ANNABELLE COMES HOME – Official Trailer 2

ANNABELLE COMES HOME – Official Trailer 2

♪♪♪ What’s this? You folks need to turn around. Pretty bad accident up ahead. Anything we can do? You a doctor or something? Or something. Nice doll. That’s what you think. ♪♪♪ Did it work? The evil is contained. How could you not tell me
you’re babysitting for the Warrens tonight? And we’ll be back
early tomorrow morning. Have fun. Don’t your parents keep
any creepy stuff around? We keep it all
locked away in a room. It’s not good for anyone
to go in there. My dad says that everything
in there is either… haunted, cursed… or used in some
ritualistic practice. -What’s that?
-The Ferryman. They put coins over
the eyes of the dead… so he could take their souls. And what about the doll
that’s in there? Annabelle. She’s in a case for a reason. Can Annabelle
come out to play? No. Ah! Annabelle is the beacon
for other spirits. Go away! -Mrs. Warren?
-Mom? Is everything okay? Something is happening
inside your house… and we’re not really sure
what to do. Can I speak to Annabelle? I’m sorry. You need to give her
a soul, dear. She wants a soul!

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “ANNABELLE COMES HOME – Official Trailer 2

  1. Tia Singz says:

    I can't take anything serious anymore. "Far From Home" so marvel.

  2. Sabrina Rogers says:

    Another boring Annabelle jump scares and so predictable….NEXT

  3. Như Quỳnh boleros says:


  4. anoop singh says:


  5. Ivan Topalovic says:


  6. tazo Natenadze says:

    wow i cant wait to watch it.cuz its creepy

  7. Imam Faisal says:

    Annabelle 4 : Sex doll

  8. Sem Jafet Cabarles says:


  9. Wayne Hislop says:

    It’s not that creepy

  10. Park Jimin says:

    People : *gets sacred and some have a heart attack *

    Me : *laughs ;-; *

  11. باحث وناقد says:


  12. Sean Myers says:

    The Ragedy Ann doll would have been scarier than Chuckie's LBTG kid

  13. NUKE DUOS says:

    i hate the ending no one died

  14. Moe Shak says:

    This was the worst movie I have ever seen. The wardens didn’t think the babysitter was going to have her friends over and if they find the keys and let annibel out. And how is the friend not still evil after one of the spirits took her soul. The warrens come home and act like it’s just another day. The annibel the worst franchise they just keep on making bad movies. This is far the worst movie I have ever seen !!!

  15. Ovidiu Davitoiu says:


  16. SWAT & Army Games says:

    I think there will be a apart movie about that werewolf from the movie. Hellehound

  17. Joep vdm says:

    Girls: Just looking around
    Annabelle: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  18. Kamn says:

    Door:*has many warnings to not go in there*

    Girl:*goes in there*

    2000 IQ

  19. Rynxd Kingoffighter says:

    Pennywise join the chat

  20. Adel Eng Sheng Jun Student says:

    “I’m having itchy fingers so I’m gonna use these creepy stuff to scratch itl

  21. Zara Skaltsas says:

    Omg I got so scared cause whilst I was watching my dad beeped his horn and it scared me so much haha lmao 😝

  22. Vasilis Kosmas says:

    no scary….and boring

  23. Magomedkamil Koichakaev, Söderbymalmsskolan 9a elev says:

    The moment when i realized …


  24. Ralene Cole says:

    more annabelle series PLEASE

  25. lyla sanchez says:

    (SPOILER ALERT OF ANNEBELLE 1)Omg she wants a soul cuz in the first one she took the woman’s friend’s soul 😭

  26. MaiMai C says:


  27. s6rcastic says:

    I saw the movie at the theaters months ago, it was just so creepy in so many ways 😻

  28. HSVDH MBAA says:

    Why you can't just burn down that cursed spooky doll??

    End of Plot

  29. Thao Do says:

    Còi xương

  30. esther maakt niks uit says:

    Wasn't even scary of anything.. Trailer looks like it's scary but the movie was not scary enough.. En I hate it when children win from a demon.. Come on I hoped someone would die or but really really hurt..

  31. TrollBuster GossipPunisher says:

    Annabelle is the mistress of Chucky

  32. Debbie Fraley says:

    It's weird I'm not scard of this but I'm scared of pennywise

  33. Joshua Schneider says:

    If I had to make a caption for this trailer’s first 30 seconds, i would make it “just another day at the office.”

  34. Joshua Schneider says:

    Let’s examine how Annabelle managed to escape. Strap in. This might be a while.

    1. Aside from the whole premature celebration, why did Lorraine warren, who can sense spirits, believe Annabelle was contained? In her own home?

    2. Annabelle has multiple moments where she could have easily done what she would proceed to do in the movie. So why would she wait until behind SACRED glass to awaken them?

    3. If you recall Annabelle: Creation, the doll was easily contained by being surrounded by pages of the Bible. So how did she manage to escape a case of sacred glass that was blessed by a priest?

    Finally, Annabelle had been sated for who knows how long, and not once had she been awakened. And if she’s awoken by touch, how did the person placing her in the case not wake her up?

    All in all, the idea that she wakes up and goes through this is entirely preposterous. Not only that, but the entire plot is set by that one moment, making it a heaping pile of bullshit.

  35. Char!lene Haughey says:

    Not scary at all in fact I thought I was watching on e off them twilight film s when I seen the werewolf wtf trash movie😒

  36. Jasper Jay Fernandez says:

    I have a movie of this but i delete haah

  37. 15,000 subs with no videos challenge says:

    ”What did you touch”

    Babysitter: yes

  38. FUN BOOK CHANNEL says:

    Can be this better from annabelle creation???

  39. Jonny Mac says:

    Annabelle: I can’t be killed
    Khabib Nurmagomedov: Hold my bear

  40. Kcha ShaZaka says:

    Yes l now see this movie really it is funny and l'm 15 years old but l'm not scared😝😝😝😂😂😂😁

  41. miiych yulla says:

    Me : at home 😉

  42. Rei Shiii says:

    I like Annabelle 3 look like Annabelle the return

  43. Akash Kanojiya says:

    i had to throw my phone at 1.50

  44. Josephshiu Khiamniungan says:

    Shit movie it didn't even scare the kids in my area. My friends told me to watch it if i can't go to sleep & it really did mke me sleepy. Needs very much improvement its not a scary movie it was just an ordinary movie with a doll. Go kill yourself if u got scared watching this movie.

  45. Jabolzy Fun Gaming says:

    next sequel: annabelle on vacation

  46. Nate says:

    analbell is the shittiest sequel by far

  47. Spiritual Healing says:

    Danger do not touch anything!
    (Touches everything)😏

  48. YINYISYII says:

    fuck all these annabelle movies UNTIL they show us how annabelle moves around like wtf i wanna see that shit

  49. No Jason TV says:

    I wanted to punch the babysitter friend in her face so bad in the first 30 minutes

  50. Bangtan Aliice says:

    k wtf is wrong with me I'm the biggest IT fan yet I almost feel like crying after this trailer.

  51. Blaze. Subscribe bitch im black says:


  52. Mochi SyrupX says:

    Girl: Annabelle? She's in a case for a reason.
    Aw hell naw honey I wouldn't even go down that ~~~~.

  53. CHRIS SAVAGE says:

    Another pos! 🍻

  54. Impatient Sociopath says:

    Send bobs and vagana

  55. Marveon says:

    If y’all want to watch it HD free, go to 💗

  56. Daveyy YT says:

    This is the best scary movie i've ever seen

  57. LUIS NIEVES says:

    I can’t wait to watch it

  58. Kevin Burrell says:

    This movie is so whack.

  59. Fadi Boabra says:

    Watch full movie

  60. Ariela Catarino says:

    Spiderman far from home bc Annabelle comes home lol 😂😂

  61. nas taran says:

    I'm ashamed cause I would be the girl who unlock and touch everything but because I don't believe it and want to prove it to myself 😞

  62. Jun Elezalde says:

    Natakot kana na high blood kapa.

  63. SkinCareLuver says:

    Anybody notice the hints they are going to do the next Conjuring series about the monkey, and the samurai?

  64. Pro Lifee says:

    Hey guys I uploaded the full movie on my channel .you can check it out and subscribe because I'll be uploading movies that isn't on YouTube yet

  65. Spaz 'n' Megz says:

    I had a doll once……Id get it out and do my thing…..if there was a knock at the door it would be horrific, it was like all the worlds evil was set to be released until the Evil Was Contained.

  66. skipperbent says:

    Am I getting old or does every horror movie look the same? 😀

  67. Ateismul says:

    I mean the movie isn't that scary the doll makes everything look scary

  68. Rami Barhoun says:

    I love annabelle😍😍🤩.

  69. M200 Dreamer says:

    The lady in the beginning where the accident happened is la llorona from the american gay movie la llorona easter eggg

  70. Bored.In.California says:

    So the whole premise of the movie is that the couple keeps all this dangerous crap in a locked room thats easily unlocked by a couple of teenage girls?
    Okay then

  71. Ima Nalien says:

    "Can I speak to Annabelle?"
    Nope nope nope uh uh no

  72. Kanisha Fernando says:

    I just mute the volume and I’m good

  73. Joseph Stalin says:

    Nice doll…

    Ed Warren: what the fucks name are you doing

  74. Bubble Gum says:

    I watch it alone at night. Guess what? I wasn't scared and I didn't shout out of creepiness. Guess why? Because I dont have my friends with me. Our friends is usually the reason why were scared at horror movies. THE MOVIE WAS LIT THO!

  75. Aneesah Anwar says:

    I’m watching that tonight

  76. Rahul Malik says:

    Feel the laugh

  77. Jerome Relano says:

    In 2021. . .
    Spider-Man Comes Home
    Annabelle: Far From Home

  78. Jaime Garcia says:

    Terrible. Just.. terrible..

  79. L Rowe says:

    Why wasn't the room Secured better to keep nosy teenagers out

  80. Marcello Dupond says:


  81. সরপুরিয়ায় পোকা says:

    America is a superpower but in these movies the homes never have lights on.

  82. Melissa Todd says:

    Can't wait till comes out on demand so I can't rent it hope it good as creations

  83. Kali Gadi says:

    Annebelle: creation is still best one

  84. Lavalambtron says:

    Being cursed is never finding peace. As for the movie 2.5 out of 5, it's a teen horror movie so not very scary and very predictable.

  85. Kym Casanova Gallego says:

    Cuts at the end, no worth watching, Dissapointed the end is cut.

  86. Georg C says:

    next Anabelle having deadly party outside home because rent went up so high she couldnt afford.

  87. Ronza Saleh says:

    I watched the movie and it wasn't scary at all

  88. Erin says:

    Trying to see if I watched it already or not before I rent it on dish 🤦

  89. errrk chill says:

    See this movie.. Orlando Bloom does a great job playing the daughter of the Warren family!

  90. Jason Lehne says:

    Jump scare jibberish. Horrible movie that must have been created by someone who has never experienced critical thought.

  91. Max Epic says:

    Dolls aren't scary.

  92. I don’t like Lgbt people says:


  93. Tatiane Macedo says:

    Muito legal esses filmes

  94. James Macdonald says:

    Good movie! "Can't wait until the next conjuring movie"

  95. Indian For pew says:

    Very hook

  96. Erick Langarica says:

    Recently uploaded

  97. Carla Talkington says:

    Pissed off she's not really be real

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