Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw SpongeBob Characters From Memory • Draw Off

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw SpongeBob Characters From Memory • Draw Off

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw SpongeBob Characters From Memory • Draw Off

  1. P3DR0 says:

    jackie ❤❤

  2. alice _907 says:

    Her name is Sandy in english, omg =O

  3. The Hyper Dog says:

    "Patch-uric Star"

  4. Pinky Blink says:

    We have PATRICK inside of us

  5. David Ci says:

    "Time to switch sides!"


    "OOOOOH, I like that! that's sooo cute!

  6. Daniel Bonilla says:

    Kevin and Jackie have to be in every video. She also needs to be meaner to Kevin. Just throwing it out there.

  7. Paulryan121 says:


  8. Daniel Reyes says:

    4:02 I can’t erase Patrick with feet from my mind

  9. FoxHound says:

    6:58 =w= did someone say PRODIGY?

  10. Madison Twedt says:

    I think krya won for mr.krabs and Brent won for sandy

  11. Madison Twedt says:

    An Jackie won for Patrick star

  12. Twenty-Four says:

    At first I thought that Sara was gonna be great but then she added that yellow inking and it ruined everything.

  13. lion laughs says:

    Is it just me or does Jason's Sandy have a Junko Enoshima bow?

  14. s h i m m e r says:

    “Who is sandy”

    Get out.

  15. BlaccChalk says:

    why does Patrick have feet?

  16. Anna Caputo says:

    I want animators to win! 😀

  17. Ellise Online says:

    So far the animators won

  18. Mia Veenstra says:

    I was expecting to see like TheOdd1sOut or Jaiden but I still liked the video

  19. Exolette says:

    Kevin, ma man. Sheeeesh. Yeah. So.

  20. Dylan Hatcher says:

    kyra's was da best

  21. Fr4iL YeasT says:


  22. Your Friendly Neighborhood Nerd says:

    when your task is to draw spongebob characters but you don’t even draw spongebob

  23. Charzar Gaming says:

    The cartoonist are the best at drawing imean patrick is so cute

  24. edgy gamer says:

    Why is nobody talking about Jackie's drawing?? It's so cute >.<

  25. Beruma Dinkuri says:


  26. SpongebobPenguin says:

    Who else thinks Kyra did the best?

  27. Shyy says:

    I clicked on this vid because I saw jakie

  28. Jake The Human says:


    Me:yOu fkIn whAt m8?!

  29. Jorj Williams says:

    Omg how has he not watched spongebob 🤦🏻‍♀️

  30. CassieKitty says:

    pat-ar-rick star

  31. • Abilene•'s Life says:

    They draw spongebob characters..

    They didn't draw spongebob..

  32. islznd says:

    Am I the only one who is mad that they didn’t made one of them draw squidward

  33. Nelita Bongo says:

    Kevin's drawing is soo funny.🤣

  34. Supertastic girl says:

    Oh my gosh! One of the animators have my name!!

  35. Please Subscribe for a burrito says:

    Art skills when Kevin is drawing Patrick: Aight imma head out

  36. Jibanyan The Chef says:

    Under video description: Spongebob Season 20

  37. Joel Lum says:

    Yes Jackie, you're perfect. :p'

  38. oscarurri says:

    Kevin essentially drew magin buu!

  39. MarcBossYT The Boss says:

    Kevin’s patrick was kinda really bad

  40. SakuraMochi says:

    That patrick did make me happy, thanks, Jackie 😀

  41. KitKat TicTac says:

    Kyra is sooooo good

  42. SNIPERS GCA says:

    Where spongebob

  43. Pika Pika Studio! says:

    No one drew spongebob… And he's my favorite character!!

  44. Silver wolf 6279 says:

    Pacharick Star

  45. Dang_ Itz Fink! says:

    Animator: Draws without base
    Cartoonist: Draws with base

  46. Mooncloud Bequackin says:

    Tbh…. Jackie is just as just cute as her Patrick♥️
    Btw i like the animator better👏🏻

  47. Granger Death Chanter says:

    Why do I think like Jackie is different in this video?

  48. JD Rome says:

    Sandy’s karate hands are green not red. SpongeBobs are red

  49. Dumb Potato Animations says:

    I love Jackie dude she is epic

  50. Matthew Alvarez says:

    Patrick complained that he had no feet, well Kevin gave him feet..

  51. 87 cat says:

    jackie draws like google

  52. Kane Kane says:

    For some reason all the animators have won. Shouldn’t the cartoonist win? Like spongebob is a cartoon

  53. Aaron says:

    "Paterick star"

  54. Naval Kishore says:

    his clothes on his body okay

  55. Waterzen says:

    Animators master race

  56. KappaLeo says:

    Who else thinks that they are being too sarcastic?

  57. Ryan Lin says:

    Kevin's Patrick is a thing of my nightmares

  58. Layla Waters says:

    OMG when Jackie drew Patrick it was so cute!

  59. eduardo lopez says:

    Kevin's drawing reminds me of the episode where patrick wears the spongebob pants while he is going to do his driving test and patrick gives him the answers for a radius inside his head. I really don't think he drew feet in patrick

  60. Nico Schimpf says:

    Jackie truly is an all time favourite

  61. ツJvade says:

    I swear Kevin made the show descendants on Netflix (the animation)

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  63. amy petersen says:

    You guys forgot squidward

  64. *:.Midnight pastels.:* says:

    Wait how old are they-?

  65. Bree Dy says:

    WINNERS for today 🙂
    Brent, Kyra, and Jackie

  66. Reagan Brindle says:

    When Kyra drew Mr. Krabs and when Jackie drew Patrick it broke my heart : )

  67. ButteredToast says:

    Me: Patrick Star

    Them: Patch a rick star

  68. Alexandra Parkinson says:

    Sara's was good…then she did the arms and hands and it kinda went downhill from there

  69. SpacePrez says:

    Kyra consistently draws on-model from memory and its CRAZY.

  70. Kristine Lee says:

    Jackie's drawing is making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

  71. Ian Amigable says:

    Jackie is so cute!!

  72. Emily P. says:

    Kyra did so well!! That's such a cute Mr Krabs

  73. Louis Foglia says:

    Kevin’s Patrick is a Barpapapa

  74. Upen Toons says:

    Where can I follow kyra

  75. Ирина Петрова says:

    Aww Jackie's Patrick is such a cutie

  76. Double R says:

    4:58 hackles drawing looks adorable

  77. yusuf sabir says:

    Jeffrey Star should be Patrick’s brother

  78. SIDDHARTHA V says:

    Why does it always seem that Jackie is looking down on other people

  79. Marissa Bolognini says:

    Wait you guys know the Mandela effect ?!

  80. Kérancia Nice says:

    Sara’s drawing was great before she colored it

  81. bodo amat says:

    I love kyra's and jackie's drawing style 😵💝

  82. LiorTheGamer says:

    Why isn't sponge bob in this . . . he the main character

  83. Labored Destruction says:

    Title : artist and animator. Draw SpongeBob characters from memory
    SpongeBob and Squidward : Am I A Joke To You?

  84. Freezing Cold says:

    To be honest, kevin draw is creppy

  85. me again says:

    Kevin's Patrick looks like him cosplaying Majin Bu

  86. Godzilla says:

    Why add a person who doesnt know anybody about anything jason

  87. LetTheGames Begin says:

    what r those things that they are drawing on called

  88. João Augusto says:

    Kevin's Patrick looks like a KKK gum mascot.

  89. w i z a r d c o o k i e says:

    no tie

  90. BOBBA says:

    Who else ships Javin (Kevin + Jackie) ?

  91. Bailey Lopez says:

    as a viewer.. jackie's patrick makes me very happy!

  92. Taehyung Kim says:

    I’m sorry Kevin but is it weird that I imagine Majinbu of Dragon Ball in your Patrick😂

  93. Jenny Pai says:

    please do more Studio Ghibli characters

  94. Ana'ira Muirés says:

    Anyone else laughing at Brent knowing that Sandy both does and does not have a tail?

  95. Peachy Serenity says:

    Jackie and Kyra's Drawings should be like on… T shirt designs

  96. xd invincible says:

    can someone tell me the difference between animator and cartoonist???

  97. Lolly Artist says:

    I love these video so much, because it shows how different art styles can all be so nice!

  98. 7 years ago says:

    Kyra’s Mr Krabs is unbelievably adorable. Every episode she improves upon the og characters somehow?? I love her style??? 💛💛

  99. shawn sanchez says:

    I think I'm the only one who doesn't watch Sponge Bob, my childhood was Johnny Brovo, ben10,…

    I edit it cuz my spelling at Johnny Brovo was wrong

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