Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Characters Based Only On Description

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Characters Based Only On Description

hi I’m Stephanie hey I’m Kyra today we are drawing characters that we have never seen before the based on each other’s descriptions do I trust you I don’t trust me trusting you not trusting me I chose something incredibly obscure but also simple okay I feel like mine is simple and construction and that’s what’s gonna be interesting is how the details but first be sure to stick around till the end of the video to find out how you can enter for a chance to win this Wacom Intuos tablet for all of your digital drawing needs courtesy of your good friends at welcome did you know that your hair and nails continue to grow after you die how is that relevant all right so what character am i drawing today alright so for you I chose junk rat from overwatch no idea who that is yeah he’s a junkie boy what are you making me draw I’m making you draw a comic book character from my era 1700s stop it by the name of its spawn oh so Stephanie what have you chosen for me to draw you are going to be drawing razz razz sputum from psycho nuts so what am I gonna be drawing so I chose the most obscure thing ever I chose real from pero pero sparkles that means nothing to me you are drawing Shin Chan Shin Chan Chan Chan plastic since and my boy Shin Chan who the hell is didn’t Chan so am i drawing today I have a very special Pokemon for you today Cody his name is garbodor the garbage pokemon garbage in concept and design and so give me an overall description of junk rat so he’s like a human yeah he’s an Australian dude he’s just like laffy and giggly he loves destruction okay so he’s chaotic evil he’s chaotic evil he’s like chaotic neutral I gave me like an overall description so he’s shirtless he’s got some pants on he’s like the Joker well he but he’s not clean like the Joker oh okay chunk rat is like I was wacky is he wild and wacky he’s wild and wacky with overwatch drunk right uses grenades and stuff it’s like a grenade launcher his ultimate move huh is that he has this tire it rolls around and it loads okay two more things I feel like I have to tell you his hair’s on fire seriously kind of and he is missing two limbs let me give you an overall description of Spawn so you can start drawing okay so we’re gonna be drawing at the same time yep it’s gonna break your brain oh my brain is already not really fully completed okay so give me a general description of Rasputin yeah so he’s human he’s overall construction big head small body long limbs very angular and his design in the game he’s what they call a psycho nuts so he’s going to summer camp to learn how to be a psycho nut and basically infiltrate people’s minds all right give me some where to start with okay well first of all just so you know he’s like two heads tall so he’s a very small person yeah you squat it’s a child and his head it’s like oh man it’s kind of like a B I’m sure somebody and there’s like hardcore shin-chan fans out there screaming like his head’s the classic B shape or something you know whatever they do oh you know it’s that this set that like being like Cartoon Network character had that like Clarence and everybody has oh oh I know what you’re talking about yes the Cartoon Network face what’s is rule look like okay so you’re gonna think of it’s like an alien teddy bear and the one thing that I will give you is the eyes look like they have the entire universe it’s like a galaxy I colorful tear berry really cute kind of like Pokemon and anime ish a spawn is if venom and Superman went to like a goth party this is getting more confusing because I’m imagining a buff goth kid I mean if you want to go into a story he’s undead and he gets his powers from a deal that he made with the devil oh my god why’d he do that did he die at one point he did and he will use hell yep he used to be a mercenary killed people for money and so he went to hell and he made a deal with the devil because he wanted to see his wife one more time the devil being the devil gave him like demonic superpowers put him back on the earth but then wiped his memory so he didn’t know who his wife was oh so that sucks yeah so here’s garbodor for you he’s an amorphous blob Pokemon great so really no not too much defining he’s sort of just a mound so his pre-evolved form is a garbage bag and as he evolved it looks like the bag just kind of busts open from the bottom like he got to fat with stuff and so now like there’s the top of his mound is like a bag that’s been split open he’s like a pyramid shape blobby pyramid what is sparkle sparkle para para whoo-hoo whatever so para para sparkles it’s made by this in the artist in Japan and it’s used for a lot of fashion and comics merchandise it’s just kind of like a like a mascot character sort of thing I feel like it’s probably one of those things that I’ve seen like a dozen times but I’ve never actually like put a face or names you know is it like in the kind of Sanrio realm of character for sure very Sanrio does he have any motives this guy what do you mean you know how the motive of spider-man is a spider and Superman is an S he doesn’t really on his chest he has a swath of a different color it’s like a logo or is it you know I don’t tell me make your choice I will draw what I think spawns logo would be follow your heart and its skull because God’s love human anatomy I don’t know what he wears but I’m gonna try my best I can give you some basic description so he has like a aviator helmet with some goggles I remembered that okay I mean his basic elephant is like a sweater a jacket and pants he has gloves this is character wear anything she just nope naked okay so have much to work with with your guy he’s a pretty simple character described as much as you can as quickly a thought he’s got a red sweater his arms taper to like really thin wrists same thing with the legs legs just taper to like tiny little kind of pointy feet and he’s got yellow shorts white socks on does junk rat is he wearing shoes yes he’s wearing shoes is he wearing like boots oh you know what one of his legs is like a peg leg okay like it is is that one of his so one of his missing limbs is one of his legs as a peg leg but they’re not gone gone he’s replaced them this is the future right so your storyboard revisionists on Muppet Babies which is adorable um so do you feel like the character that I’ve given you to draw is kind of in that way house definitely like you know we’ve got Fozzie Bear on that show baby Fozzie and you know he’s super those kind of animate should be proportioned same with all the other characters they’re all very like two to three heads tall and and big limbs and everything like that so like I have probably been drawing a character like this in some regard for the last nine months that I’ve been there so once you got his body down i’ll go into describing his horrendous looking hands oh he his hands so one of them is kind of coming out of like the bottom of his body his right hand and then his other one it’s just like the same thing but it’s like near where it’s shoulder you would imagine it would be in terms of Boggs they’re kind of Luke on his bowie Boggs is an account the land of Boggs that I work on at BuzzFeed one of them has these great arms for squeezing things we’re trying to reference things that were more familiar with so since we both work in animation do you use a Wacom tablet I do yeah actually we use some cheeks at work and then I have a Cintiq at home that I really into animation on so I’ve been using yeah like welcome since I was maybe like 11 or 12 like my dad wanted to like get me in the digital art game pretty early yeah I also have um a Cintiq here at work and at home and yeah I started really young with like looking in clothes or something mm-hmm and as soon as I went onto Cintiq I was like I can’t ever go back I think if you’re so good you just draw like on the screen can I give you just one word and you interpret it however you want I mean I’ve already committed to this goth you look maybe you ready I’m ready spikes spikes mm-hmm does he have spiky knuckles you interpret that however you want okay I think spikes Jackie I’m gonna give him spikes on his head Oh you said there’s nothing on it there’s nothing concepts I’ve already drawn them and the thing about drawing digitally is there’s no way to erase no there’s no way I’ve know where is away can someone please let me know let us know in the comments oh no I’m gonna tell you something garbodor know about the character I’m drawing less young as you gave me the head details I think I might know this character I think it’s coming to me so if you ever get amnesia and we need to revive your memory we just make you draw it you’ll remember things that you’ve seen before is there anything that these little characters first uh I will say they have a tail that’s like got a big poof ball at the itis oh you know what he has very very stubby feet at the bottom that are just made of the garbage oh they’re like that purple he’s at grandmas yeah he’s basically a garbage grimace so I think I just threw venom and goth clothes you’re not far off I don’t like spun listen if you were a dude like me in the 90s you were all about spawn it’s a good thing I’m a woman like me in the 2010 and I love instead dirty pyromaniacs so I didn’t make him dirty haha you have time to make him dirty oh he’s so filthy that probably looks like a gentleman yeah I think you did Cody this is one of the most disgusting things I’ve drawn in a long time yeah probably the grosser the better this character is very cute I think from what I’m remembering vaguely in my head of this character if I do know it I think this is accurate but it was only because you gave me such a good description how do you think you did I think I did okay he looks like like a little animal crossing’ character but how do you think you did I mean I heard teddy bear and I just like this is what I snapped to so I think it’s that as close as I could get it without seeing oh no you kind of did it you did it oh my gosh it’s passable shrimp and a disgusting blob Pokemon it turns out he can be described effectively ha okay this is not fun but I can see how you got here from my description this looks like Aquaman cosplaying junk rat why’d you give him like an earring because he’s like a he’s like a crazy guy are crazy dude wacky or watch this no like you definitely Channel there really yeah this is here ridiculously cute like yours is very cute you definitely made him a much more optimistic character that I didn’t he like he’s just kind of the boy you know he’s a very aggressive okay let’s switch back okay Oh like blob of stuff on her that’s so cute oh okay I get it he’s more shapes he’s like a Picasso painting it’s funny that you even knew to describe this as garbage because without knowing his name like I didn’t even I don’t even read that as like a trash bag really is this just confusing looking you know I did well Jackie okay no I did you did okay Kevin you got much closer mm-hmm then I did mm-hmm it looks you know again if you squid it’s junk rat and you were kind enough to give him a bag for all the stuff you know the original designers didn’t do that oh man okay yeah I got like some stuff right like I care I’m just made that up of a maze that I like kinda got the color he has a striped shirt which I it’s sort of predicted mine is definitely like baby version I feel like my my version is like if you took the design and made it Western yeah this guy looks way more angry this guy just kind of looks like his mom told him he couldn’t go to the concert alone mom everybody else is cooing I’m the only one who can’t grow but I’m scoring mom mom I’m spawning I have demonic powers I can and will send you to hell if I had to pick a person to describe things to me we work together so much that I think you were probably the right person to describe our cartoon I’ve never heard it to me so it was pretty easy I guess we have more of a shorthand that we can sort of draw on like I think referencing other characters is very important it was kind of cool to interpret what I was not just like just try to fill in the blanks yourself there’s a nice like creative flow that came from that this is really fun I really like doing it so the fact that I got closer than I thought that I did I will say is a compliment to your descriptive abilities and you know what me getting really far off is an insult to you okay giveaway time if you want to enter for a chance to win this Wacom Intuos s tablet all you have to do is go to BuzzFeed comics Instagram that’s at comics on Instagram find this post and follow the instructions in the description best of luck to you can I get some pogs in the comment for this giveaway others from Star Wars some Star Wars yep completely I don’t know you

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