All About Picture Framing : How to Secure Your Picture to Your Frame

All About Picture Framing : How to Secure Your Picture to Your Frame

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Debbie Reeves
at John’s Design Center and I am here to tell you about custom picture framing. Now, what
we want to do is attach the green to the mat. So, I turn it upside down and we get our double
stick tape that comes in the kit. We just have to put a little bit of tape here and
a little bit of tape there. Okay, then we just pull this back part off. And, again, we want to make sure that your
table that you are working on is clear and clean and doesn’t have any debris around it.
It’s very important. So, I take my green and I just put it upside down, use my fingers
and now it’s completely attached to my mat. So now I want to attach my picture. Again,
you want to just hinge it. You do not want to tape all the way around. You just want
to do two little hinges on the back. This happens to be a calendar, but it was a cute
little picture, so there’s a lot of things that you can use. So, I put it right here,
I put my mat right where I want it to be; now, it’s just hinged. And now, my picture
can grown and shrink inside and stay nice and flat. If you look on this picture, there’s
a lot of other designs that you could use. So, we have other designs like the hat that
the man is wearing or the wagon wheel. So there’s all kinds of other pictures; you could
have put a little snake down there. You can really be as creative as you want to be.

Dereck Turner

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