Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Justice League Characters From Memory

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Justice League Characters From Memory

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Justice League Characters From Memory

  1. Bazaar Creation says:

    Jonni sucks get rid of that dude.

  2. Kezia Marie Martelino says:

    Why is Jon I invitedif his drawing is so bad
    Sorry to tell you Jonni fans but it is true

  3. Nikky Gimo says:

    Jackie and jonni drawing was cute😅

  4. DubiousDevil says:

    Jonni stop your drawings are bad

  5. Caily says:

    Just realized Jonni is the one who made “hal guy” and now I am sad. It’s really disappointing seeing that one of your favorite artist is a unpleasant human being.

  6. Love Seeker says:

    Animator = SHF
    Cartoonist = Funko Pop


  7. Ardy Boris says:

    When the guy said Wonder Woman turn on captions it said under one it’s at 0:36

  8. Justine Mark says:

    I just noticed that Kevin's flash has its right hand and foot forward which makes it awkward.

  9. Ardy Boris says:

    Jonnis drawing is always scary

  10. June Darling says:

    I know a lot of yall don't like Jonni, but I actually really like him. Hes interesting and he reminds me of my friends

  11. Blucher says:

    Just fire that Jonni-cringe guy!

  12. Jaja Tv says:

    Well superman cant handle kryptonite

  13. theforcebewithu says:

    Jonni artwork looks like something I could do and its sad

  14. Alexender Pianga says:

    Why am I wasting my net here mf???

  15. YTDragoN Gaming says:

    Well Jackie Draw Was better

  16. llDIXUSll says:

    very annoying!

  17. Lev Castle says:

    i feel bad for jackie she looks confused in the thumbnail

  18. netflix N' Chill says:

    too muching talking though 😑

  19. Mr. Notorious says:

    Jonni SUCKS!! OFF with his Hand!!

  20. balaji sahu says:

    Did Jackie just say Wally West is Barry Allen's son , WTF Wally is his girlfriend's brother 🙄

  21. shaun manalili says:

    wtf jonni xddd

  22. putrid jesus says:

    god i fuckin love jonni

  23. Emily m says:

    Oh yeah Jackie likes the himbos. I would bet money that her favorite avenger is Thor.

  24. Jordan L says:

    Jonni is very annoying. He needs to go

  25. Kyle McDowell says:

    I think Kevin and Jackie should do there favorite marvel character

  26. Stottern Tube says:

    Who likes kevin and jackie tandem?

  27. Stottern Tube says:

    I like jackie lee's flash

  28. Ludovick Almanon says:

    Kyra's wonder woman is cute, wish she would do a fanart of it with background.

  29. Kidfury you hnnn says:

    Is new name is Barry Allen his real name is Wally West

  30. Shmenvy Uno says:

    I bet you Jonnie can draw a dick from memory..put a little effort in next time please.

  31. Venom Snake says:

    Jonni wasnt struck enough as a child. He would fit as a Gotham villain, considering their all mentally insane and visually off putting

  32. KuyaKen Gaming says:

    Can Jonni really draw? Or is he a troll?

  33. Unsubscribe to T-series says:

    animation is better

  34. Jonel Españo says:

    I think i have a crush on jackie ❣️

  35. Ronald Ambatoho says:

    Alright, I am probably the only one who will say this : my no.1 favorite is Mike's drawing. His wonder woman looks so badass. He doesnt just keep on track on ww's character, but he also put some creativity to it.

  36. Storm says:


  37. cw acc says:

    Mike is best of best

  38. Sooraj Sharma says:

    I want a Jackie in my life.

  39. Sooraj Sharma says:

    I want a Jackie in my life.

  40. Joshua Medalla says:

    That Jonni is TRASH. The way he "draw" is more like an abstract. Lmao

  41. Oren Arsers says:

    Jonni: There should be low expectations for me
    Everyone else: expectations?

  42. FrogJester says:

    Crazy how y’all misgender Jonni but will turn around and act progressive 🙃

  43. Scarlett Studios says:

    I’m the biggest fan of the flash and watching them struggling to draw him makes me cringe

  44. Giremie Martinez says:

    That jonni's supermans right hands has 7 fingers.😅😅😅

  45. Jefferson Sebulino says:

    i cant stand that guy with glasses and curly hair…

  46. Spence Mundorf says:

    Wow, that picture from Jonni might be the laziest excuse for art I've seen. Also their verbal contribution to the show was next to nothing. Yeah the dude just drew superman because that's what he was asked to do

  47. _wxnter_bxby_ says:

    she made wonder woman thicc asf

  48. AC Tabudlo says:

    Jazza did it better

  49. Infires? Infires MAAAN says:

    I don't think that drawing or being a cartonist or whatever it's called is for Jonni…

  50. Saurabh Joshi says:

    Who is the animator and who is the cartoonist..?

  51. junnexgolem says:

    10:07 I was expecting the "OK, boomer"*
    but this vid was made before it* was cool

  52. Injoker says:

    Magaling pala magdrawing si Bong Go

  53. The Muskoka boys Liquored up says:

    Kevin and Jackie are my favourite and jonnie draws like a stoned 14 year old

  54. Watashi-kun Gaming says:

    Jonn drawing is trash

  55. DARK siDe says:

    Kevin look like russian president

  56. Brian Stokes says:

    Jackie has two brain cells and one is pushing the other in a wheelchair😅😅😅

  57. PP zombie says:

    Kevin's flash pose is wrong because swing same hand and legs…

  58. Aaron Inman says:

    Why is Jonni so flamboyantly gay. Tone it down dude

  59. Shawn Ocampo HD says:

    Theyre drawing skills are not that good.but they have equipments and tools so.

  60. N3xuslink1211 says:

    cute flash by jackie, and freaking annoying guy, damn it, cannot enjoy to the fullest

  61. Sam the Sloth says:

    why jonny! Why!?

  62. Tamanna D says:


  63. jason marsden says:

    im no professional, but i reckon i could replicate that jonni age 5 drawing in 2 minutes… because im not a professional 😀

  64. ArianaGrandes LeftToe says:

    Jonni sucks in every way

  65. Fajar Jayadi says:

    i like Jackie so much! 💕

  66. Aliya says:

    Jonni's drawing tho .

  67. Amogh Pradhan says:

    Remove that gay guy he sucks

  68. B3nch says:

    These are the people who wants to fire Jonni

  69. Kelly Zelaya says:

    Idc if Jonni has a different type of “style” but honestly it’s not his drawing that bothers me and others, is actually his attitude like this show has such great artists and for y’all to put Jonni here is just annoying and disrespectful at this point. Sorry not sorry

  70. Krisha Danting says:

    what jonni draw??

  71. Nick Soto says:

    Replace jonni. He's trash and doesn take it seriously.

  72. Nick Soto says:

    Jonni is a he, and he's annoying

  73. Panda Playz says:

    Am I the only person that thinks jonni is really bad?

  74. Dana Fah says:

    Saw jonni's name and instantly clicked the video

  75. Utkarsh Bonde says:

    Pls remove this jonni 😅

  76. Ronin H says:

    Jackie and kevin are awesome man😂😂 i love them

  77. Swan Htet Thurein says:

    Jonnie is being so rude

  78. Be Legendary says:

    Superman is a man that is super. WOW

  79. Gaming Life says:

    Stop comparing the animator of asian… American cartoons are small brains story…

  80. Tunaburn says:

    what am i missing about Jonni. He seems to be a completely terrible artist.

  81. Jonathan Fabian says:

    Jonni ITS really bad ,why Is there?

  82. Senpai Okway says:

    Kevin pls draw a eyebrows for Jackie .

  83. Hazard Gaming says:

    I love Jackie flash🤣

  84. Hentai wit Senpai says:

    Blue groups : serious
    Red groups : funny

  85. asher albert says:

    I love hw few artists do it wth so much passion nd love they're real artists

  86. Mr.Mecha says:

    Fire that damn gay Jonnie.

  87. Cozy Nosy says:

    all dese jonni comments make me rly sad….i really love her work!!!!! and she is a talented animator…. yeah her art is like. abstract and stuff but tbh i really like it i think its funny haha

    also i know those people are complaining about her attitude but i think shes just fine.. but lol i guess im used to her attitude bc i do listen to her a ton

    maybe im super duper biased and its ok to not like her and her art!! everyone has different tatses and some people just. dont like her and thats fine but idk it does me me a little sad that shes just being pushed under the rug /shrug

  88. andi setiawan says:

    I love jackie's drawing style

  89. Victor Hmingthanmawia says:

    I like chibi flash

  90. Abigail González says:

    I actually kinda like Jonni’s Superman, I mean the fun part of this is that everyone draws the characters but in their style and he has an unique style, yes it is kinda weird but once you get used to it it’s really cool

  91. Martina Balmedina says:

    A 3-year old toddler
    Can do better than Jonni

  92. Juan Ruiz says:

    Jonni is annoying and people saying he is really talented outside of this show, I have to see it for myself cause his drawings in this series to me are always not good. Even if his outside work is good, I don't like his personality

  93. Wahyu Prasetyo says:

    mike, you draw WW like in DCEASED

  94. Iron Lamb says:

    Jonni’s wasn’t good :/

  95. Michelle Priscilla says:


  96. Dora Clement says:

    How do you not remember the Superman S? Everyone in elementary school drew them everywhere

  97. Nimble_doughnut 97 says:

    Yo I don’t know what it is but I reallyyy don’t like that fuckin jonni guy…

  98. Saqib Alam says:

    What is even jonni doing?

  99. Наруто Мания says:

    Where is Naruto?

  100. Jean Coelho says:

    first time in the channel and I already love Jackie haauauahuaha
    awesome draw btw

    ps: the video has ended and I have to say that Mike's Diana is amazing

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