All About Picture Framing : How to Attach a Mat for a Picture Frame

All About Picture Framing : How to Attach a Mat for a Picture Frame

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Debbie Reeves
at John’s Design Center and I am here to tell you about custom picture framing. I need to
attach the mat now to the picture. So, I take the picture and I turn it upside down. I’m
using surgical tape on this one. What I want to do is take two short little pieces. I’ll
put one on one side and one on the other side. The reason you do this is: you don’t want
to put tape all the way around this picture because if you do that, when this picture
is in its frame and at your house, paper grows and shrinks. So, if you put tape all the way
around the back of this, this picture (when it’s growing and shrinking in the frame) is
going to start bubbling and rippling. You don’t want to do this. So, if you just put
two little hinges on the back, this picture can grow and shrink underneath the mat. And,
it stays nice and flat. Then we are going to put this in that ready made frame that
we had chosen.
Doesn’t that look nice?

Dereck Turner

8 thoughts on “All About Picture Framing : How to Attach a Mat for a Picture Frame

  1. John Brian Silverio says:

    My question is, how do you align the picture on the mat?

  2. David Randall says:

    I would do two things different than you suggest. I would attach my picture to the backing not the mat and I would not use the tape you have suggested I've had it let go in hot weather. Hayaku acid free water activated tape is one of many that will not let go as easily.

  3. carlotta4th says:

    Or filmoplast tape is good, too. Pretty much any acid-free tape will work. There's also some rice tapes that get applied with water, but I'm too scared that I'll ruin my stuff to use those.

    And dsrandall1 is right about the backing. The image gets attached to the backing, and then the mat is attached to the backing as well.

  4. moonshinepz says:

    Use proper mounting tape designed for FRAMING – eg. Filmoplast P90 or BIT pH7-70. But wtf are you on about recommending people use surgical tape? Thats complete madness.

  5. Enigma758 says:

    I think the reason the picture is attached to the mat is that it is easier to align that way.  After putting on the tape, I would flip the print, then lower the mat (making sure it is aligned) onto the the picture.  Then press down over the taped areas.

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