Amazing 15 year old sings NEVER ENOUGH with Vocal Coach

Amazing 15 year old sings NEVER ENOUGH with Vocal Coach

Kill it! One last time! Switch register. No! You’re going to kill me, girl! Lets wait a while,
and see if you manage to keep it in mind. It’s on the upbeat! Kill it! You gotta close up the “vuh”. Even more. One more time. Very good. Now even better and… go! Never Enough Never Enough Damn girl! You are outrageous! Outrageous! *fighting*

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Amazing 15 year old sings NEVER ENOUGH with Vocal Coach

  1. kimbi tansah says:

    Of all the coaches I've seen online, you probably are the best…..

  2. Mintdori Chan says:

    I wanna know where you get those boxing gloves

  3. Strawberry says:

    Why she speaks Italian?

  4. DeadShot 4o8 says:

    Why do y’all have boxing gloves on

  5. Kyla McHugh says:

    when she hit that note at 1:51 it gave me shivers!!

  6. Linda Grazia Galietti says:

    Ciao! Trovo che tua sia veramente bravissima ma sono un po' confusa… Sei Italiana o Americana? Nei tuoi video ci sono un po' tutte le lingue AHAHA ❤️

  7. _Rojin_ 14_ says:

    I want a great coach like her 🙂

  8. Simmy Soucy says:

    I need me a vocal coach like you! You do an amazing job!

  9. la morenita consentida says:

    I need a coach like you, I live in Albany NY

  10. THICC says:

    What language she is speaking

  11. Telicia Williams says:

    Wish she was in Houston

  12. Jayfeather1818 says:

    If i could endlessly love this video I would. Talented vocals and an amazing and lively coach

  13. Natasha Kissaun says:

    Damn I aspire to sing like that

  14. Nava Maor Malka says:

    Man it must cost thousands to have her as a coach 😭
    She’s so amazing and so positive!

  15. Stacey Staser says:

    she must get excited when she gets a really talented student that just has it

  16. Elda Botello says:

    😍 great vocal coach !! Wish someone would teach me like that !!

  17. Simay Bradshawn says:

    Where is her „Studio“ „Class“ that all these people from other countries can Come TO her 😍😍

  18. jajajajajajhdgej jsyeyw says:

    What language are they speaking?????

  19. Sunny says:

    ahh i'm a soprano and dude i automatically go to my head voice, and it never works out. her voice…oml how?

  20. Diana says:

    I literally cried when she finished ♥️🌹

  21. Metal Husband says:

    See I get confident thinking I can sing then there’s spectacular like this!!!

  22. Emito Uzumaki says:

    Gosh darn. I love to sing and I wish I had a coach this amazing

  23. Laney Rahn says:

    When her high notes are higher than my odds of getting into college

  24. Nicole Lagman says:

    I want to learn some voice lesson from you and be my coach but I'm from Philippines ☹️

  25. Nadya Draws says:

    it gave me goose bumps nice job cheryl ❤️❤️❤️


    Oh my….

  27. Jei Ann Alimo-ot says:

    Me to my sister: Hey can I borrow your boxing gloves?

  28. Sarah says:

    All your mom's in the comments are mean 😂

  29. Emma Marie says:

    This is the shit that gives me goose bumps ♡♡

  30. Small, White Bunny says:

    Ohma gosh this voice is so volume… I would like the same for myself, but I have only a wide range, and stability, but no vibrato((( even in my 17

  31. Craig Curtis says:

    Me: sings like a person seeing a roach

  32. tj thornes says:

    Hearing Cheryl cover the full song is a new dream of mine. Her voice is amazing and sounds perfect for the song. I'm ready to beg in italian if necessary

  33. maryama maryama says:

    was it only me who saw how shocked that women was?

  34. emma thérèse says:

    i came here thinking she was gonna sing one direction and i am disappointed

  35. Ema Low says:

    Me: trying to sing like her

    My sister: singing better than me and saying your voice is bad

    Me: sad and going to hide forever

  36. Sait Bienentreu says:

    Wer ist deutsch?

  37. Ruth Ann says:

    I would love to hear her sing the whole song. I think she would do very well opera and classical music

  38. motleslun11 motles says:

    I cannot sing 😔

  39. Romina Martinez says:

    I got goosebumps

  40. Legacy nation says:

    She also makes them move while singing that's called BREATH CONTROL I wish she do someone who can't sing (like me) and see the results 😂damnnnn I love this woman so much god gift 💖✨

  41. Erika Cruz says:

    Canta hermoso 😍

  42. ł.k_xx _lisa.k says:

    I want u to teach me how to sing I sound like a dying bird 😔

  43. Tea Is spilled says:

    do u also coach people who cant sing

  44. Tenshi Kaiju says:

    You go girl! 💕💕💕

  45. Kitzya says:

    Where does she teach? I would travel to learn to have her as a coach 😂

  46. Just Dance Gacha Pro Hello says:

    I wish I could come here

  47. Meowislife says:

    Sings like an archangel, speaks Italian, has the prettiest face, smile and skin I've ever seen, makes you melt when she calls you "baby"….this woman is remarkable. 😍

  48. serena tsukino says:

    Yo quiero estar con esa coach, es mi favorita

    I loved :3

  49. Angie S says:

    ʙʀᴏ….ᴡᴇ ɢᴏᴛ ᴏᴜʀ ɴᴇᴡ ʙᴇʏᴏɴᴄᴇ

  50. Shelby Buddecke says:

    Omg this had me bawling. She is SO TALENTED!!!!! HOLY COW!

  51. Sydney Vargas says:

    Where the heck is this girl’s full version of this song for me to listen to?!!

  52. James Tisdale says:

    This shit is so gay

  53. Anneka Chaitan says:

    I need this singing coach in my life 😫❤

  54. Pia Michelle says:

    I need you as a vocal couch

  55. Sofia Salas says:

    Oh my god she’s go good

  56. · Raspberry Gacha · says:


  57. India M. says:

    That was awesome!

  58. SeYoonMusic says:

    @cherylporter i really need your advice. But i cant meet you..😭😭😭

  59. Julz Drawingz says:

    The nicer Abby lee of music

  60. Verified✅ says:

    Damn this is touching

  61. Cc_ravenclaw says:

    Me: hears her sing

    Also me: thinking after 2 years of choir and learning the I would sound good but found like a duck in a pillow case being slammed against the wall

  62. D&C’s Life says:

    She a great singer but look AT he

  63. Courtney Gardiner says:

    Omg Cheryl is amazing!! I’m trying to learn to sing as I am going into theatre but unfortunately I can’t sing to save myself hahaha!

  64. Isabelle Dino says:

    Me and my mum are really good at singing but this just makes me feel like I suck

  65. Billy The Dog says:

    You’re the best singing coach ever! 🥰😆

  66. JJ Rossi says:

    She Is woooow

  67. Aby Gonzalez says:

    Me encantaría escuchar la canción completa por parte de la chica, canta hermoso, me gusta más que la original

  68. Jessica Carter says:

    You better sing girl and coach you better coach I love seeing you push them when you see the potential in them 😘

  69. Luna Athaya says:

    I was always scared to sing because if you want to hit high note you need to sing loud. Because high note are loud af. But, i’m just rally scared to show my voice. My boyfriend and friends told me that my voice is like an angel but, i have never believe them. Seeing her i wish i can be as brave as her

  70. Spring And Smiley says:

    I just got over a kind of cold, and I couldn't do 1 of the things I love doing the most: singing. so when I watched this, I felt so inspired to start singing again! so now I'm gonna try singing basic songs like Disney, until my voice feels better and I can sing harder songs (im my opinion) like musicals, random songs I just feel like singing, and hell, maybe even this song! wish me the best of luck.

  71. Mcr Gerard Way says:

    I remember a few years ago two girls in my grade did a duet for this song and I was like…. I can never sing like that

  72. Blackgirl IntheCaribbean says:

    What language is she speaking?

  73. Rheynna Heartstorm says:

    I wish she could coach me

  74. Hollis Mccottrell says:

    Hey I want to you teach me how sing good

  75. Coco- Sophie says:

    Her instagram???

  76. GachaLuv YT says:

    I would try but I need to be really loud to sing like that, and my dads home.

  77. Amelia Garrod says:

    O ma gawsh there so good !!!

  78. Patty V says:

    Lord I just pray one day I can meet this woman 😩

  79. Jean Carson says:

    Why are they wearing boxing gloves plz explain

  80. Jun Orsua says:

    Nice 👍 vocal coach!

  81. Salo Tulenya says:

    Поет круто. Но выглядит на все 23😹

  82. Athena Purdie says:

    I would love to sing like this 💗 so talented xx

  83. Just Sparkitec says:

    James charles

  84. Lilia-Rose Rider says:

    I wish I had I had the opportunity to do something like this but I can’t sing at all 😂😂

  85. Miss Aunnah says:

    Yasss she gave me chills🙌🙌🙌 sing girl

  86. Pedro 123 says:

    this is my 3rd time coming back to watch this BANDJSKC

  87. Alexia Gutierrez says:

    Low-key wanna meet the coach 😂♥️♥️

  88. Michael Bryant says:

    she’s fat

  89. Rexalex Jin says:

    I thought the video title meant Never Enough by DreamTheater not a completely different song

  90. Mama Jedi says:

    Is that all chest voice? I don't know how to get my chest voice to go that high. My voice flips. I could try to go louder but I have neighbors and…I don't want to lose my my voice 😞

  91. Allison Cheeky says:

    Me: tries to sing
    Also me: sounds like a horse giving birth

  92. Arianna Krsteska says:

    I wanna see where these people start off to see the improvement, because from what I’ve noticed a lot of people that get singing lessons/vocal coaches already start off with amazing voices, mine is horrible so I wonder if I could learn to sing nicely, so that it can be enjoyable lol

  93. Aidan Minnick says:

    I love how good she is at critiquing w/o disencouraging.
    You can tell she knows when to critique them, when to move on, and when to pay them a compliment

  94. Celia Tanada says:


  95. rhizza laud says:

    i love you coach cheryl!!!

  96. Jade Wilson says:

    Oh the goose bumps!! Xx

  97. mae mae says:

    Am I the only who cried at this 😂🤧

  98. Nastya Tsurkan says:

    Soooo faaat

  99. Vlada Tugui says:

    Cheryl you are the best , realy , this girl is amazing , you are the good trainer for voice ❤❤💋👑

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