All About Picture Framing : How to Pick the Perfect Picture Frame for You

All About Picture Framing : How to Pick the Perfect Picture Frame for You

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Debbie Reeves
at John’s Design Center and I am here to tell you about custom picture framing. The next
thing after we’ve chosen the matting, we need to choose a frame. Now, we are going to start
down here on this corner with the dark suede matting. Because you have a gold lip here
that is picking up all of the golds and light patterns in your picture, we want to pick
a gold frame to go on this corner. We wouldn’t want to pick a dark frame because it would
be too dark and you wouldn’t be able to see it. So, this way, this frame would go very
nicely in a living room setting because it’s very, very rich looking. The next one we are
going to look at is the top one. This one is a little bit more relaxed. You might want
to put a distressed molding which gives you that same feel of being outside and outdoors.
It’s not too dark, because this picture is light. Because this is somewhat light, you
need to have a frame that has strength to it; something that’s going to just pull your
eye into it. So, I’ve chosen this frame that has leaves in it that reminds you of the picture
of the trees. It is a strong frame, so that it will really make you walk in and look at
this picture. Then, some people have real contemporary homes, and they want a metal
frame. So, I’ve chosen this metal frame to go on the top one. It’s fairly light; it’s
not too dark, but it compliments the picture. So, this is how you might choose which frame
you want to use. As you can see, there are a lot of different choices. So, it’s not like
you want to come in and just say “okay, I want this frame.” There are choices that you
can make. You might want something in gold that might look nicely in your living room,
or you might want something that looks contemporary like the one in this corner. Or, your house
might be more distressed, so that you would want to use the one in the left corner. Each
one brings out a little different look on, next to this picture. But, you could use every
one of them.

Dereck Turner

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