Art & Craft Hacks – Hack It: EP99

Art & Craft Hacks – Hack It: EP99

In this episode, art & craft hacks! With this one, I’m going to teach you how
to darken colours. I’m going to use yellow, and I want to darken
it. Now most people, they will get the yellow and they’re going to paint their thing like
that and then with the black, to make it a little
bit darker, this is what happens. So as you can see, the colour is kind of murky,
it is not really yellow, it is more of a greenish colour. The trick is to actually use dark brown instead
of black. That way, it makes it a much nicer, warmer
colour. This is the plain yellow, this is the yellow
with the dark brown, and this is the yellow with the black. And as you can see, it works very well. I’m very happy with that, look at that! So this one is for people that are a little
bit clumsy or people that are working with children. Usually this happens and maybe you’re going
to reach something and then your water spills. So this hack, is to actually stop the water
from spilling everywhere really. All you need is a balloon and some scissors. Cut the bottom of your balloon like so. Next, place your balloon over the mouth of
your cup. Just cut the top off and that’s pretty much all there is to it. Now I can put my brushes in, no problem and this way, it’s not going to spill as easy. Tadah! And you can also just do this and brush off
extra paint or water or whatever which is great. Or you can get a disposable cup just like
this with the hole on top, I mean it’s not as spill-proof but it’s still
pretty good so thumbs up baby, thumbs up! So what I’m going to teach you is a watercolour
resist technique and all you need is a candle, my watercolours
and water and obviously a paintbrush! I’m going to put my glasses on just because
I can’t go close to it. Fucking excuses, excuses. Okay, so… Now I can’t see… So… So what you want to do is you want to create
a shiny balloon. So you can do all kinds of things like hearts
or words, but I’m going to create like a shiny part
of the balloon. This may not be the best drawing I’ve ever
done, I probably guarantee it! Next is just to start painting your balloons! Okay so I’ll start with I guess this colour. So there you go, you can see when I paint
over, it doesn’t actually absorb any of the paint. It only goes on the areas where the wax is
not. You can see it’s starting to separate there. Okay, next colour! Wow it’s so mesmerising to watch. So this is a great little technique you can
do with children or if you’re better artist than me, you can
be really quite elaborate, that’s up to you and that’s all there is to it! This hack is for all of you painters out there that have this issue where your paint gets
stuck on the lid and it will also get messy on the inside of
the lid. First thing I want to do is wipe off any wet paint that you have on there, so next, just grab a piece of cling wrap and then you just simply place it over your
tube like so, put the lid back on. This way, the cling wrap helps prevent the
paint from getting stucked inside your lid and going everywhere basically, making it easier to open! Another solution is to actually just use Vaseline! All you have to do is put some vaseline around
the opening of your tube. Just like that, it’s much smoother to screw
on and off. Very good right? When your penknife goes blunt, most people would probably go out and buy
a new one but no need people because the old one is
still good! So most penknives have this little thing at
the bottom where you can actually just pull off just
like so. And what this is it actually has a little
slit right there to put your blade in so that way you can just snap off the end
of your penknife. So that’s how you resharpen your blade. You just simply snap off each section as you
go along and you can use it maybe… 15 times? Depending on your blade I don’t
know. So this next one is for all of you people
that like to paint and you don’t have any palettes okay so instead of going out and buying one, why not just use an ice tray? Lucky for me this ice tray has a lid. This way when I put paint on my tray, I can just cover it and the paint won’t dry up. Now if you can’t find an ice tray with a lid, a simple solution is just to use cling wrap! Cover it like that. That’s all there is to it so this will save you a trip going down to
the art shop to get a palette. A great way to keep your brushes in good condition is to actually when you’re drying your brushes, hang them this way. You just need some double sided tape on the
side of my table and then all you need to do now is stick your
brushes onto the side of your table. I personally think this is a great way to
dry your paint brushes, this way it kind of keeps its shape and it’s
less messy than it leaving water marks on your table
or newspaper or whatever you put it on. I think this is much neater! So here’s a fun and easy technique that you can
try with your paints, you can just get some bubblewrap which I have
right here, I’ve cut 2 pieces because I’ve got 2 colours! And then I printed out a tree here. Scrunch up your bubblewrap, dab it so you can see that I have my paint on my
bubblewrap and then, you want to just gently dab your
bubblewrap onto the tree, where you want the leaves. Beautiful! I’m done with the blue. Now, I will dab my pink. I know it’s a weird combo of colours but we’re trying to be pop arty. Alright, and there you go, a very bright looking tree! So this is really really easy, it’s fun to
do, you can go crazy! We’ve come to an end of yet another episode, thank you so much for watching. Now if you didn’t already know, I’ve started
designing our own merchandise, you can go check it out at We’ve also got some items up on sale so go check it out! Also, you can follow me on Instagram @rjt99 and if you like this episode, subscribe and don’t forget to hit that bell so that you can get notified everytime a video
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