Announcing Corel Painter 2020 – Painting software built for serious artists

Announcing Corel Painter 2020 – Painting software built for serious artists

28 Jahre Malen in Perfektion NEU: Brush Accelerator GPU-Beschleunigung aus, auf der linken Seite
GPU-Beschleunigung ein, auf der rechten Seite Malwerkzeuge bis zu 20 Mal schneller mit GPU Malwerkzeuge bis zu 4 Mal schneller mit CPU Dokumente bis zu 5 Mal schneller mit CPU NEU: Verbesserungen der Benutzeroberfläche Beschriftungen der Eigenschaftsleiste Optionen zur Verringerung der Elemente der Benutzeroberfläche Neue Flyouts und 35 verbesserte Symbolleisten 20 verbesserte Menüs Aktualisierung der Eigenschaftsleiste für Werkzeugauswahl & 34 neue Hinweise Neue Malwerkzeugauswahl-Optionen Kompakte Malwerkzeugauswahl Praktische Farbauswahl Geteilte Vorschau und verbesserte Regler Sechs Farbharmonien Harmonie sperren Harmoniesatz speichern Aufrufen des temporären Farbrades und neues Menü Verbesserungen des Workflows Leistungsbedienfeld Malwerkzeugsuche – GPU, CPU, AVX2

Dereck Turner

9 thoughts on “Announcing Corel Painter 2020 – Painting software built for serious artists

  1. Miley onDisney says:


  2. Zetman says:

    you'd better improve painter elements or make it free, there's a ton of competition that offers more for less money out there.

  3. Louis Browne says:

    Are you able to create hotkeys for individual brushes yet?

  4. Blue Secret says:

    I was waiting for a painter with this many features.

    If possible, please list specific graphic card (GPU) names that support GPU acceleration.

  5. Sean S says:

    Eeek! What a frenetic promo… totally defeating the supposed claims of simplicity. I’d rework this one (especially compared to the gracefully compelling 2018 version)

  6. Arcadio Arcadio says:

    to fast, chaotic, doesn't convince me to buy it even if I actually wanted.. :/

  7. Re H. says:

    They hide the price on the website. I guess if I have to ask, I can't afford it.

  8. za igri says:

    yeah 200 bucks for a shit

  9. Jamie Ourada says:

    Good Lord! The sound on this video was straight-up painful. Maybe this kind of thing is great for other types of ads, but it really turned me off from Painter.

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