Apple released iOS 8.0.2 – Cellular network and Touch ID fixed

I have an important update for you and I
apologize for the robot voice Apple released iOS 8.0.2 which fixes all the previous problems
including lack cellular service or touch ID. With this new update, all these problems
are fixed and so far users have reported the same thing. I encourage you to update to this new
version only if you’re not satisfied with your current iOS version. Also I notice, that at this time,
Apple still allows iOS 7.1.2 to be signed, so if you hurry, you
could downgrade to that version. Here is the full list of patches. Now I’m
not going to read each one of these out I’ll let you do that. The important thing
is that access to the cellular network and touch ID has been restored and some pesky bugs
have been fixed. Now let’s see how can you update to this
new version. You have two choices : 1. from your phone
go to Settings, General, Software Update and press
download and install, just like in the picture. 2. You can
update from iTunes by connecting your phone to your computer and use the shift
restore function. I highly recommend the second step, it’s
much safer. Let me know in the comments section
below, if you were stuck and I will help you

Dereck Turner

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