Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw More Spongebob Characters From Memory

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw More Spongebob Characters From Memory

Dereck Turner

37 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw More Spongebob Characters From Memory

  1. Barry Mulligan says:

    How'd Jason get this gig?

  2. xoayah says:

    Jackie thinking should couldnt draw squidward and then absolutely NAILS IT

  3. Doge Gameing120 says:

    Kevin's squidward looks like those rip off squidward characters in a 90s dental commercial

  4. St4TiC Vlogs says:

    Jason… WHAT IS THAT??

  5. myles putty says:

    Can we talk about how jason drew spongebob from the perspective of him takin a dump?

  6. Jacopo Barberis says:

    Did Jason see one of those SpongeBob X JoJo parodies? XD

  7. Bruhee says:

    Animators draw more realistic

  8. Shelle Vautier says:

    I feel like Jackie squidward looks more accurate than the real one

  9. SpongebobPenguin says:

    Kyra is making the best ones but making it baby edition

  10. King Kagle says:

    Fun fact:
    Each side of Spongebob has 6 bumps & [clockwise from top left] his holes go 2, 1, 2, 2

    This brought to you by:
    Staring at the poster in my room & doodling.

  11. iiGloomy_sky says:

    My art teacher let us draw on her walls
    I asked if I could draw sponge bob and she said I’m childish and She said that it wasn’t the best idea
    My friend told me I shouldn’t complain since she even let us draw
    My friend then left me and went to break and left me all alone…
    One like= 1 cry if you don’t want to like then don’t

  12. Sarah Sukaimi says:

    Jackie missed the wrinkles on Squidward’s forehead


  13. NEXTRO TV says:

    Jackie is so verry cute😍😍😍

  14. Razz mn says:

    Kevin is like squidward and Jackie like spongebob lmao

  15. MrRc1088 says:

    5:48 best jackie reaction. Lol

  16. Moto King says:

    Jason’s sponge bob has a dildo as a nose 👃😂

  17. MettaRia Bella says:

    Mrz puff : zee
    Squisward :jackie

  18. aesopf says:

    Jason ended up reviving doodlebob wit that drawing

  19. MarcBossYT The Boss says:

    Kevin and Jason have no clue what the show is XD

  20. Celmir Cruz says:

    Kevin and Jackie are so cute 🥰

  21. Mateus Viégas says:

    Spongebob ain't a square, he is a parallelepiped. Jason could at least have said retangle 🙁

  22. Mateus Viégas says:

    "Does he have gloves?"
    Freaks out "No, no, cause he's yellow!"
    Like everyone's supposed to know that lol

  23. Pryvate Ryan says:

    Please stop messing around and help out, seeing these weird pictures makes me cringe a little

  24. Anthony Toledana says:

    I wish I could meet Jackie in person

  25. Andrew Reebel says:

    I lile Jackie… in a weird way probably cuz we're both Illustrators that like Spongebob

  26. Ragde Gearacam says:

    Zee looks so hot

  27. Aaron Inman says:

    I wonder how some of these people are still employed.

  28. terkoiz 3000 says:

    im a simple guy. I see jackie and kevin, I Click

  29. Timothy Paul Reyes says:

    Kevin and jackie is ❤️

  30. The Federal Bureau Of Investigation says:

    Why do kevins Squidward look big brain

  31. Michael Escandor says:

    Jackie is so pretty, I love her face.

  32. EQNX Evan says:

    Jackie u're so cutee

  33. R. Hands says:

    Jackies look just like 🦑

  34. Cian Byrne says:

    4:55 tell me what u see in left drawing

  35. Cleo Nesbitt says:

    Kevin and Jackie are like me and my best friend in school

  36. Coconot Tofu says:

    Why does Jackie look like a little girl??? 😂

  37. Taneyeahhh says:


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