An Inside Look at Ansel Adams’ Darkroom Magic

An Inside Look at Ansel Adams’ Darkroom Magic

Dereck Turner

17 thoughts on “An Inside Look at Ansel Adams’ Darkroom Magic

  1. dalemews1 says:

    Fascinating insight into the great man's darkroom Marc. I wonder what Ansel would have made of Photoshop and it's ability to transform and manipulate images. Photography or graphic design?

  2. Hamza Khawaja says:

    This is pure Photography Gold. Thanks for sharing the experience. much appreciated.

  3. Marc Haers says:

    As a new age digital young professional knowing something but not lots about the old photography workflows I truly love this channel. Thanks for sharing!

  4. elbryan9 says:

    I wonder why all those lights had individual switches instead of one master switch to control them all. Did it help with exposure or dodge and burn or something?

  5. Advancing Your Photography says:

    Well. This is a great example of what photography was (is) in the first place : Craft.
    One MAKES a photography. Even more obvious in the old,days where releasing the shutter was just one step in middle of a process, right after composing, framing, determening depth of field, B&W filters etc, and right before going to the reverse process with the enlarger, and finally, the process of printing, and framing the photograph properly.
    Great video !!!

  6. Adam Pamungkas says:

    Oh my god…. Precious footage…
    Thank you so much for sharing this video!!!

  7. Chrissie aka GermaicanLady says:

    I wonder if it was really a microwave, Ansel Adams used. We used to use a heater oven at low temperatures or a heated glazer to dry our barite prints. However, I could still believe he used a microwave… after all, he adopted (invented) many other things like the enlarger with indidual light switches! That's awesome!

  8. Larry Steiner says:

    I bet Ansel had seen a lithgraphers process camera. This homemade rig is similar.

  9. ythefeds says:

    Cameo by Frederick Van Johnson from TWIP

  10. Edward Elgar says:

    So wonderful to see where the Master worked. How could anyone give this a "thumbs-down"?!?!

  11. Anton Txu says:

    you should watch this one

  12. Santa Cruz Mountains Natural History says:

    Hi Mark:

    What a treat to visit the dark room of one of my life time favorite photographers. Pretty amazing! I had no idea how involved and evolved his dark room process was.

    Thanks for the insight.


  13. S Warren says:

    In the microwave!!

  14. Marcos Rocha says:

    Wow!! He created his own Photoshop system.

  15. beau pfeiffer recordings says:

    love your work an artist at work all hands on deck star

  16. Christopher says:

    I believe (that's to say.. I've heard from different sources over the years) that Ansel's horizontal enlarger was built by his good friend, Adolf Gasser (Michael Adams says that Ansel "had 'some help' putting it together". Ha! Gasser was one of the finest 'mechanics' for photographic equipment of the era! ). As for John Sexton designing the ventilation system, doesn't sound likely because I believe that enlarger was installed in the early 60s, when John was a kid.

  17. Fiona Sutherland says:

    The man was a genius!!

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