Amazing and Rare Photos from Throughout History

Amazing and Rare Photos from Throughout History

Amazing and rare photos from throughout history The Beatles The Beatles were one of the biggest bands to ever Take the stage and yet John Lennon’s comments about being bigger than Jesus were taken the wrong way by many people Here someone shows their disdain for the band by burning their photograph the iconic Brigitte Bardot saint-tropez 1958 Everyday life can be extraordinary as these photos from throughout history can attest some are of famous faces and places But others are just spellbinding pictures of people going about their daily lives each one of these pictures tells an amazing story James Burke James Burke was an American gangster and member of the Lucchese crime family one of his most infamous claims to fame was that he was the one who organized the 1978 Lufthansa heist he also was believed to have murdered many people who were involved to cover his tracks Jim Morrison this photo showcases the time when Jim Morrison passed out on stage during a concert in September 1968 The band was used to Morrison being unreliable and a little too hard on the drugs So they performed with Ray Manzarek on vocals and Morrison was taken to a local hospital The summer of 1969, oh this photo is a rare glimpse into Woodstock August 1969 Phil Collins back when Phil Collins had hair and played with Genesis this photo from the 1970 shows Phil Collins really getting into the music as he plays the drums a 1969 pink Ford Shelby Mustang. This is a rare color for the manly muscle car The Eiffel Tower This photo shows the Eiffel Tower as it was being constructed for the World’s Fair It was never meant to be a permanent addition to the Parisian sky line and it faced demolition numerous times but today it’s such a tourist attraction that it’s become a symbol of the city a Luxury stateroom on the Titanic This elegant stateroom on the Titanic shows. Just what sort of luxury the upper class passengers enjoyed This is even much larger than most of the rooms you’d find on cruise ships today Bruce Lee clean-shaven Bruce Lee is an iconic and almost uh That’s recognized the world over but this picture of Bruce Lee rocking a beard in the 1960s is almost unrecognizable Not to mention that big smile when his Stern expression is much more commonly seen in the movies The 1902 Smith’s College women’s basketball team This cute photo shows the light-hearted side of the 1902 Smith’s College women’s basketball team They definitely look like they had a lot of fun playing together Grace Kelly this stunning photo shows Grace Kelly was she was on vacation in Jamaica in 1955 there is no denying. She will always be a timeless beauty Muhammad Ali This hilarious photo shows Muhammad Ali with one very amazed expression on his face as he sits atop $1,000,000 in a bank vault the boxer always had a fun spirit and here he seems completely shocked at where his fame got him Goldie Hawn This picture from 1964 features a young Goldie Hawn eating a hamburger Goldie’s big eyes have apparently always been a dead giveaway Louie Armstrong this sweet photo shows Louis Armstrong serenading his wife among the ruins of Egypt in 1961 Jean Devereaux This photos of Jean Devereaux who became the first female hair stylist to work in New York City It must have taken a lot of convincing to get New York’s dapper gentleman at the time to agree to a woman cutting their hair an English Scandinavian summer class These young women are enjoying gym class in the 1940s they’re part of an English Scandinavian summer class, which was a great way to get to know other cultures and people a Family of immigrants This family of immigrants takes their first Look at their new home in Canada sometime around the late 1800s in order to encourage immigration and find people to farm the land Canada offered 150 acres of land to anyone willing to settle there Maurice Tillet one of the inspirations for Shrek This photo features Maurice Tillet who was a Russian born French wrestler in the 1940s He’s been credited as one of the inspirations for Shrek Crazy Gary Busey this photo of Gary Busey from 1978 shows that the actor has always looked just a little bit crazy a Young boy with an interesting hobby Horse riding is something that most people are very familiar with but this young boy seems to have a different hobby the saddle perched atop this large boar gives the sense that maybe this creature is much more docile than he looks the Pout on the toddler’s face shows that children haven’t changed that much since the 1930s Jimmy Page Jimmy Page shreds on his guitar in the most epic way imaginable while on stage with Led Zeppelin in 1972 The Golden Gate Bridge This photo of the Golden Gate Bridge while it was under construction in 1935 The bridge took four years to complete and today stands as a symbol of San Francisco and a marvel of engineering The history of America This picture combines skill wonder and the history of America this man manages to ride down the steps on his penny farthing sometime in 1895 the British women’s mechanized transport Corps These women show their strength and determination as they push this ambulance through a rough patch of road These women are part of the British women’s mechanized transport Corps, and this photo was taken in 1940 The Challenger explosion this rare perspective on the Challenger explosion gives another look at the event that devastated the country and the space program the Remains of the Titanic This photo shows the deteriorating remains of one of the most famous ships in history It’s believed that the Titanic only is about 50 years left before the sea crushes. It’s weakened remains Bugsy Siegel Bugsy Siegel was one of the founders and leaders of Murder Inc and was a major force within the italian-american mafia He was a bootlegger during Prohibition and then made his money through gambling once prohibition was repealed He also financed some of the original casinos in Las Vegas in the 1940s San Francisco 1906 this Spectacular aerial shot of San Francisco was taken after the city was rocked by a major earthquake in 1906 Helen Keller and Dwight Eisenhower on Its face. This might look like a somewhat awkward photo but in reality It’s more touching than it looks that’s Helen Keller getting a look at President Dwight Eisenhower in the only way she can The shadows of war the background of this photo from tel-aviv really steals the show Taken in 1948. It shows that the shadows of war remained even after the fall of Germany a Blackfoot chief and Frances Densmore This photo from 1916 shows a Blackfoot chief in full dress recording a native song onto a phonograph Frances denmoor is taking the recording The day after d-day This photo taken from the day after d-day Shows the massive size of operations and just how strong the force was that arrived to retake France from the Germans New York 1903 a photo of New York in 1903 shows one of the city’s iconic buildings under construction The city definitely seems a lot more peaceful with horse-drawn carriages instead of cars Photo from the film The Godfather This behind the scenes photo from the legendary 1972 film The Godfather shows one of the clever ways that they help the actors remember their lines

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