Art Battle Royale! SuperHeroKids

– [Narrator] This is a paid advertisement for Osmo.
– Is it up here? (grunting)
No. (footsteps)
Where is it? It has to be around here somewhere. (deep sighing)
Dang it! Under here?
No. (gasps) Super Secret Christmas Present! Do not open, do not touch,
do not look, do not smell, do not shake, leave it alone. (whimsical music) Hmmmm. (whimsical music) (sniffing) (whimsical music) (paper crinkling and tearing) I wonder what the Super
Secret Present Noah wanted is. (gasps)
Wow. I wonder what this game is? That’s so fun. (gasps) That’s so cool. Wow! It’s the Osmo Genius Starter Kit! With five hands on learning games. What five games does it do? Masterpiece, draw anything and everything! (gasping) Whoa! This must be the base. First! I have to put my iPad in the base, then I have to put the reflector on top. I have to get out my creative board. Alright. My markers. We have my, marker bag plus eraser. And now we can start drawing. (whimsical music) All you have to do, is trace the lines. (whimsical music) (gasping)
Whoa! The Frozen 2 Super Studio. I wonder where Hope is,
I’ve gotta show her. (whimsical French music) Hey Hope. What’cha doing? – Shh! You cannot interrupt
an artist in her process, you are going to interrupt
the artistic flow. – I just wanted to show you my new… (gasping) – How dare you bring the vile excuse of craftsmanship into my proximity. – But, you haven’t even seen it yet. – I have no reason to, now you and your art have a good day. – But I,
– I said good day. (whimsical French music) (calm meditation music) – You okay? – To become one with the paint,
one must become the paint. I am my art, my art is me. Are you still a trader to
my genius incapabilities? – No, no, no! I’m just trying to show you my new Olaf! – I see, so you think
you’re better than me? You think your Olaf’s true artist. There’s only one way to reveal
the master of the trade. With a paintbrush by my
side and paint in my heart, I declare,
an art battle royal! – Hope this isn’t necessary. All you need to become an artist is the Osmo Masterpiece Game! – It’s on. (lighthearted circus music) (horns beeping) – I’m done Hope, this art
competition is pointless. I was never trying to take your art away, I was just trying to
show you something cool I thought you would like. I’m gonna go play with my Osmo. (huffing) – This isn’t over. – [Osmo] She needs a beautiful dress, can you design one for her in
the white area on your pad? – Hey. – Oh hey, come check this out. – No!
We’re not done yet. – Come on, you’re a great artist. I just wanted to play
with my Osmo Super Studio. – Oh, it’s on. This is it, this is how I’ll
show you my real abilities. – I believe you! Just look at what I’ve
been trying to show you. – Yeah, I will. After I win! (whimsical Italian music) And you know why I’m going to win, because I’m the best. Of my age and generation,
people will be talking about my knack for decades to come. See my art is
(gasp) (oven alarm beeping) What? How did mine get burned? I even used artisan cheese. (sighing) Eden, you’re the better artist, you have the knack and
skill I could only wish for. My brush is in your hands. (whimsical music) – We coulda just played the
Pizza Company Game by Osmo. (box opening)
(sighs) Woulda been so much easier. Ahh, cool pizza. (gasping) Ooh! (gasping) Wow! (Osmo game sounds) I guess I should go check on Hope. (whimsical music) – The life of an artist is a trying one. Full of trial and tribulations. But one day I will prevail. Come back to mock the
new apprentice, have you? This rain is as fleeting as my talent. (record scratching) – Are you looking at the sprinkler? Anyways, I’ve been trying to get you to look at this all day. It’s the new Osmo Frozen 2. (gasps)
– No way! I have the kit too! – That’s all you need. The kit and the new Frozen 2 Super Studio. It’ll teach you to draw Olaf,
Anna, Elsa and their friends. It’s like they come to life. – That’s so cool! I don’t want to play anymore. – What?
Why? – I’m not gonna be any good. You’ve already proven you’re
the true artist anyway. – Don’t be silly Hope, the Osmo is for everyone of all skills. And there’s no time like the
present to start practicing. – Wow, you’re right, thank you Eden. Okay, let’s find a photo. Play. [Osmo] Continue the story. Come on! We’ll start with learning how
to use lines in your drawings. Lines come in many forms. Straight, curvy, even squiggly. – This is so cool.
– Wow. – Elsa’s so beautiful – [Osmo] Are you ready to start drawing? Tap the next page at the
bottom of the screen. Let’s see what lines Anna and Elsa find while they’re playing in the castle. – Ooh. – [Osmo] Draw what she’s making
on your Super Sketch Pad. Pick something frosty. (sketching sounds)
(game chimes) – You got this
– Okay. This is so much fun. I’m actually really good at this, like I think I’m actually better than you. – [Osmo] 3… 2… 1… Kazaam!
(laughing) – I’m getting good! – [Osmo] Color time. (whimsical music on game) (chimes) I’m like… really good! – [Osmo] Ooh, well done! (chimes) That’s amazing! – Eden, I think I’m better than you. – Ooh. – [Osmo] It can be anything, try using different line lengths, and sizes to make something new. – Okay, Eden, your turn. (Eden sighs) Wow! That’s pretty cool. – I know right. That’s so awesome. – [Osmo] 3… 2… 1… – YEAH!!! So good! – Wow! (Osmo chimes) – [Osmo] Well done! (game noises) – Yeah! – [Osmo] That’s amazing! Lastly, draw a snow slide
at the bottom of the page. – Ooh.
– I got this! – [Osmo] Try a curvy line. (whimsical music) – Wow! – I know, it’s so good, here we go. – [Osmo] 3… 2… 1… Abracadabra! – Woo!
– Wow! – That looks so good! Okay we’re gonna paint. Let’s do this. (Osmo chimes) – [Osmo] Abracadabra! Let’s paint it now! – I’m the best! – Ooh no.
(game chimes) – The Osmo Genius Starter Kit. Turn your tablet into a
hands on learning tool. The Osmo Genius Starter Kit comes with the Osmo base, five game
apps, and all the pieces you’ll need to have a
unique learning experience. These five hands on learning games, are tons of fun. Masterpiece lets you draw
anything and everything. You can really let you
creativity run wild. It comes with guided
sketches, and even lets you transform pictures into drawing outlines. Numbers, lets you play with math in an open age environment. With words, you can
enhance you spelling and… (grunts) (beeps)
– Please stand by. – Games like Tangram and
Newton let you build with physical objects, let me
show you how they work. And remember, an I-pad
is required to play. (video game music)

Dereck Turner

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