Art Cooking PICASSO

Art Cooking PICASSO

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Art Cooking PICASSO

  1. Elise Logan says:

    Great episode.

  2. Rachel Ann says:

    As you were going through the different stages of picasso I heard Hannah Gatsby saying "CUbisM!" like she did in Nanette.

  3. Mimi de Seda says:

    I now want to fry some of my art.

  4. Hannah O says:

    This is such a good series!

  5. Estrella Casias says:

    The food videos are like my favourites

  6. kujmous says:

    So no hashish fudge?

  7. Ross Llewallyn says:

    This was so charming, and I learned a lot!

  8. Lucy Lü says:

    LOVE Art Cooking so much ❤️

  9. Fake_owl says:

    This is really cool channel! Thanks for creating such a great way to teach and talk about art. 😉

  10. Chele Bel says:

    Thank you for a very interesting, clever and entertaining video.
    Would you consider doing a piece on Frank Lloyd Wright and his influence on food? There was an article written a few years ago about his influence on farming.

  11. PoseidonXIII says:

    Handy back up orange! XD

  12. janicew9 says:

    I very much enjoyed this whole video, I learned a lot! But the clapping bread hands was hilarious

  13. Sally Meixner says:

    This is my favorite channel on youtube and your content is seriously doing so much and I adore it but it was odd to hear you use the word “prostitute” while talking about les demoisselles, that term is outdated and considered dehumanizing (or even a slur) to many people. The term used now is “sex worker” and if it is absolutely necessary to disclose the extent of what specifically they do (it usually is not) and they are physically having penetrative sex for money the term is “full service sex worker”. But again, fucking amazing series, can't get enough.

  14. iagonizante says:

    I love food and how it intersects with artists lives i haven't missed a single episode yet, so of course i loved this video as well, since we get Picasso drilled into us since a very young age in Spain. I also wanted to point out a small mistake, the second painting you show that Picasso made when he was a child is not Dusk over the port of Malaga, it's actually a painting of Torre de Hercules, which is in Coruña (i recognised the scenery because its my hometown so i checked and it is actually that ). Also fun fact, did you know the current Spain Tourism is still the logo designed by Picasso?

  15. Saundra Audrina says:

    really enjoyable crash course! thank you!

  16. Oddrae says:

    Favorite show!

  17. LagiNaLangAko23 says:

    STRIPED bass

  18. Moira Crombie says:

    Fuck Picasshole

  19. Daniella Naomi says:

    I love this video but would be delighted to see more women’s take x

  20. go go says:

    The underlying playfulness is enticing. Tonight finger bread!

  21. Janis Abols says:


  22. OtakuAlice says:

    I want to know more about this frying paper thing. Do you have any links to more reading?

  23. чак чук says:

    My favorite YouTube channel

  24. My Name's Not Hayley Get it right says:

    Um Arkham Asylum ?

  25. Gemmatus says:

    Even though I'm vegan and grossed out when you prepare meat (or fish) I LOVE ART COOKING vidos!!

  26. Kat U says:

    "notorious progression through wives and lovers" is a funny way to say "notorious pedophilia and systemic abuse of intimate partners"

  27. Shauday Smith says:

    I was surprised how entertaining this video would be. Really the bumbling cooking efforts was just plain fun to watch. Now i'm off to binge watch the whole dang channel.

  28. Bárbara Martínez says:

    This video has me shooooooked. It's amazing.

  29. La Verne says:

    what brush is she using

  30. Suzie Yang says:

    I love this 😄

  31. pigeon boie says:

    you guys should definetly do toulouse lautrec showcase my beautiful little man

  32. Ramila RAI says:

    1:40 I read "Seungri"

  33. thepeacefish says:

    This is such an interesting collection of pots and pans

  34. thepeacefish says:

    Imagine growing up with Sarah and her husband as parents. What a rich and stimulating household.

  35. Van Gogh says:

    Too many people judging him for his life and not the genius behind his work

  36. sarahi villanueva says:

    I loved this!!! Thank you so much for posting !!!💕💕💕

  37. Uju Ugwu says:

    Please do anything on rothko

  38. Trent Milner says:

    "Food has also been the art on a number of occasions." SAYS THE DEMON THAT COMES OUT OF NOWHERE

  39. Miguel A.LM. says:

    This video is an art on its own. Magnificent.

  40. Robin Long says:

    13:28 when your friend dies in an Obby

  41. Ruva Chipato says:

    So you made mulled wine?

  42. Millicent Butler says:

    I LOVE these videos!!! I am incorporating them in my High School Art classes as we study different artists from around the world and their culture each month. Any chance you could do Hokusai before November? 🙂 We're also covering Degas, DaVinci, Klimt and Prymanchenko this year…

  43. Oma Rumunna says:

    I missed this

  44. Luke Thomas says:

    Really interesting, you used such an interesting mix of historic photos, shots of his work, cooking footage, and the more esoteric imagery, like the watercolors to depict periods.

  45. Per Jonsson says:

    Please do cooking with Basquiat!

  46. Natasha Ryan says:

    I KNOW this is sarah just being diplomatic and i do really appreciate that she mentions that he's not a good person every time she mentions him, but downplaying picasso's actual abuse of his partners and like, actual pedophillia doesn't sit too well with me

  47. Timothy Dingman says:

    I'll never understand how one can be a Misogynist and womanizer at the same time

  48. kevinsmellls says:

    Hey was wondering how that fish tasted?? Curious bc it looks pretty but wondering if those ingredients meshed well? Also: this series is my favorite thing

  49. Sara Baglioni says:

    I would prefer that you make this beautiful and amazing series of videos without using meat (because, you know, sometimes it sounds disgusting and unpleasant). :3

  50. Gwen le Fay says:

    f*ck Picasso -I'm not conflicted at all

  51. Lewis Vincent Jon says:

    The woman that does these videos talks too fast, it’s the same as Crash Course.

  52. Mirela Petre says:

    The clapping bread hands 😂♥

  53. Chaos x 7 says:

    brilliant and original

  54. Courtney Sorrento says:

    This was educational, funny, and very clever! I love it!

  55. Samuel B. Wilson says:

    This is the way one should approach the cultural importance of art and artist while clearly separating and announcing the maleficent actions of said artist. I find it important that these types of explanations are supported because it does laud the greatness of the work and talent while contextualizing the unfavorable character traits of the artists.

  56. D Solis says:

    😭😭😭😭😭 this channel is so good that I don't deserve it… 😭😭😭😭😭👏👏👏👏👏😭😭😭😭

  57. Lillith666 says:

    @12:13 omg watching you haphazardly try to cut the sausage is awful!!

  58. Louella.y says:

    Microplane graters are awesome. You might think you don't need one but you absolutely do.

  59. Richard Long says:

    Hold the microplane in your left hand and keep it fixed. Zest the orange with your right hand. It’s way easier and feels much more natural.

  60. Blackpink Isn't in my area says:

    I just remember he drank a lot of coffe, and I mean a lot

  61. E T E R N A L says:

    You… literally meant cooking. I thought it was a metaphor for something lmao

  62. Jonathan Higgins says:

    I feel like this episode is good for not shying away from Picasso's problematic views towards women but, it notes them and then completely undemines them by continuing with the narrative of the 'great artist regsrdless' can't we just acknowledge people for what they were even if that means drawing attention to uncomfortable truths?

  63. Star Lemon077 says:

    I feel like non artists take his art for granted. As an artist, its hard to make your own style i feel like he embraced that. Always changing and evolving over time.

  64. Fisto says:

    its picasso, not pakasso

  65. Debby A. Debryana says:

    OMG! What an interesting way to learn about both art and cooking. I love it so much!!! <3

  66. Caro Villarroel says:


  67. Jenu Mclucas says:

    Never thought I needed to watch this.. I’m bingeing through this whole channel now lol

  68. Natalie Giannos says:

    I LOVE this series

  69. Alex Agrasot says:

    No spoons is also a statement about being rich.

  70. Richard Becker says:

    "Well the girls would turn the color of the avocado, when he would drive down their street in his El Dorado"

  71. Pat W says:

    enjoyed this side of picasso

  72. Zombie Cactus says:


  73. PlantsAreFriendsYouEat says:

    So will there be a Brion Gysin art cooking video?

  74. Oskar Koponen says:

    Its very similar to the swedish glögg.

  75. Jo Franco says:

    god i love this channel

  76. Madison Jackson says:

    12:27 Aww, that is one cute doggo! I knew that he had a dachsund, I just now know what the good boy looks like.

  77. AdaAbstractArt says:

    Cool! I love picasso! Very modern

  78. Elsa Re says:

    that bread clap tho

  79. Jose Baldizon says:

    Really didn't get the whole cooking angle, but I enjoyed the video.

  80. richard fucking mark says:

    I'm starting to get why yall don't like Picasson and I understand why lol he's kind of an asshole sksks

  81. MY MUSES says:


  82. Rose Quill says:

    Roman wine wasn't technically heavily watered down compared to modern wine because it was a much more concentrated wine than we have now so it's technically at least the same as modern wine, most likely still stronger though

  83. TiOZÃO says:

    The cooking part is annoying! I skip all of the cooking.

  84. Denise Stover says:

    Great series!
    You have a nice voice for narration. I love your stove!
    I hope you don't mind a small "constructive criticism"? You do a great job with pronunciations, therefore, I want to point out this small thing.
    Court-bouillon pronounced
    cou(rhymes with you)•bee(obvious)•yawn(soft n)

    Where I am from (Biloxi, MS) we make a redfish court-bouillon that I would have happily served to Picasso!

    I love your series and I hope you continue to make these!
    God Bless!

  85. Donna Woodford says:

    Picasso seemed pretty arrogant, thinking himself superior to women. I wonder what his daughter Paloma thought of him.

  86. De Cnijf Kris says:

    Was that a trout? French is good. I once went to a Picasso exposition in Bruges and I must say he is a complete artist. He could do it all. I don't like his modern paintings.

  87. Savi B says:

    Wait but was the wine good

  88. Tiger Winter says:


  89. Sun Jara says:

    What was that at the beginning??? An editing error or on purpose???

  90. Robin Lillian says:

    You could also steam the fish in a large frying pan.

  91. Robin Lillian says:

    Whole wheat or rye bread does not rise as high or as easily as white. The bran breaks up the gluten & makes the rise smaller.

  92. Khalid Abdulla says:

    This is what u put ur art history to in the age of digital reproduction?

  93. krimson says:

    13:27 oof

  94. Gat says:

    He was also a communist, even painting a portrait of Stalin, but they rejected it because it was far too abstract and made Stalin look like a woman.

  95. Luchie de Leon says:

    Late to the party but love the clapping bread at the end. I needed to see that today. Great video.

  96. The Modern Heathen says:

    I assume Hannah gadsby wouldn't care for this video

  97. pity party says:

    my great grandparents were neighbours with him back at antibes, and he loved loved loved to eat cherries and chat with them.

  98. NightBurst Studios says:

    “He did all the things”—dude same

  99. Javier Analco says:

    Why he look like Toby flenderson

  100. Alexander Wood says:

    Wait that’s wassel!!!!

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