ANNIHILATOR – DEADLOCK (Official Making Of of the Unofficial Music Video) ( ENGLISH SUBS )

Laurent will be the director For artisitc questions, ask Laurent, me or Antoine Antoine is the producer There is also Mathilde in the production François is there Tristan at the lights Brian as camera operator As well as Robin There you have stylist and make-up artist
but only for Leslie You guys won’t get any make-up And there airsofters and stuntmen Have a nice day You know what we look like?
We look like robbers from Payday Good thing there are no banks in the area “And remember, no Russian” – Hey, what game is it from again?
– Modern Warfare (2) I printed it twice, here is a copy Just to give a flavor what we’re looking for Hey, I know that.
Isn’t it “The Raid”? You’ll go through this door You’ll go through this corridor, here Go behind me Go right Ok, just fall once again Go ahead, lick it! Beware, the airsoft guns! Strangle her, get closer Cut, Cut!

Dereck Turner

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