Amazon Cloud Drive – Video guide to online storage |

Amazon Cloud Drive – Video guide to online storage |

Amazon Cloud Drive Cloud Drive is a simple storage solution provided
by Amazon. With it, you can store your photos, files and music. Getting started
If you have ever purchased an item through Amazon, you already have an account for the
Cloud Drive. Logging into the service with the same username and password will bring
you straight to the service. Within your browser, you can upload and manage files into your
drive. PC & Mac apps
Download the desktop apps for PC and Mac will create a folder on your computer where you
can drag and drop files to be stored on your drive. iOS and Android
On iOS and Android Amazon has created specific apps for uploading and storing your photos.
By default, the app will automatically upload new and existing photos taken on your device. Music
With your free account, you can upload up to 250 songs from your music library to play
through the Amazon Cloud Player. Downloading the music importer will automatically
scan your computer for music files, and these will then show up on the Amazon Cloud Player. Storage allowance
With Amazon Cloud Drive, you currently get 5GB of free storage. You can also upgrade
to 20GB and above for a yearly fee. For more video guides, visit

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