Art 206: Analysis of an artwork

Art 206: Analysis of an artwork

Dereck Turner

19 thoughts on “Art 206: Analysis of an artwork

  1. RodgaRouge says:

    Wow I learned more with you in 30 min than with my painting teacher in 2 months! thankyou man, I appreciate your work! greetings from Mexico!

  2. nope14025 says:

    huh, I did learn quite something. This is very clear, structured and concise. Thanks.
    Is there any more videos or maybe some your lecture notes?

  3. Guoman liao says:

    Thanks for the videos. They are very helpful. Can you Tell me what is the name of the textbook you mentioned in the video ? 

  4. andromaha Hektorova says:

    On my exam tomorrow I'll be Columbo!  thanks for this association I think I won't be nervous because of it 🙂

  5. Catie Urquhart says:

    Extremely beneficial and very interesting. The video has really showed me that there are so many other elements to consider when analysing a piece of art and I'm looking forward to applying the skills and knowledge i've gained in the future. So thank you 🙂

  6. oIIBLACKOUTIIo says:

    what class do you teach exacly and where? is there a art analysis school?

  7. Luigi says:

    Are you telling me that I should judge Art by what you like
    instead of what I like?  Art is what the individual sees as Art and
    what an individual likes.  Let's not make this like rocket science.

  8. Mthetheleli Kulati says:

    Very helpful thank you…please post more videos

  9. D Castaneda says:

    This video is awesome! So helpful! I wish you had an abstract example. Thank you!

  10. Rohan Shejwal says:

    yaa maybe an example of artists like andy warhol or any pop artist how will u analyse it

  11. Ghandi Adams says:

    this is awesome you should make more my art teacher doesn't explain it like you do thank you

  12. shriram hasabnis says:

    Hello John! Congratulations!! Its a great things for all art lovers who would like to explore more about art. Now I've a query about the copyright using the painting images of an artist to create your own educational video. Have you taken such permission to use images or does that not needed at all. Kindly Explain. Thanks!

  13. Dean Noble says:

    Hello, GREAT video Sir, i was wondering is there a download link to that checklist? as it would be really helpful to go over everything and check i have not missed a subject out when i do my assignment. Thank You

  14. FlicksCode says:

    the style is classical not realistic.

  15. Kong says:

    You are a life saver qvq Thank you for your video!

  16. Angela Peng says:

    How do you convert all these ideas to an essay?

  17. Wasif Zawad says:

    Thanks so much. Helped me write an art analysis essay.

  18. Anthony Davidson says:

    let's avoid phrases like "super huge" & "super tiny"…

  19. Seung Choe says:

    I have no idea what it would symbolize, but its interesting that Venus's nipples are both apparent and form a line with Cupid's …

    Weird since nipples are not a sexual or romantic morif (eros) but rather Agape.

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