Altered Tag Rag Art Doll – Mixed Media Paper Doll

Altered Tag Rag Art Doll – Mixed Media Paper Doll

hello everyone its Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio today I’m sharing with you an art doll that I made using a
tag and some printed faux ephemera you know ephemera is something that that you
collect like ticket stubs or you know little things that probably would be
thrown away but you keep them because you like them that’s what ephemera is
and all these little pieces that are printed are are made to look like
something like that but they’re actually new they’re they’ve been printed I don’t
think that they are being sold like this anymore I just have this this paper bag
paper bag plastic bag of them and I wanted to use some of them to make a tag
art doll all this card stock is manila and it’s in different pieces and I’m
cutting little pieces including the shipping tag which is what the idea the
base of the doll is which is why I called her a fag rag doll because these
shapes are very simple and just reminded me of a rag doll that I used to have as
a child so I I like the idea of having the printing on there I think it makes
the the base of the doll more interesting and generally what I do when
I make these is I use watercolor paper and I collage on both sides with things
like pattern tissue and book paper and music paper and newsprint things that
have printing just to make it more interesting and this is a similar look
it’s just that it’s made out of a tag in some ephemera pieces I wanted to make it
more sturdy so I’m making it in multiple layers the head has a front and a back
and then I’m attaching being neck in between the front and back too you know hide that little edge
everything where the edges are showing I’m using a paper rounder to make it
more rounded looking this is actually my second time of making this base because
the first day that I did it I thought that the camera was on and it was not so
I had to make it over again so now I technically have a second one so the one
thing you see in the video of me decorating it is the one I made the
first time and the head was made out of a library pocket that had some printing
on it so the head did actually have printing on the front and back as well
but for this I just used another extra tag and cut out pieces because I didn’t
have another one of those ephemera library pockets to use I around the
corners of the bottom of the body I round the corners of the arms and legs
which I’ve trimmed down to fit and then now I’m just adding some layers I put
bits of ephemera on the front and the back of the tag so it’s three layers
very sturdy manila cardstock is is a stock but it’s not it’s not thick it’s
not heavy so I just wanted to make sure that the construction was nice and and
had you know weight in heft to it this doll is because it’s made out of a tag
which was my whole idea is more bulky and more primitive than some of the
other ones you’ve seen me make in the last year I generally make art dolls
that are very articulated they have joints at the wrists and at the elbows
and the knees and the feet and everything moves and they’re more shaped
and I add shading and stuff like that and up in the iCard and also at the
credits at the end of the video I will link some of those different ones that
I’ve made so you can see if you’re interested in this type of thing art
paper art dolls you can see the different ones I’ve made this one is
just a little bit different and what it reminds me of as I’m constructing it is
this Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that I had that were made
me by my mother when I was a child I carried them around they weren’t tiny
they were they were probably the size of a newborn infant they were dressed
they were completely hand-sewn and I mean machines owned but handmade and I
took him outside and I played with them under the lilac bushes where I had a
little house set up back in the day when we were kids we played house I’m not
sure that kids play house anymore I think they probably do an electronic
version on their their tablets or something I don’t know but pretending
what you’re gonna be when you grow up is is an integral part of being a child I
think so apparently I thought I was going to be a
mom and I was gonna live in a house and have a kitchen and a dining table and
stuff like that I had all that set up under the lilac bushes in there like
kind of like a cave in my backyard and I took my little Ren and Andy and it had a
little tiny doll cradle and I used to put him in it pretend I was a mom so
this is what the doll reminded me of so I continued with that theme of making a
rag doll type looking construction so I attached the arms and legs using mini
Brad’s and I used the kind of pale yellow color which matches the Manila
cardstock and then for the head I needed to attach it with something
that had a larger hole because the hole was already punched in the tag so I used
a heart-shaped eyelet and attached the head of course I needed to make a neck
because it would look very strange if I just put that circle right down on the
you know over where the hole is in the tag so I had to make a nick so then just
to unify everything and calm down some of those patterns on the body the
printed patterns as well as just sewing so that I could draw and color the face
I used some white gesso and I blended it with some just a little bit of pink
portrait paint colored acrylic paint and then painted that all over the front and
back of the doll and this seals everything up and gives it you know a
base for painting that’s what Jess is for so in that way I can work on
creating and painting the face so once the jessa was dry I start
drawing on the face and I’m using a mechanical graphite pencil that has some
soft graphite lead in it I replaced the lid that comes with the
pencil with a softer version which is a little bit water-soluble and blendable
and good for drawing your illustrations I also have a little type of eraser
that’s like a little pin so I can erase small details if I think that everything
is a little bit messed up I can erase it I also use a blending stump to blend in
everything and that kind of starts creating my shadows on my face this is a
whimsical face not realistic but it’s still cute if I really wanted to go with
completely with my theme I would have made red triangles for the eyes a red
triangle for the nose and a stitched black line with little apostrophes on
the edges and then it would really look like Raggedy Ann and Andy but I wanted
it to be a little bit more sophisticated than that so once I was happy with my
basic drawing I am using some Neo color – water-soluble crayons to do to add the
colors to the skin and then I have some titanium white acrylic paint on my
palette and I’m picking that up with the water brush the water tank brush has
water inside the barrel so it’s constantly wet and you don’t have to dip
it into water but you could absolutely do this with you know dipping it into
water and blotting it and then adding paint
the reason that I add the acrylic paint is because for two reasons one it makes
the color blend a little bit better a little bit more smooth when you’re doing
this process with the Neo color twos they are a quite water reactive wax
crayon but they’re not very waxy there’s a lot of these wax crayons out there and
these ones they react to the water very well they’re easy to blend and you know
pick up with with a water brush better than some a lot of the other ones that
are considered water soluble pastels and having the acrylic also helps them to be
a little bit more permanent because if the doll were to get wet which I hope it
doesn’t but if it were to get wet having the Neo color on there it would
it would smear because water-soluble things are always continue to be
reactive unless you seal it with something so having that the titanium
white acrylic paint helps with sealing in that color so the process of doing
this is just a bunch of layering you put the first layer on you’ll you work it
you put the second layer on you work it you need to think about where the
shadows and highlights on your face are if you touch your face you can tell
that’s your eyes sink in a little bit that’s where shadow would be shadow
under your lip shadow under your nose around your hairline and where your face
sticks out like your forehead and your nose and your chin that’s where the
highlights are so when you’re thinking about that you can pretty accurately add
in some shading around those areas by using a little bit of a darker color
sometimes you can even bring in some cool colors like a blue or purple into
the shadows and then warmer colors on the highlights like the pink cheeks and
that gives you kind of the idea of a face I’m also using a fabric estelle
artist Pitt pin which is one of my is my illustration pens it’s a
permanent ink when it’s dry and I like lines around things obviously you would
not have black lines around your features on your face unless you’re
wearing a whole lot of makeup then maybe you would but I just like the way it
looks so I am adding lines with my black and then also using my white pasca pen
which is an acrylic paint pen to add some real bright white areas like in the
white of the eye and some of the highlight areas I just put a dot of that
on and then maybe blend it with my finger a little bit so just continue
layering just continue adding you know I’m drying it here and then adding
another layer again touching everything up until I’m happy with what the face
looks like adding a highlight to the bottom lip because it would be lighter
the light would hit it first if you really want to get artsy with with your
faces you could pretend that the light source is on one side and makes the
other side of the face much darker or the light source is hitting at an angle
that always makes things more dramatic and interesting but in this case the
light source is right directly in front and so everything is fairly equal the
only fallback to doing a face this way is you might be doing it for a long time
you might add 20 or 30 layers just because it’s just I don’t know it’s a
process put it on take it off put it on take it off add more add less it just it
just that’s just how it works that the ephemeral line under there is
still on the face I want that patterning there because
that’s part of the whole idea of that tagging rag doll so it’s not completing
it completely covered but is mostly gone at this point on the face you can just
see one little line kind of on the right hand side so then for the hair
I have some strips of fabric that somebody sent me in happy mail and
they’re all kind of color-coordinating their greens and blues and then I also
have some well it’s called sorry yarn it’s made out of strips of saris that
have been torn up and I use a little bit of that as well some blue silky stuff
and I’m tearing these into thin strips sometimes it cooperates sometimes it
doesn’t I’ve punched some holes around the top part of the head and then I’m
putting the fabric through looping it and then pulling it so that it ends up
with two strands for each hole I’m not gonna make you watch me do the whole
thing I’m gonna cut here in a second there goes but as you can see it looks
like a rag doll oh it’s exactly what rag doll hair looks like only it’s usually
made out of yarn I think it’s cute and then I also wanted the back to be
completely covered I don’t like the type of paper dolls that the front looks
great and then you turn it over on the back and everything is a tab and it’s
you know blank on the back that’s not the type of doll that I paper doll that
I think is cool I want it to be completely 360 view all the way around
everything’s you know part of the design so I take some more of these strips I
tie a knot in the top of them and then I glue them in rows along the back of the
head like a doll would have punched rows of hair and that’s how I cover the back
it can get covers it completely makes it look like it’s got hair all the way
around so there you go so the next step after I let that dry I thought about
making it some shoes and sometimes I do that sometimes I make removable shoes or
boots for my dolls as you can see in some of the other videos if you watch
them but in this case I was thinking about my Raggedy Ann and Andy and they
just basically had black black shoes just completely sewn on part of the
construction of the doll so I wanted her to have some little
stripy socks and then some little kind of ballet flat type shoes I put a little
rhinestone on the top of each one and then now I’m making her clothing
I want it again to be something that goes all the way around and the design
is on the front and the back I also want it removable my right hand and Andy had
removable clothing so I could dress and undressing them and so this is a piece
of deli papers or 12 by 12 piece deli paper is a type of a tissue paper that
is designed to wrap sandwiches or it’s some time it’s in the baskets if you get
fish and chips or a hamburger and french fries and baskets
that’s what they put in there it’s it’s a sturdy but still translucent paper and
it doesn’t have a waxy finish so you can paint on it it’s it’s good stuff it’s
really useful for mixed-media and I’ve traced around the body of the doll and
then folded it over so that I have a head as a front in the back but I don’t
really want it to attach on the side I want it to attach in the back so I end
up splitting the back piece in half so that I can make something that opens in
the middle of the back of the doll here I go doing it right now
so I attach that piece over to the other side and I glue a bit of extra say an
extra strip of the deli paper to hold those two pieces together I also want to
have some type of an apron or pinafore because that’s something that’s common
in iranian and andy look well the righthand has like a little white apron
over the top of her dress and so i want to make that as well so i trace again I
traced the doll I mean I traced it the pattern to make that as well so here
I am attaching that extra piece using some permanent glue stick and a little
bit extra of that paper the paper is very lightweight it’s not bulky so you
won’t even notice it that extra piece there I also I’m going to need some
pieces that go up and over the shoulders because I don’t have enough I can’t like
glue it together at the top because it would look weird so I first was gonna do
it now but then I ended up doing it later when I collage but there’ll be
extra little pieces that go up and over the shoulders and attach to the back so
when I went to think about colors I decided to go with the same greens and
blues for the dress as is in the hair because I thought it looked better that
way instead of the red checkered look of Arachne and Here I am cutting out to the
apron ish pinafore thing and I’m going to have that made out of printed tissue
paper which looks like book text I could have made it out of actual book text but
this printed tissue was sitting next to my desk and the piles that I haven’t put
away so I thought that would be a good contrast there so I’m just gluing the
little piece that I cut out right down to the tissue paper I’m not concerned
about having that extra layer of deli paper under it it just makes it more
sturdy and it doesn’t affect how it looks at all so that’s my little
pinafore or apron then I’m picking out some papers trying to come up with some
different deli papers or painting papers that I might use just pulling him out of
my 12 by 12 plastic and book that I have them in these have mostly been printed
on gel plates and trying to decide what color I thought maybe I’d go purple no I
decided I would just keep with the same colors as in the hair so I pick out some
different pieces I didn’t have a printed piece that covered
that was big enough to cover the entire thing so I end up piecing it together
and once it’s done can’t tell you know you don’t notice that it’s pieced
together but it is and when you tear the paper on the edges it blends together
better so that’s why you can’t really tell that it’s you know all different
little pieces of paper glued on there so I end up with this this one that’s been
printed with word stencil and then also some blue paper at the bottom which is
just I think probably the cleanup of a brayer it’s not patterned as much I’m
attaching it all with liquitex matte gel medium and my collage brush putting
everything down in pieces and so the top has pattern and then the bottom edge of
the dress has it’s a little bit of solid fabric on it it’s just kind of a
two-tone dress then I trim around that same pattern of the deli paper and just
cover it all up with little pieces and you don’t even notice that they’re there
it’s just all about color and pattern and not about so much the paper that’s
on there it all blends together because of the tearing on the edges so once the
whole base is collage and trimmed then I do go and do the extensions I think is
next so you can see if I just glued those tops together then it would have
like a little bump on each shoulder I wanted to extend the paper so that it
wraps all the way around so that’s what I’m doing now I’m just using some little
straps and make an extension and then when I fold it over to the back I glue
it underneath and it has like a whole wrap around
system going on with the arms so then for closing the back sometimes I use I
overlapping use velcro or something but in this case it’s just hide on with the
ribbon and these are that that’s some off-white coloured organza ribbon I
glued it the edges of it underneath the pinafore so you don’t see the raw edge
and then it wraps all the way around and ties in a bow in the back and that keeps
the dress on I’m also extending the straps of the pinafore up and around the
back so it really looks like a tied on little apron I also put a pocket in the
front just because it’s cute with some of the with a scrap of the blue Here I
am putting it on to see if it fits and you can see how it’s highs in the back
in a bow and that’s what keeps the dress on so it’s removable you can take it on
put it off I’d make a little collage heart to go in the pocket for a little
addition of warm color in the composition there then to finish up I
add this lace and I just cut the pieces of lace apart I put lace on the bottom
of the apron on the top of the apron around the arms across the bottom of the
dress just gluing it all on with some aleene’s tacky glue which dries clear
when it’s dry and that adds some detail and interest to the dress and then the
final thing that I do is to just take some India ink in a marker these are the
fabric estelle pit brush pins which are kind of blendable before they dry
permanently and I had shading around everything so I add some off-white
shading I add some blue shading I add some green shading and that just makes
it seem more finished and just a little bit of extra detail I think it’s all in
the details so that’s the dress I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and if you
have please remember to give it a thumb up leave me a comment or question below
you know subscribe if you have already and turn on the notification
bell so that you know there’s a new video coming out I have lots of types of
videos about paper crafting and mixed media on my channel and you can also
share this if you know somebody who likes rag dolls or who likes paper dolls
or you can pin it on your Pinterest so you can find it again if you want to
make one I suggest you do it’s really fun and yeah I add some white stitching
with a white gel pen making sure that the pocket is open and I tie her dress
back on and then take the close-up pictures if you’re interested in seeing
the doll that I received as a swap her name is frost Selena and I got her from
Zena Kate you can see it in my vlog that came out on February 2nd that’s it for
me bye bye you

Dereck Turner

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