Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Marvel Characters From Memory

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Marvel Characters From Memory

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Marvel Characters From Memory

  1. sam Drazox gamer says:

    Jonni is worst romove him

  2. KuyaKen Gaming says:

    IDK why you guys have jonni draw. His drawing can't be even called art. It's so bad, that bad isn't even enough to describe it

  3. THE RELATIVES says:

    0:02 That laugh me so hard.

  4. Egglintine says:

    I'm pretty sure Jonni's art is supposed to feel vaguely unsettling as a joke, the thing that bugs me is his personality

  5. Liam Smith says:

    I'd get rid of Jonni and Jackie personally, both are random, not funny and don't know anything about what they're drawing…

  6. Law LeeGod says:

    Jonni drawing is garbage

  7. Super Jayesh tech says:

    Jonni is a true artists……

    Why would i sy it

  8. tillyoudiefromit says:

    they are all bad…

  9. baylee smith says:

    I love Jason and Brent drawing together!!

    However I’m not a huge fan of jonni and hae-joon

  10. Xoclis S says:

    Jackie and Jonni annoy tf outta me

  11. Ludwing Felix says:

    OMFG I love JACKIE!!!

  12. feanboy says:

    In venom they made a bad guy a good guy

  13. feanboy says:

    Jackie brent kevin and jason are good

  14. Chandler Evans says:

    Most modern 10 year old's could draw any of these characters from memory. I'm confused as to how you find professional artists and cartoonists that don't know how some of the most important pop culture icons of the last 75 years look. Let alone how you find a human in 2019 that's never seen a Marvel movie.

  15. Noneya Bidniss says:

    I could never, in a million years, work with that asian chick. Super annoying.

  16. Stubbletelescope says:

    Everyone is so hard on Jonni. She can draw just fine.

  17. Stevenottheking G says:



  18. segazora says:

    jonni: i'm proud of this

    how? it looks terrible, how is he even an artist?

  19. You says:

    kevin and jackie are cute together

  20. Anthony Rojas says:

    Jonni drew an accurate presentation of captain marvel lol 😂

  21. Silver Rayleigh says:

    So plastic to each other

  22. Carly K says:

    Is Jackie my spirit person? I’m also not wearing shoes. Or a bra. Or pants. Don’t you judge me, internet.

  23. NERRA LLAMAS says:

    Jonni literally murdered captain marvel

  24. A.N.W 2005 says:

    Wow cartoonist is the worst

  25. Vivek Sharma says:

    Jonni basically is drawing himself.

  26. kim taetae says:


  27. Dorian SaMa says:

    Wonder if they really don't know them…or just playing around????

  28. nazrul fitrie says:

    Is Jonni a cartoonist??? I hate his drawing,.. My nephew can draw better than him..

  29. nimesis s says:

    im here for kevin and jackie conversations

  30. Gabriel Virissimo says:

    My 4 year old sister could do better than these weirdos

  31. Nathalia Miranda says:

    Kevin: my fav spiderman at spider-verse is Peter B. Parker, do u wanna why?
    Jackie: is it cuz you're old?


  32. Charles Rolie says:

    Except post malone. Lol

  33. Uda Swoop says:

    I love Jackie Lee 🙂

  34. Mei -mei says:

    Joni is mid transition aw

  35. Aldrich Mercado says:

    Asian = annoying

  36. Red Calam says:

    Wtf jonni .

    Stanley: nuff said F U!

  37. Kuro. Senpai says:

    Jonni's not even trying.. I know that artist have their own and different art style, but I can't even call him an artist, or call his drawing an art.

  38. yhohan de la roca says:

    I wanted an wacom please

  39. Christian Padilla says:

    because you're old*

  40. remorapig says:

    Jonnie just needs to do art off screen I dont like his art at all

  41. Justin D says:

    Who else don’t like the Asian girl. She tries too hard to be “funny” and “seem cool”

  42. manikandaprabhu balakrishnan says:

    I learn lot of designing technic from yours vedio

  43. The Glossary says:

    Came for the comics. Stayed for the Jackie.

  44. JC Vlogs says:

    Jonni is the worst

  45. nestor moreno says:

    Wtf!!!!! What is that jonni? ..sucksss.

  46. Flesh Grinder says:

    Jonni is the best lmao

  47. Enrique Serna says:

    I have a huge crush on Jackie!

  48. Aloha Champ says:

    When you love art but are doesn’t love you = jonni

  49. Remedios De Jesus says:

    Jonni is the worst drawer

  50. Arthur Episodes - Full says:

    Jonni’s drawing is not bad. Stop saying that a three year old could do what Jonnie drew because they couldn’t. See if they could.. Jonni has good shading and lines

  51. Dad & Chrispher K says:

    Jonni's drawing made me really, really happy. Love the bizarre, abstract style. Be yourself. Love Your Self.

  52. Eljohn Gabriel says:

    I love jackies personality❤❤❤…….lol

  53. Nyan Pugz says:

    Jonni be like: New series u dis

  54. Nyan Pugz says:

    Kevin’s impression of Stan lee is like: 👌

  55. Siti masithah Batubara says:

    Jonni what are you doing?😂

  56. Un Known says:

    JONNI IS TRASH!!!!!!

  57. Necros. says:

    Asian chick tries to be so cool and quirky and that shits just cringe, bruh kick her off the show.

  58. Dereck Turner says:

    I hate jonni

  59. Gadiel gaurana says:

    I like the animators drawings im so fan of you guys because I love to draw like you guys

  60. Geron Tucker says:

    I want that Wacom 😬❤

  61. Jaydia Simmons says:

    They must draw The Jetsons!

  62. Battle Frame Studios says:

    Jackie radiates such mom energy. I try and explain anything to my mom about superhero or video game-related stuff and she says "I don't care. It's all the same guy."

  63. Marxs Escondo says:

    Jackie is hilarious. Lol

  64. Fajar Julianto says:

    Jonni just go the hell. There's no artsy in your works. Looks like 5 y.o. works

  65. Fajar Julianto says:

    Stan Lee will mad at you fuckin Queery

  66. Marc Maganda says:

    Jonni fuc off

  67. John Christ says:

    Jonni's drawing is like something you'd see on an Ed Edd n Eddy episode not from the Marvel Universe!

  68. But Then What? says:

    Venom is my favorite antihero and I’m an edgy EIGHTEEN year old, thankyouverymuch

  69. robert hernandez says:

    Jonni is a drag

  70. Anna Cristina Ruiz figuerora says:

    "What do you have against post molone?"
    "Post molone can buy his own "😂

  71. Harist Oktavian says:

    Get rid of Jonni!!!

  72. Abby Love says:

    Jonni's drawing is really cool I don't understand how people are saying he can't draw just because his art style is different??

  73. Wheres Pluto? says:

    Jackie is jonnis drawing style if you understand. (Its a compliment)

  74. Taco Bell says:

    Jason is my favorite!!

  75. Taco Bell says:

    I forgot how triggered I got when people don’t know anything about superheroes

  76. Lucille says:

    I love Jackie so much

  77. Mihailo Sredovic says:

    Jonni really sucks at every drawing he did and I'm wondering why is he there

  78. Yummers Mummers Fan! says:

    Hae-joon saw jonni draw
    Hae-joon:i like it
    Hae-joons mind:this s*ck

  79. Ayanokoji SAMA says:

    Director: Draw wolverine!
    Them: Oh its easy!

    Me: Can't even draw stickman

  80. Wolf Forlife says:

    That jonni guy is boring

  81. Wolf Forlife says:

    Kevin and jackie is the best ….

  82. MrBeatboxmasta says:

    Kevin's Spider-man is perhaps the most accurate drawing on this entire channel.

  83. kim jenkins says:

    Kevin was the best

  84. Lollipop GLMV says:

    Jonni sucks at art wth

  85. Riska Dhenabayu says:

    I actually like Jonni's drawing.. if only he's on mute

  86. Mad Hatman says:

    Wait wasn't captain marvel a black woman who could change into energy forms and control different types of energy? She wore a white and black costume right?

  87. Soumik Pal says:

    jackie is soooo funny

  88. Rain Roth says:

    ITS JONNI!!!!

  89. Rain Roth says:

    I'm only watching for Jonni

  90. Scarllet Lopez says:

    I love jonni & the way he draws very unique

  91. Marchals 4 says:

    Who is that girl she is killing me softly

  92. Nakedmolerat says:

    ohmy lord this Jonni.

  93. LuisGijon says:

    "I'MM JONNII!!" 📢📢📢

  94. Pawee Sayson says:

    I love the asian girl. Shes hilarious

  95. Headless Creator says:

    When I watch Jonni draw the style reminds me of Chris O’Neill’s style. Very creepy and disproportionate. It makes me wanna rewatch Doodle Doods.

  96. fendy aji says:

    No jonni please!!!!

  97. Taneyeahhh says:

    I love how jackie and kevin communicate like father and daughter. Kevin is really mature on responding to every Jackie's opinion. Lmao

  98. Andrei Sison says:

    Jonni's drawing is bad

  99. Eleanor says:

    Kevin and Jackie are such an amazing pair and I watched one video and now I’m addicted.

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