Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire (Official Music Video)

Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire (Official Music Video)

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire (Official Music Video)

  1. Ellipticαl ßlαdε says:


    who's here? lemme see yo' hands✅

  2. Chucky Vampire says:

    November 2019 , Brazil ? ♥️🇧🇷

  3. yee says:

    vim por causa do biroliro cantando girl on fire taokey

  4. Derrick Johnson says:

    Do you now that this is the real one

  5. Małgorzata Woroch says:

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspaniala alicia keys

  6. Omar Albarbary says:

    Soo coal😍😍

  7. Itz_ Mia gacha says:

    This made me remembering my mom singing it she used to sing it allot

  8. MauriRoch says:

    No jueguen free fire, no jueguen free fire eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :v

  9. Queen Jackson says:

    Who like if you Are watching this in November 2019

  10. Jonne Vanhala says:


  11. Doha el asri says:

    2019 <3

  12. Galaxy Star says:

    (You know the glmm when a girl cries fire or something this is what i think of 🤣)

  13. Isy Ruiz says:

    Lembrei do Galo frito kkkk
    "Essa mina é uma vaca…"

  14. W. Roberts says:


  15. Ta co miluje Harryho Stylese says:


  16. mekcorria mcgee says:

    I like th

  17. Liz Winspear says:

    This song is just 😍😍

  18. Matheus Lima says:

    Essa na Jovem Pan em!🇧🇷



  20. MindMelters says:

    what a beautiful siren…

  21. カットます says:

    I want to be like this woman!!!

  22. Eza Bella says:

    Every women are on fire 😍😛😘

  23. Stanley Ng Yan Qi says:

    Hong Kong is on Fire, Fireee, Fireee

  24. Suvi Vivian says:

    12 November 2019"?

  25. Mohsinox Bieber says:

    November 2019

  26. Ani Goel says:

    who else is here after AGT's Angelica Hales' attempt to sing this song?

  27. Dirk van der Velde says:


  28. Dirk van der Velde says:


  29. Jyostna Biswas says:

    Dec 2019

  30. King Of The North says:

    Wow this is nostalgia🤔🙄

  31. Carrie Angel says:


  32. Carrie Angel says:

    Dont believe it

  33. Christian Kongstad Andersen says:

    Who will be listening in 2020?

  34. Zuravia fernan Zaini says:

    My fav artis&song until now..

  35. Showcraft Gameplays says:

    Até conhecer o titulo eu achava que era Disgrayou bowfail

  36. MURAT MANAY says:


  37. Rafli Alvaro Lingga says:


  38. Pâmela Roots says:

    Me lembra minha adolescência…
    Tempos bons que não voltam mais.
    Alicia divã forever😍

  39. gigi gigi says:

    Comment section be like:
    *Who's watching in….
    *Borderlands 3

  40. Francisco Valenzuela says:


  41. Paolo Bruno says:

    Sabrina manelli

  42. Luciana Tamires Cardoso says:

    Ouvindo em novembro ❤️

  43. keiwonahale says:


  44. keiwonahale says:


  45. keiwonahale says:


  46. keiwonahale says:


  47. keiwonahale says:


  48. keiwonahale says:


  49. keiwonahale says:


  50. keiwonahale says:


  51. Jamie Enge says:

    Blah blah BL3 gimme likes.

  52. Justin Miller says:

    Who’s here from 2090? The future is on fire because of this song 🔥

  53. Camylla Kelly says:

    Assistindo salve jorge pela musica em pleno Novembro de 2019 🙈😍😍

  54. Akhilesh Panwar says:

    November 2021?

  55. Musa Jaguraga says:

    Who is here November 2019 , still love this song

  56. Mysteriousgirlollipop BUTFL says:

    2019 Nov 14th LET'S GO!

  57. Im STUPID i can't help it Please dont kill me says:

    Cats: meow meow
    Alicia: on fire
    Idiots: 2019 2019

  58. Cassio Martins says:

    Por quê tem que ser tão gostosa assim meu Deus!

  59. Skylaar Animates says:


  60. GABE'S THE BEST says:

    Arguably one of the best songs ever made straight FAX

  61. Mamakor Belle says:

    Till this day
    I see that hair style and be like

  62. trashhdez says:

    what,, was that oPENING—

  63. 생쥐를잡아라 says:

    Lilith is alive

  64. Neto Mendes says:

    Nostalgia de respeito. 2012-2019. Cadê os Brasileiros de plantão?🤔🇧🇷🎧🎶🕪☝😊

  65. 귀여운인간 says:

    I came from the Anjelica Hail's stage

  66. Any Dhillon says:

    Amazing song anyone notice cute little baby boy😘

  67. Amkodor Amkodorov says:

    Семь лет назад?я пять минут назад узнал об этой песне)))

  68. Silvia Molina says:

    Bine de parte de el Rubius o.m.g

  69. エギくま says:


  70. Sophia D says:


    This girl is on fire..

  71. Jim La Penna says:

    I so want to bed this woman

  72. Gökhan GÖK says:

    Yakarım geceleri..

  73. Kinako Nakobana says:


  74. Caught Cheating says:

    2020 anyone??

  75. astrol0gical says:

    I don’t want the 2010s to end, then imma have 4 years of school left 😔

  76. Monkey Assassin63 says:

    Some how borderlands 3 this music fit perfect and makes it sad

  77. Hebrew Chapter 11 says:

    This girl is on ffffire!!!!

  78. bri Rodriguez says:


  79. Robert Payne says:

    Is you say anything like that again I'm calling the cops on you

  80. Ibrahim Dj says:

    16 novembre 2K19

  81. Claudia Murlo says:

    Ke voce oh my God

  82. Agustin Ignacio Paez says:

    Lilith ❤

  83. Miguel fire says:

    Quem veio pelos memes comenta

  84. Sarah Jang says:

    She's a great goddess that I believe!!

  85. mudkip 151 says:

    Did this song really exist or was it just a collective delirium?

  86. Jody Johnson says:

    Your soooo pretty

  87. Jody Johnson says:

    I love you

  88. Jody Johnson says:

    There is no one like you

  89. Dalce Darry says:

    She is so simple…

  90. Kya Karma says:

    Ce son dépasse les limites du tps et de l'espace… Y a pas d'années pour l'écouter

  91. Ethan Robinson says:

    Who still likes this song I do

  92. Shagipa Best mix says:


  93. Fad Ohn says:

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  94. Christina says:

    Sorry neighbours

  95. Ana Cristina says:


  96. AddysWorld says:

    I’m singing this on stage tonight lol

  97. José Fernando Moro Hernández says:

    Viva Lula livre!!!

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