Are Native Americans Offended By Cultural Appropriation?

Are Native Americans Offended By Cultural Appropriation?

What’s up guys this is will wear with Praeger you today? We’re at the Navajo Nation and we’re talking to people today about political correctness issues facing their community in their culture Let’s do it. Do you find the name Washington Redskins? Is that offensive to you? Um, I don’t think so I in my personal opinion know I am a Washington Redskins fan You know, I don’t think it’s terrible, you know Because the Redskins actually came down last year to with our Native American people and talking how to do football the little kids You know, I don’t find it offensive Someone came to me and called me a Redskin to my face Hey, it’s my fault for letting that hurt me. I Believe as Navajos and as Native Americans we have larger issues to deal with the name-calling Like that. I like to Cleveland Indians. I thought that was pretty cool But some people would say that was like a drunken native on on a logo You know II mean but the Redskins I don’t I mean that’s a historic. That’s a fighter You know, I mean and like you look at the Apache helicopters, you look at the Navajo code talkers You see people jumping on airplanes saying Geronimo So that’s just admiration that the the American cultures that’s adapting and bringing into their their environment. We can’t dwell on the past Progress is in the future. And so we have to look forward as Native people I didn’t know if you heard about Elizabeth Warren talking about 1/1000 24th the Native American putting that out there. What does that mean to you? And she says I think that’s just a way of kind of having an advantage Being in a political position. Yeah. Let me ask a question back if I were, you know, maybe in a different country Let’s say Ireland and maybe I had 1% and I was trying to claim the 1% you know Any mean kind of like that, you know what I mean? What would you say are the biggest issues are now facing than I have a whole community Definitely language and culture preservation and realizing that it is something we need to preserve and it’s something very special and unique something that a lot of people don’t get to enjoy it’s it’s a cool thing being Navajo and being Native American in this day and age if someone were to dress up as a Native American for Halloween What do you think about that someone outside of the community? There’s a fine line there for me, there are Totems there are pieces of attire and regalia that are Authentic and only meant to be worn during certain times or certain acts of of ceremony but you know if you go to Walgreens or Walmart on the Halloween store or you know a Costume specialty store, you buy something that’s obviously fake I don’t really have a problem with that, you know the symbolism of the headdress and stuff like that and I can see how Native Americans traditionally Who may not see that as great but as a young person like myself I think that’s that’s that’s a cool thing that we get to be represented. Well when you start mutilating Eagles or Sacred animals to make up your regalia just for a Halloween costume. Then you’re crossing the line disrespecting the culture exactly exactly but as far as cultural appropriation Mankind wouldn’t be where we are today If it wasn’t for cultural appropriation at some point in our history somebody took the idea of making fire from another culture and the Navajos were able to adapt and Basically learn from the people that they were and able to integrate that into their own culture. So we were basically survivors I really we take a lot of pride in that and then the Navajo code talkers that were in the South Pacific Theater they used their Native American language and They were instrumental in every marine action and all the different scattered Network Islands overseas and I mean, it could have been any other, you know people in the world, but By the blessing of the Creator we were we were, you know, given and granted that that opportunity to protect our homeland which is America, you know, but I think it has become very Unfortunate that. We live in a culture in a society where outrage has become a recreational pastime Where people knit and pick until they find something wrong and then they become outraged by it and That for me, I believe that hurts cross-cultural relationships I believe it hinders us helping to understand each other now here at the Museum I give a lot of cultural lectures and a lot of cultural tours that’s part of my job here and I always start off every tour and every questionnaires a session with I’m very difficult to offend and I believe that the most offensive questions are the questions that need to be asked and answered Because that’s the only way we learn with each other whether it’s between religion beliefs cultures gender, it doesn’t matter the most offensive things are sometimes the most important conversations to have all right guys So we just finished up here at the cache miss festival here at the Navajo Nation And we found that most Native Americans are not so worried about being offended and more worried about bettering themselves and they love this country They love the military and they love the USA. So thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this follow me and Praeger you on social media drop your comments below and make sure you share this video with your Friends i’m will whit for Prager you thank you You

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100 thoughts on “Are Native Americans Offended By Cultural Appropriation?

  1. D. Frías says:

    so rich and beautiful american culture is (from alaska to tierra del fuego)

  2. Some Loser says:

    As a minority, I literally couldn’t give 2 shits about people dressing up like my ancestors. Stop being offended on my behalf lmao

  3. X Crow says:

    Living in our inclusive society… how is cultural appropriation even a thing??? That’s like saying, successful minorities appropriate culture from white folks to be successful. That’s absurd and Get real! Cultural appropriation is a joke no matter which direction it goes.

    When everybody stops highlighting our differences people will stop noticing. But unfortunately I understand that is not the goal.

  4. DemonixDreams says:

    These gotta be the most smartest most mature and enlightened native americans I ever seen.. Down in Tucson them natives need some of your guidance friends.

  5. Matthew Heckman says:

    I lived in Gallup, New Mexico for 5 months…… Most forgotten minority in America……. Been to Window Rock many times….. I lived on the Navajo Nation for a couple weeks too….. I love their language….. It sounds like the wind….. The Natives are a pretty cool people tbh….

  6. MalibuSunrise says:

    You are beautiful.❤️

  7. Stephen Burraston says:

    Notice how minorities are never offended but leftist are

  8. Cam says:

    1:14 dude makes a good point. It's not cultural appropriation, it's admiration.

  9. Ron Herring says:

    As a non-Native American I would like to say this……….each and every Native American tribe and culture is like a big shining diamond in the American Mosaic. I don`t want to see them lose any of their language, culture or traditions. It would be a huge loss to future generations of Americans. I greatly admire and respect them. I think a great many non- Native Americans feel the same way.

  10. Terry Bonnell says:

    Pocahontas will make sure her people get reparations if she gets elected.

  11. Bárnel Mercedes says:

    "Mankind wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for cultural appropriation"

  12. Kaliss says:

    "Somebody took the idea of making fire from another culture" damn bruh. Wise af.

  13. Andrew Burgess-Linden says:

    I shared this Video with my friend who's a member of the Iroquois and this pissed him off.

    Because he's an Eagles Fan

  14. Arthur Morgan says:

    Great Video, God bless America and everyone that stands for what America truly stands for 👍 🦅🇺🇸

  15. Toilet Mane says:

    Native Americans, contrary to white leftism's beliefs, are very proud of their warrior cultures and the fact that so much of their language and heritage has been incorporated into US society, culture and military culture specifically. I'm indigenous Australian and I'd love it if some bad ass military machines were named after something from my culture.

  16. Tim Allbritton says:

    What a great story.

  17. usssanjacinto1 says:

    I found this extremely offensive that not one person was offended!

  18. Andre Silva says:

    The fact the concept “cultural appropriation” exists is already a massive amount of stupidity. Leftists are so dumb that make me lose hope for this word.

  19. Alyssa Hansen says:

    These seem like very nice people.

  20. Alyssa Hansen says:

    Probably the only good PragerU video lol

  21. Caldaque says:

    SJWs get in the way of social progress. They try to separate us all based on complexion and culture. I thought that segregation was what we were trying to fight, not perpetrate. These Navajo that were interviewed have the right idea. Share your culture so people can learn from it and develop respect for it.

  22. Laura Tieffel says:

    The whole time I lived in Arizona I had no idea this was there! I would have LOVED to have went there! Native Americans were the AMAZING people who REALLY started this great country!!

  23. Syria ___ says:

    they really don't showcase our darker skinned brothers and sisters.. hmm..

  24. roninbudo says:


  25. N0diggityN0doubt says:

    enjoyed this. thanks.

  26. Ron Vitug says:

    These people are introspective and well spoken

  27. Dylan J says:

    Calling these people native ‘’American’’is not accurate.

  28. Brady says:

    Indians are always cool as hell..

  29. rogue spartan says:

    I think its funny that democratic think that it is racist to wear clothes from another culture and then the culture it self is like as long as it is not the authentic item on a normal day then its fine and they don't mind when you wear the real thing on that event. leftists are just not the smartest.

  30. Slim Curby says:

    I have a lot of native relatives but I'm more white than anything else. I can assure you, none of them are liberal and they hate people speaking for them.

  31. 王天棋 says:

    people will never be offended by cultural appropriation… until they go to uni

  32. King Calcium says:

    All of the coolest toys the US Army uses Indian tribe names. Badass name for a badass people.

  33. Chopper V says:

    Anyone notice how the majority of people screaming "cultural appropriation" aren't actually of the cultural ancestry that Will Witt is supposedly appropriating? He demonstrated this here on this video, and the video where he dressed as a Chinese person. Here he asks Chinese people if they feel offended by him dressing in their traditional clothing, they said no. It should be very clear that only the voices of the screaming mad minority are the only ones getting offended by cultural appropriation, but politicians cave into the ridiculous demands of these nutters, and the media is giving them a platform so they can dictate to the majority as to what we can and cannot do 😐

  34. Nightwolf 88 says:

    I'm Native American(Navajo) and I have no problem with the Washington Redskins NFL name or the Cleveland Indians baseball team name but just don't disrespect our culture heritage & ancestors respect goes both ways

  35. Surfin' the Kali Yuga says:

    Leftist: White people killed every last one of the natives!!!!!!!

    Actual natives: nah we cool

  36. Blanca Lopez says:

    I love the native americans I feel like home , as a Mexican girl they are like as more close to the nature and familiy, not like the gringos.

  37. Jon Will says:

    I’m glad they’re showing the slums in these reservations. People don’t know what’s going on..

  38. fvstplvnt says:

    “It’s my fault for letting that hurt me” word!

  39. Shane Whitefeather says:

    Native Persons have bigger bear to fry than the name of a football team. And the funny part is Native Persons are brown skinned. It's white people that get reddish when they get too much sun. That said, all good men are my brothers, and all good woman are my sisters in the Spiritual Sense. Love me for who I am, not for what I look like

  40. Daniel Moore, Jr. says:


  41. S H says:

    These people really come across as wise, calm, and noble. I'm very impressed.
    Long life to these Native nations,
    Love from France

    Ps. wth is going on with the mentality of white college students in america!?

  42. boxers nation says:

    To be honest the native Americans are more matured and educated compared to the university students.

  43. steve boy says:

    protecting your homeland that is america hmmm

  44. Ciel says:

    As a Native American, I don't like the term redskins because it's used as a racial slur in some areas. There is a lot of modern day racism towards Natives close by to my reservation. "Redskins" as a term is part of that. It just feels bad to hear.

  45. Bobby carl says:

    I'm a native north african and the entire world thinks we're purely arabic BUT we're berber/amazigh BUT the arabs took our identity threw it on the ground and spat on it…it pisses me off so much and i'd like so much to be culturaly appropriated and taken in consideration.

  46. Jose Alexi says:

    American history and Indian (native) history are one and the same. they're intertwined. USA culture, after 400 years of being on North America, is closer to Native culture than European culture.

  47. Dominique Charriere says:

    The left tries to create hatred where there is only respect. Dont let them catch you, you will feel miserable.

  48. Robert Quiroz says:

    Navajo's Rock. myself 1/3 native from the southwest

  49. AsianBoiZ1 says:

    SJW: That is offensive to Native American!

    Actual Native American: Uh? No is not!

  50. Lucas Amerind Cont says:

    Yes I’m very offended

  51. Julio Tzoc says:

    I’m Mayan and this leftest are so sensitive

  52. jose picasso says:

    I think we still live in a balance peaceful and cool time line. I hope people study more so the bad scene can go out and more good news story.good luck for ever body on USA.

  53. Seth Wallette says:

    I hate it when people say oh I'm 2 % native like bro you are who you are it's what you're familiar with.

  54. Tai Spring says:

    Thank you! Beautiful!

  55. L.A. Sound Collective says:

    Prager u only use examples that fit their narrative…. there's more natives that disagree with Prager u than the few that do…this is called social engineering to try to steer the perception of the public through propaganda

  56. Eben Serrano says:

    Such humble people.

  57. Hannah Abdi says:

    If it hinders understanding why is it that white people wear natic costumes

  58. A Brown says:

    This is awesome

  59. Christian Lady says:

    Looks like the most offended group are the African Americans. Because they’ve not forgiven the past. I’m African and we’re happy here 😃

  60. Khalil Freeman says:

    When will you people understand that ethnic groups are not monolithic? You can’t interview a bunch of people and use that as a definitive conclusion for the entire group.

  61. cabadman1 says:

    I'm latino, I find it hilarious how the left fight for cultures they are not even a part, but say that's offensive when that very race is not offended by it one bit.

    He said it right, historically as a human race, we have culturally appropriated. It's allowed us to learn and integrate.

  62. Johnny Lu says:

    This is so interesting to watch

  63. Truth hurts J.J. Abrams says:

    Here’s a point , 2 men out in the rain 🌧 man 1 builds a Shelter out of Straw and grass to stay dry , man #2 sees what man #1 built & takes it one step further and builds a shelter made of rock stone & mortar to stay dry and keep himself safe from predators. Did man #2 steal anything from Man #1? does man #2 own anything to man #1? Because now man #1 sees what man #2 built & now man #1 builds a two-story brick home with a fireplace and it’s now large enough for a family. My point is there’s no stealing of ideas 💡 or culture just Evolution both men are benefiting from each others ideas. We all benefit by sharing our culture our ideas our knowledge.

  64. zach niederstadt says:

    This was an awesome video. I love learning about native culture and this is cool to learn what they truly want to see out of the world

  65. Outmachainsandy! says:

    Wow loved this, such great people!

  66. Aaron Goodman says:

    Most native Americans? You interviewed four people.

  67. Wiley Dutton says:

    Love my people and my heritage! And no it isn’t offensive let us speak for ourselves please

  68. Tightt Af says:

    I don’t care, but don’t try to say you’re celebrating native culture whilst celebrating it incorrectly that’s dumb

  69. Adrie Gruis says:

    “The most offensive things are sometimes the most important conversations to have.”


  70. ___ says:

    It would be funny if they just said "yes" so the guy just went like "oh… Ok" and the video ended.

  71. m00dy_char says:

    Loved this video! Being born and raised on the Navajo nation it's nice to see people coming and learning more about us in a respectful manner and i see you with your blue bird shirt and native jewelery awesome for supporting our artists. Liberals come here and point cameras at ANYTHING and don't even try to talk to us. They just glare and leave trash in our monument's. We spend our time focusing on family and our traditional beliefs and practices and are actually pretty hard conservatives. Also I was told from someone who went to school in the city, they're telling students our Homeland is our Concentration camp. Far from true. Our land is beautiful full of natural beauty and animals and it is instilled in us from birth to respect mother Earth and to always focus on bettering ourselves which is why we live by the terms "hózhó" and "walk in beauty". Also we are VERY patriotic and love America, most families have or know active military and veterans.

  72. Clayton Myers says:

    Wow these Navajo people are awesome! Seriously all well spoken and educated. We need more people like this in our country! This was a good video right here

  73. Gaby H says:

    Everyone is free to their own opinion. I'm sure half of these Native Americans really do feel this way, which is fine, but the others took a nice $50 bill for this lovely video. The main point is MAJORITY OF NATIVE AMERICANS DO FIND THESE MASCOTS OFFENSIVE.

  74. Gary Jaensch says:

    Some real wisdom from real people.

  75. Javier Jaime says:

    Imagine if fire and the wheel was from a certain culture lol wtf people would be outraged 😂

  76. krakoosh1 says:

    Wasn’t Redbone a Navajo?

  77. H. DiSalvatore says:

    I wish more people were as chill as they are. We would be a much more peaceful world.

  78. R Colbert says:

    Your best video to date

  79. pedro S. says:

    Sorry to say the opinion of 3 people is not a representative population sample. If you want to do this right, gather enough data. Do a survey.

  80. KING G22 says:

    There's a difference from mocking and admiring someone's culture

  81. Dave says:

    wow so much respect so fine.

  82. Erica says:

    So awesome! People want to be offended for those that aren’t even offended. Look forward.

  83. Rrod139 says:

    "Here are SOME native americans who don't find it offensive, so that means it isn't offensive at all!"

    This video is just such a incredible amount of stupid and is void of any actual value. LOL

    But then again everything that PragerU does, always is.

  84. Boggy Bunny says:

    How did no one mention MMIW??

  85. Avley 07 says:

    This reminds me of Gahyeon from Dreamcatcher getting hate over ONE FEATHER on her headdress 😂

  86. Galimah says:

    love this video

  87. OarsmanPower says:

    That’s one of Will’s best videos and his guests were very well spoken. I loved their passion and their proud history. I’ve been to the Navajo Nation and it is a beautiful part of the country. God bless every one of them and Go Tribe! ⚾️

  88. Jordan Cortez Wartell says:

    This is a fantastic interview because it is so clearly authentic and primary. I really like the point of the man in the black t-shirt that if the cultural item is clearly fake and not authentic, one shouldn't act so offended. We all should strive to educate ourselves before making any decisions respecting a culture that we are not a part of. This video helps to do that.

  89. English man says:

    Liberals don't care about native americans their just using them to gain brownie points.

  90. Ryan Little Eagle Music says:

    How many people were interviewed for this video? I feel like there needs to be view points from both sides to paint a clearer picture of the argument, I feel like while these views are valid there needs to be points from both sides to truly understand the message

  91. Toby Stewart says:

    Pretty much every North American is 1% Native American

  92. Geronimo Louie says:

    I’m upset with these natives. The interviewer should have ask more then a small group of indigenous peoples, who say nice things.

  93. E- World says:

    Do they think especially Caucasian Americans think that wearing a headdress is a sign of supporting Native American culture!? Big mistake and guess what! It’s a sign of disrespect, and a oblivion to indigenous culture. How completely stupid and mindless that wearing a headdress or painting your face or dressing as a Native American Cheif is a sign of respect! How completely idiotic some people can be, what is wrong with them

  94. Bruh Skee says:

    I’m a Cherokee Native American and I think the people that think cultural appropriation a real problem with tribes are further dividing this nation from the unity we want

  95. M. Gustave H. says:

    This sounds exceedingly sensible, unlike absolutely everyone who has cried, "Cultural appropriation!"

  96. Slouchy says:

    He should have touched on the Warbonnets at Music Festivals… Personally… I KNOW people wear it because it's a BAD ASS look… when you put that on you look amazing… I am Plains Cree First Nations native, if I ever get to perform in front of an audience I'm going to buy people Warbonnets to wear… and they are obviously imitations and fake so… it's whatever man… Plus putting limits on cultures just divides us as people…

  97. General McPherson says:

    Some of those airborne boys jumped out of those planes with warpaint and mohawks! So badass!

  98. Cowboy Cowboy says:

    I had the HONOR of meeting a CODE TALKER in fort Lewis. He gave a speech and told powerful stories with a lifetime of experience behind his words. Half the warriors had tearing eyes when he finished talking…. patriotism is a heart condition not a skin color.

  99. Michael Freeland says:

    Who cares.

  100. TomHud says:

    damn no more cowboys and indian films 🙁
    Jokes aside i like the Indians.Brave warriors

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