Amazing partial solar eclipse pictures, over Africa

Amazing partial solar eclipse pictures, over Africa

Millions of people across Africa and the Middle
East caught a rare glimpse of a partial solar eclipse on Sunday. The event was initially
visible in the US, before moving east across the Atlantic ocean towards Africa. Locals in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast watched
through closed fingers and sunglasses, while Senegalese residents in Dakar seemed unbothered
by the rare event. In Nigeria school children were shown the
scene through a specially set up telescope that projected the image onto a box that made
it safe to look at, while others used special sunglasses for watching instead. The Nigerian
Space Research and Development Director-General, Saidu Onalo Mohammed, said he wanted to appeal
to citizens that might mistake the happening for a mystical event. The important aspect of it is the fact that
this too will demystify the mysteries attached to this in the past. Various religious groups
have different interpretations. We are not saying they should not pray, but the issue
is that from the scientific perspective, it’s just a normal alignment or movement of natural
bodies. In Damascus in Syria, citizens gathered in
Jalaa stadium to watch the event, after the Syrian Astronomy Association invited people
to monitor the eclipse. The American space agency NASA said the best eclipse view would
have been visible somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

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8 thoughts on “Amazing partial solar eclipse pictures, over Africa

  1. Stateless Machine says:

    Damn i wish i was there.

  2. lilbigbrow says:

    imagine religious people reactions back in the days like muhammed claiming he broke that moon 2 lol

  3. jimmyvbs says:

    I wanna see that

  4. JohnPaul Dixon says:

    "Aaaaaah,ball of fire…it vanishes…quick,we must sacrifice virgins".

  5. Matthew Cripps says:

    WhAt the fuKiNG hell

  6. Owen Chua says:

    Mother Space!

  7. Maureen Maynes says:

    Fair enough but you'd have to find one.

  8. JohnPaul Dixon says:

    Hahaha…naughty…I'm sure there are still some lurking around! 😉

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