Amsterdam, Netherlands: Dutch Resistance Museum

The Dutch Resistance Museum takes you behind the scenes
during the Nazi occupation and tells how the Dutch
fought back. Pistols were hidden in books. With this corset,
stuffed with ration cards, a woman who looked pregnant helped feed both hidden Jews
and resistance fighters. And courageous moms
with strollers did their part, as well. Resistance fighters
falsified IDs. This student,
wanted by the Nazis, disguised himself as a woman. While the Germans
confiscated all radios, the Dutch secretly got
their news from England via miniature radios. This one’s hidden
in a matchbox. The suffering was horrific. Many starved. And many barely survived
on a diet of tulip bulbs. So your grandparents actually
lived through this. Yeah, the winter of ’44-’45 was
called the “Hunger Winter,” where people in the cities
were starving, and they started
to eat tulip bulbs just to have something
in their bellies. Grandparents starved
so that children could live. And that entire
generation of people is actually shorter
than their countrymen. Today, we eat well, and our young people are
the tallest in Europe.

Dereck Turner

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