Amazing Face Replacement (Photos)

Amazing Face Replacement (Photos)

uh… we have we’ve done several face transplant
stories on the show before uh… and the results of those face transplants haven’t exactly
been wonderful however i did find this one story
about twenty seven-year-old chrissy as celts and when she uh… without a party eleven
years ago she was shot in the face accidentally if she survived two nd uh… and even though
she survived she had as you can imagine severe damage to her face so eleven years later doctors
have found a way to get her face transplant by giving her a prosthetic and the results are amazing we have photos for
you guys let’s go to some of them so there’s an x_-ray showing uh… the damage that was done to her face he didn’t have my as after the accident she’s in heaven knows half of her face was just gone and there she is after they put the prosthetic
on her face but isn’t that’s awesome show i do and i love this story because it’s so
incredible and as you can tell action didn’t have time so they are you know put as in the prosthetic sculpted and knows and the way that they did this is on it extends from our eyebrows to her upper
lip and attach is magnetically taped a canyon impact titanium implants that surgeons invented
in her facial bones last winter now this uh… prosthesis is suppose the last about three
years and after three years they’re going to have to create a new one for her uh… well with it amazing about this is the fact that the doctors
donated their time their money and all the materials to make this prosthesis for her any cost about twenty thousand dollars and what’s interesting is the health insurance company didn’t want to
pay for it she has officers you know once you because they believe that it was a cosmetic
fish uh… they at witnesses cosmetic right i would imagine that having a nose is a functional
thing yet surprise it’s you know the thrusters rectangle life and it’s made out of silicon unlocks and as
i mentioned in the last about three years and then she she’s going to have to replace
it for someone who works there have been talking
to you acting maybe the materials wear out i’m not exactly sure back uh… also the doctors meant it mentioned that the
tissues interface will change so maybe it won’t fit correctly and tell just
have to replace it with a new one i’m hoping that when it in three years when
it’s time for a place of the doctors will be charitable enough to actually do it for free
again who know fisheries of chickens that problem outright exactly because chickens will pay
for any medical procedure so yen that we have a phone o i think we might
have a photo of that uh… face transplant that was given to the woman who was attacked
by a chimp do you have any sense yet so here’s an example of a face transplant uh… that happened previously that week i mean instill successful but and you can even compare it to uh… the
twenty seven-year-olds that we just showed a clearly city improvement on this currently and that’s another face transplant
of a guy and boston who i think fell onto a third rail of the subway car right on i
love about the stories is again a medical advancements they’re getting better and better
at it

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Amazing Face Replacement (Photos)

  1. Noro Adjamian says:

    this should be called TheDumbTurks

  2. Maggie Cat says:

    you idiots!! the woman with the real face transplant was connie culp who was shot in her face by her husband…. NOT teh chimp-lady!! dont try to inform when you are just without a clue!!

  3. Moonchalice says:

    Young Turks…idiots…..the photo was not of Charla Nash (chimp victim) but of Connie Culp, a woman who was shotgunned in the face. The two twits on this show need to check their facts before pretending to know what the hell they are talking about. MEDIOCRITY!!!!

  4. So High says:

    who is this bitchboy hes not funny. bring back the fat dude!

  5. wiomarpreto says:


  6. youroldsweetie says:

    And the Name of the Insurance Company? If they refused to pay for this because they deem it to be "cosmetic," I believe the insurance-buying public should know that.

  7. alexchris32 says:

    i dont like the name,maybe cz a show made by a turk is so popular,i dont want to be racist,but also the name has nothing to do with the videos

  8. Dee Deedz says:

    Why transplant their faces when they look even worse lol

    I'd just kill myself if that happened to me…

  9. theRavensdale says:

    thats awesome

  10. YoHu says:

    thanks god for my beautiful eyes , nose , mouth jaws

    and for every thing

    god bless us

  11. YoHu says:

    fu ??


  12. ssaw3008 says:

    Stories are good!! the hosts or whatever they are! really SUCK!!

  13. omgfreeherbs says:

    @garnet0101 turks, fucken gobble gobble cunts they are

  14. ananasdt7 says:

    come on- this IS COSMETICS,because having replaced nose and eyes don't make her taste, smell and see things…..
    But it's truly amazing that there are still people in the world, who spend so much of their money and time on science and on helping people πŸ™‚

  15. Kathy Ranum says:

    they mad mistake the chick at the end was not the one attacked my a chimp she was shot have to get it right for the sake of who your talkin about mistakes happen but be sure you know what yout talkin bout before u go public!!! πŸ™‚

  16. Nobody says:

    I know some doctors that are going to heaven… God bless them:)

  17. Rhandahl says:

    well about the cosmetic part, this is per definition a cosmetic thing, as it dosn't give her back the sight. its purely looks. still amazing though

  18. leon p says:

    sorry, but I couldnt stop myself from laughing at 3:07

  19. lastofthefinest says:

    These people are idiots. I guess they will let anyone on TV.

  20. Caroline Huss says:

    These reports suck!!

  21. zMcGRANAGHAN says:

    Guy laughing at the end is an absolute idiot. This is meant to be your so called job and you can't even do it properly or take it serious. Even if this isn't your proper job, still you must be involved with reporting stories for some reason; and that reason I do not know, because you absolutely suck at it and have no respect nor professionalism whatsoever, and neither does the other man half of the time. I think the only person who takes these stories seriously is the woman…

  22. lucy topsy says:

    Very poor reporting, and prejudiced against transplant surgery. The insulting comments you make at the start are very hurtful.

    The photos you claim of the woman attacked by a chimp, are actually Connie Culp, who was shot by her husband. Her face has been modified more now, and looks very much better than those early photos.

    Disappointing video, TYT. Very poor work.

  23. jonathon herring says:

    When, arfe we as americans at least, going to say enough to the insurance industry? I was hit by a car, no fault of my own, with minimum coverage of 30 thousand 14 months ago and have over 35 thousand in debt. Insurance company still wants to drag thier feet. Lost my job (admit that the pain was always causing striff at work) had to move (no job, medical bills, etc.) to become basicaly homeless and my lawyers have called 1/4 less then I have called them! Take over Wallstreet? Take back AMERICA

  24. jdsnz1886 says:

    cannot believe the insurance thought or compared this to "cosmetic" surgery, its not like she's upgrading her features! She's getting a new face….big difference!, how would you like it if your face was destroyed forever! ….i bet you too would be out there lookng for "cosmetic surgery"……focking morons that are in charge of our world need to be shown a lesson.

  25. TheX626X says:

    @SuperhumanChichi exactly what I was going to say

  26. Rod Mann says:

    again the moderators are douch bags they are the ones needing help

  27. Karolis Zubavicius says:

    03:27 watch the guy

  28. Mylene Silver says:

    @karolisnxbl Wth is his deal!? lol

  29. Chris Canales says:

    how do you accisently shoot yourself in the face, get attacked by your pet chimp. i mean id laugh to its not like it was something they didnt do to themselfs

  30. millionairejh says:

    at 3:27 why is the guy laughing as hes talking bout the guy hitting a subway car….

  31. Cr42yguy says:

    did they have to make the eyes on different levels?

  32. Charlie Strauss says:

    I know who is going to hell…. the guy laughing at the end. FUCK HIM!

  33. BlackGaruda says:

    dick chaney other victim

  34. pacohc713 says:

    uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh duh…

  35. nihilisticpunk24 says:

    Filthy fucking geeking looking honkie!! That piece of shit was laughing the whole time at these poor people and was caught off guard by the camera!! Bitch someday you will be laughed at as the rest of us will because we will all die!

  36. Isabel Lemon says:

    Omg at 2:14 she looks so beautiful πŸ™‚ Fight on, girl!! So strong.

  37. Emily Arts says:

    Did anyone else notice how off the subtitles are??? "Fisheries of chicken"

  38. xELyZx says:

    she was shot at a party love guns…

  39. Kai Greene says:

    I'd love to know the name of the health insurance company that turned her down. They're pathetic…

  40. NotEvenBritish says:

    this story is nice… that the doctors donated the money to make this for her

  41. opsimathics says:

    SURPRISE SURPRISE! Health insurance won't pay for it!

  42. Luis Cortes says:

    The reporter's sense of humor is drab. And some of their comments are walking on a fine line between insulting and acceptable, if it isn't for the remarks they try to make in order to cover for what it is they just said the "show" would be extremely upseting.

  43. Odd.ssey says:

    These "Reporters" are as ignorant as they get. They should really watch what they say about people who have suffered. Clearly she has never met any of the people that have had the other not so "Wonderful" face replacements. To they people that got them they were a miracle.

  44. Moth says:

    poor beautiful girl πŸ™

  45. vintageandunique says:

    Do your research people. The first picture of a face transplant was not the woman attacked by a chimp. It was Connie Culp, who was shot in the face by her husband.

  46. TolkienWASP says:

    I literally hate every person on this show… Kind of interesting topics, but goddam these people are just terrible.

  47. Valinda Huard says:

    No it wasn't?She was only 16 when she got shot,not even 18 yet,so how can she get married?

  48. daniel wakajawaka says:

    Thank Fucking Science

  49. Anonturboknight says:

    barelly noticeable

  50. Justin King says:

    Fuck you, there is no God, stop spreading lies.

  51. Mickie Poulsen says:

    What the fuck is this show? It's absolutly horrible… not the content but the hosts? "Bring some chicken"??? Clear sign of sheer stupidity…

  52. vintageandunique says:

    First off, yes you can get married at 16, depending on where you live, & if you get permission from parents. My daughter got married at 16. Secondly, I was not talking about the girl featured in the video, I was speaking of the pic at 3:07 of an actual transplant, not prosthetic. Watch other videos of face transplants, & you will see that it is Connie Culp, the woman shot in the face, not Charla Nash, the chimp victim. She does not even have eyes anymore, but Connie still has her vision.

  53. vintageandunique says:

    That's what I said. Not the girl in the video, but the picture of transplant at 3:07. And these people are supposed to be reporters? Maybe they need to watch Youtube more often.

  54. vintageandunique says:


  55. vintageandunique says:

    Thank you. What is wrong with some people? No sympathy, & they don't pay attention to what they are watching.

  56. vintageandunique says:

    Also, the woman who did get attacked by a chimp was not the owner of it. It was her friend's chimp. People just have to realize that wild animals are not pets. I mean, even some domesticated animals, like dogs, can attack.

  57. vintageandunique says:

    Again, I'm glad someone else noticed that. How are these reporters? Very bad research.

  58. vintageandunique says:

    I'll say it again, we are not talking about the girl in the video, we are talking about the picture that they put up at 3:07, the one they said is a picture of the chimp attack. It is not her. It is Connie Culp, who was shot by her husband. That is what we are saying. Watch the entire video.

  59. vintageandunique says:


  60. vintageandunique says:

    What's mostly unprofessional is not knowing the facts about the pictures you are showing, & saying they are people other than who they are, or sustained their injuries in a different way. Me & many others who are not reporters know different. Just watch the other videos of face transplants, & you too will see that they were wrong.

  61. ShilohNative says:

    buddy at the end needs a punch in his ugly face

  62. gokusauce says:

    Imagine how bad the guy felt who accidently shot her in the face. I would hate to be him.

  63. ShoutingParalized says:

    I know, right? That must suck! One little mistake and everyone starts hating you (I assume). STILL, I don't know if he's in the worse spot, or the girl he accidentally shot. I feel bad for both of them.

  64. ShoutingParalized says:

    Whoaaa the guy might have been laughing for a different reason, chill!

  65. Valinda Huard says:

    That when you can tell that your lying abut your 'daughter' getting married at 16,you're using the exact idea to try and improve yours.Chrisy Stealts didn't have eyes,It wasn;'t Charla Nash.Chrisy Stealts is featured in alot of transplant videoes.

  66. Murtadha Kamil says:

    i wish she will have eyes for real too i ask GOD to help surgeons to success planting eyes too its a new approach.. GOD helps them all..

  67. vintageandunique says:

    Moron, I am not lying about my daughter getting married at 16. You think nobody gets married at 16? Get a clue! You're an ass to say I'm lying. Secondly, it is the picture that they show that they say is Charla Nash, the chimp victim, but it is not, it is Connie Culp, who got shot in the face. I am not saying that it is the girl in the video. I am not the only one to notice that. Read the other comments. Don't speak of what you do not know. Only shows you for what you are, an ignorant jack-ass!

  68. vintageandunique says:

    Yeah, BITE ME!

  69. rochelimit's hangout says:

    would be very nice if she could have working eyes!

  70. Valinda Huard says:

    Yeah,YOU WISH!

  71. Tanya Khatun says:

    This was very impressive and generous of the doctors!

  72. Eric Joel says:

    Ans to why in 3 years: material wear and tear + the dynamic property of a human body.
    (human body, including facial features, are not static, they change over time, and so, after 3 years, there is enough change that the prosthetic won't fit perfectly anymore. So a new one is needed)

  73. Heather Murphy says:

    **i meant. Charla

  74. Dio Brando says:

    put transalate on and go on 1:16 " you know put allies in the prosthetic"

  75. Natalie Baldwin says:

    this is cosmetic, so is the surgery for people with gender identity crisis (people who literally feel that their body is wrong and they are deformed,) also surgeries such as root canals which cause intense pain and do not go away by themselves. moral of the story: health insurance is a scam

  76. TimelessLuso says:

    Who is that fuck tard laughing at 3:38?

  77. Kem Junge says:

    3:28 the guy is laughing ?
    what the fuuuuuu

  78. Joelle Seiden says:

    4:29 WOW. That's AMAZING. She looks completly normal in that picture!! πŸ™‚

  79. Cloudsol says:

    Can't imagine the emotional pain she must go through.

    Probably isn't even physically capable of crying. Just trapped.

  80. augusto cordeiro says:


  81. Thellys Vieira says:

    that's not the woman who was attacked by a chimp. That one was also shot in the face by her husband, I think. The one attacked by a chimp had no face at all. She was on Oprah

  82. David Dave says:

    That guy that was the co-host is an insect!
    He was actually trying to riff off of these poor, unfortunates bad luck! What an ***hole!.
    These poor folks have been saddled with a set of circumstances that are UNTHINKABLE! Anyone that would find humor in this is sub-human! Kudos to the host girl that is finding the silver lining in this story!

  83. Thellys Vieira says:

    I was referring to the second woman that they showed in the video. A woman in pink at 3:00. That one was not attacked by a chimp as the girl said. That lady was also shot in the face by her husband.

  84. Superbad11 says:

    The idiot at the end is laughing. Typical liberal turd.

  85. John Chen says:

    Nice.. that's a max face prosthodontist.

  86. CabooseNor says:

    I'm sorry TYT, but this guy is an asshole

  87. Chloe Sherwood says:

    Those two face transplants were NOT what they said they were caused by the first women got shot in the face her name is Connie Kulp the second guy was from spain and he has rumors on his face they removed and technically it wasn't a face transplant…

  88. KiuuiTube says:

    right. the second face transplant was a lady that got shot in the face too.

  89. judig59 says:

    "….and he has rumors on his face they removed " I'm sorry…what are rumors on his face? Did you mean Tumors?

  90. judig59 says:

    At 3:28 the guy on the right is absolutely laughing, I had the same reaction ("..Why is he laughing??")

  91. Telly Tubbies says:

    Uh oh, I'm on that weird part of YouTube again…

  92. cely. says:


  93. Cyndi Foore says:

    What's with the jerk laughing and making that comment about the chicken? Now I see why he isn't in the medical field. He obviously doesn't have any compassion…..maybe he needs a brain transplant! Idiot!

  94. Taylor McKenzie says:

    The woman they said was attacked by a chimp, that's not true. That's the woman who was shot in the face by her husband.

  95. Theodore Zuckerman says:

    WTF does facial prosthetics have to do with face transplants? "A nose is cosmetic."Β  No a nose is a functional organ, however the replacement prosthetic nose is NOT. The transplanted nose IS functional, somewhat.Β  These are 2 completely different ways of dealing with a facial injury. It's like comparing apples with oranges. Or apples with wax apples. Certainly the prosthetics LOOK more natural. But they are completely non-functional in this case. That said, a transplant has tremendous risk.Β  They have to remove parts of what remains of your face, and remove functional autologous transplants, in order to get a fit of the exogenous transplant. If an exogenous transplant rejected, you are worse off than before. Plus antirejection drugs are dangerous and harmful.

  96. Sailor1010 says:

    I believe 3D printers will play a big part in this

  97. Thomas Baron says:

    these kinds of videos make my stomach uneasy πŸ™

  98. Theodore Zuckerman says:

    Also, the improved appearance of a silicone prosthetic is not a "medical advancement." It is an artisinal advancement of the silicone sculpting technician. Titanium implants in bone to hold foreign objects in place have been with us for about 40 years now – been used for dental implants and joint implants and fracture stabilization. The only "improvement" here is that the silicone prosthesis has been done by an artist who has done a better likeness than most I have seen in the past. They hired an artist with more finesse at portrait sculpture.

  99. Sugar SkullGaming45 says:


  100. Doris Daumann says:

    Chrissy looked best – her story is amazing and the Doctors are artists …

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