impeachment nonsense – exactly…… smarmy lefty douchebags……

  52. GreenMachine says:

    Oh no Art

  53. Kevin O’Brien says:

    Democrats on Monday pounced on Trump’s contention that the whistleblower must testify publicly rather than answer questions in writing, accusing him of hypocrisy.
“It’s the height of hypocrisy for the president to be asking the whistleblower to testify and then not allowing his own administration officials, who were actually involved in the illegal conduct, to testify”

  54. Dave Dee says:

    Don't count on it. Dumb Donald will find a way to screw it up somehow.

  55. Sue Scaccia says:

    My question is…How much (as a percentage) of the American markets are directly tied to the CCP? And how much overseas? Let’s get the real answer to WHO is benefiting globally from the US market expansion!

  56. ray reedy says:

    That's a damned lie banks are already closing down and having runs on them world wide alot can happen to the economy.

  57. William Morris says:

    We like winning to much with President Trump,to stop now.

  58. Chris Tucker says:

    The Democrats want slavery.

  59. jamie oxenreider says:

    Maybe we can trade New York, California, Puerto Rico, and Connecticut to the EU in exchange for Poland and Greenland.

  60. Hugh Mcdanel says:

    These guys say anything to keep a panic attack from happening, nothing about monetary policy of the fed

  61. Mark Paren says:

    I’d keep an eye on the known market manipulators. If either Warren or Sanders is the candidate they might not want to take the risk.

  62. Stephen Jahoda says:

    Why do you continue to lie about Schiff crap the is not legal. Be yourself like you used to be. That's why your # 1 da . Your watchers like me have had it

  63. Fred Rogers says:

    The Trumpet is Sounding!

  64. AmerHousewife says:

    Yes Mr. Ladder. That is why the Dems are moving into the fake impeachment.

  65. Robert Hager says:

    Watch how bad the economy gets if a Dem become President

  66. Deniece Seawell says:

    I love art he's so smart and knows how to grow the economy get big fat govt off our backs and out of our paychecks

  67. World Citizen News says:

    If the rest of the world plays nice, they can join the party and learn something…

  68. Jeffrey Mill says:

    President Trump…no other President could of done better!
    He is amazing!!!!

  69. Neoma Henry says:

    Your news channel and all the other news channel let our President down bunch of traitors and I even have a bag full of names for crusty people like you

  70. R lee says:

    This is the same idiot that said the economy was strong, DAYS before the financial crisis started.

  71. paul bolger says:

    if the markets hit 5000 then that is going to be a absolute massive tax windfall for the government many trillions trump is going to drive that revenue he could get enough to pay the national debt its crazy lol america is back in business

  72. Man Nguyen says:

    Exactly, economy is very inportant! When your stomatch is empty and your pocket burned you are "handycap" right? Vote for president DONALD TRUMP 2020..

  73. Man Nguyen says:

    Vote for him you will be rich!! No american people..



  75. Susan Auger says:

    Trump knows how to make $. He actually passes it on to the people. Politicians dont usually help anyone but themselves

  76. Top Secret Bear says:


  77. Penny Krier says:

    Fox News is confusing ! Sometimes they lean to the right then the left then the middle then up and down , can't watch them anymore, OANE news is the best for truth News

  78. halo2pro9 says:

    Meanwhile QE4 is going on and the repo market continues to be a problem.

  79. God_Laughs _At_Atheists says:

    President Trump can boast about how many campaign promises he kept, and the do-nothing Dems will boast about the number of times they tried to impeach President Trump, and ignored America's needs.

  80. Trevor Marr says:

    Socialism sucks! The Left are Socialism!

  81. kkingcombo12345 says:

    What an unbiased source…

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